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Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw June 26th 2013

The warmth of the last few weeks left us today and when we awoke this morning we thought we might have to break open the ‘winter’ suitcase which has been sitting in the boot of the car since we went to sharing the bigger suitcase to carry in only what we needed for summer clothing. The day started out rather gray and overcast and the outside temperature had halved since yesterday at 13C.It was time to zip the bottom of my trousers on again and Gretchen to break out her sweater. It was amazing how the air temperature had dropped so much and luckily there was no wind to speak of or the chill factor might have made it feel colder. Without a weather forecast we can understand on the TV we have been relying upon ... read more

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw June 25th 2013

Today was going to be one of the shorter drives we have had for some days and the route was fairly straight forward with most of the distance on the E372, which originates in L’viv in the Ukraine. We have been getting our own breakfast for the last couple of weeks so to have breakfast included with the room rate was a bit of a change and a bonus although we joked between each other as we went downstairs to the breakfast room that there would probably just be sausage, cheese and hard bread on offer. How wrong we were and we tucked into cereal and fruit and ordered up scrambled eggs when they were offered. The only extra we didn’t have was, toast.Even the coffee was a change to the granulated Nescafe we have lived ... read more
Mass being held at St John Baptist church,KD
River Wisla,KD
Castle ruins from 14th century,KD

Europe » Poland » Lublin Province » Kazimierz Dolny June 24th 2013

Krakow to Warsaw was just beyond the range we like to travel in one day and anyway we expected the main road north would have a lot of trucks on it which doesn’t make for leisurely driving. So when we were looking for accommodation we decided to keep our easterly course as much as possible and booked a hotel in Kazimierz Dolne (hereafter called KD) although we had no idea what was there as it is just a dot on the atlas. The weather looked like it has taken a bit of a cooler turn and we were unlikely to make it through the day without any rain. Poland doesn’t have a great reputation for bright sunny days so we will just have to make the best of what we get. The ‘whirlwind woman ‘of yesterday’s ... read more
Crossing the Wisla at Sandomierz

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków June 23rd 2013

Our daughters often refer to their mother,Gretchen,as the wind up toy doll, as she races here and there, always busy and wanting to get things done.But this morning we met her Polish equal in the shared kitchen!Boy,did this woman move around the kitchen,crashing and bashing things as she prepared a Polish breakfast for her husband while he just sat over in the dining area waiting for it to be delivered.Wish I could get away with that!Luckily we had set our breakfast up before she arrived into the kitchen in a whirlwind and we sat back and just watched gobsmacked. Gretchen had put together a walking tour of Krakow which would leave us very informed or as much as we could be in a day of the history of Krakow especially since WW2. With the weather looking ... read more
Market hall,Krakow
Street performer,Town Square,Krakow
Children performing traditional Polish dance

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków June 22nd 2013

We had a very comfortable night at Modry Dom,the name of our overnight accommodation in Spisskie Bystre and we wished we had booked another night at least so we could spend time exploring the area which included many walking trails.However,this was not to be and Poland calls. There was an option of a straight run north to Krakow through Poprad on the R67 to the border and then the R49 in Poland. This wasn't for us though as the atlas had a scenic road marked further west into Poland and so we chose that route even though it was going to add another hour or so to the drive. As in Hungary we had to avoid the D1 motorway as we didn't buy a vignette for Slovakia for our one day stay in the country.There didn't ... read more
Modry Dom,Spisskie Bystre,Slovakia,our apartment was here
Lunch stop with thunder in the background
Street performer city square,Krakow

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Poprad June 21st 2013

The change of time zone had a major effect on the sleep patterns of the BBA travellers last night as we grappled with the one hour change in time zone.To add to this were the 'sofa'beds we had last night to sleep on.We really must watch out for these if they are mentioned when we are checking places to stay at and avoid them if we can.Even the after effects of the incident near the border with the Romanian police which seemed to have worn us out last night still didn't mean we could get to sleep past 4.15am when it became light outside! The temperature also remained warm during the night and this morning it must have still been in the mid-20's which at least gave us a good reason to have breakfast on the ... read more
Summer flowers alogside the roadside made what would have been a dreary village more colourful
Approaching the Hungary/Slovakia border
You still have to drive through the derelit border buildings at the crossing into Slovakia

We would now actually like to wake one morning and find it is raining to cool the atmosphere down as the heat at 35C+ is sapping the energy a bit.However,the forecast suggests that is not going to happen today or the next couple of days if the forecast for the places we have booked to go to are correct. We had worked out the road we would take to the border with Hungary but all that got blown apart when we discovered that the town we thought we were heading for wasn't the actual town where the apartment was that we had reserved.It was all very easy to make the mistake though when you see just how unpronounceable and yet similar the names of the towns were.And one just north of Debrecan and the other just ... read more
Goodbye Romania !

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 19th 2013

The heat of the last couple of days has not waned overnight and it looked like we were in for a hot drive as we head northwards.So we would be thankful for an efficient a/c in the Citroen. We have had a very good stay in the pension in Sibiu and great value for all that was provided by way of the large room and use of full kitchen facilities.We have met all the family from the woman who runs the place to her parents and her daughters over the past two days and not one of them could speak English but we still managed to communicate and practically understand almost everything ! Being on the northern side of Sibiu we were very quickly out of the city and on our way on R1 driving through ... read more
Empty nest?No,the stork had left to get food for the chicks
From the terrace over the village at Nadaselu
First time we have seen so many sheep in one place

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 18th 2013

Yesterday the heat of the day lasted well into the night and we woke this morning to the temperature already in the high twenties with the prospect under the clear,sunny skies for the temperature to top 35C.With that in mind we decided on an early walk around the old town area of Sibiu and be home before the heat overcomes us. The big kitchen that we have all to ourselves is very well equipped and we were able to go the whole hog with breakfast with just the bacon missing. The old city is about 3km away and we would normally walk that distance if there was no bus.There is a bus available but the owner of the pension doesn't speak any English and getting the information on bus number,how to buy tickets etc might just ... read more
Buildings with a more western Europe look to them
From the Council clock tower
Internal workings of tower clock

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 17th 2013

It was by accident when surfing the internet that we discovered the road we are planning to take today and we are filled with apprehension of driving it after the fog of Montenegro and the highway from hell at Kotor.However,this the BBA V2 with the accent on 'adventure' and if the guys from 'Top Gear'can drive it then so can we!! We had a filling breakfast before starting out on the road as we are heading into an area where we don't think there will be much of an opportunity to buy lunch on the road so we had better be prepared that it may be dinner time before we get a good feed again. The day dawned with an absolute clear blue sky and we couldn't have got a better day for what should be ... read more
The far end of the town of Bran
Typical Transylvanian houses in a rural setting
Good example of a Transylvanian house

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