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Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Lubon July 16th 2013

It seemed like it never got dark at all during the night as we both woke a couple of times and thought it was time to get up when it was really only early morning .Gretchen had been bugged by a flickering lamp on a post outside our second story room. Why it had to be on most of the night in the middle of the forest is beyond us. However ,with breakfast done we loaded up and set a course westward towards Poznan and a two night stop in an apartment on the edge of the city. The weather has improved overall as we have headed further west in Poland and as the sun comes out up goes the temperature by 4 or 5 degrees quite quickly .Perhaps it is something to do with the ... read more
Our accommodation in the forest,Torun

Europe » Poland » Kuyavian-Pomeranian » Torun July 15th 2013

We knew it was too good to be true and yes the sun of yesterday had deserted us,at least for the morning.Not that it mattered as we have a reasonable distance to travel by car south to Torun and perhaps by the time we get there the sun will be out again. Breakfast was the same as yesterday with the three nationalities represented and conversation limited to our individual groups.We would have to say this has been the only disappointing feature of our stay here as it is always good to converse with locals and fellow travellers from afar and we have in the past been able to at least get some conversation from others around us at breakfast. We took the R1 on a virtually direct run south travelling through countryside that has become very ... read more
St John the Baptist Catherdral was too tall to fit it all in the photo
Market square,Torun
Statue of Nicolaus Copernicus,astronmer and born in Torun

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 14th 2013

We have said it before but what a difference a good night’s sleep does getting you ready for the days adventures ahead. We had thought that we and a Russian family were the only people staying in the guest house as apart from a little noise at some stage after we went to bed we didn’t hear anything else until we went down for breakfast. Gretchen had ‘met ‘the Russian guy in the kitchen last night when doing the dishes, while he was looking for a bottle opener. However, at breakfast there was another family group who sounded Polish plus the Russians. We all obviously spoke different languages so there wasn’t any chat amongst the tables over breakfast. We could have taken the train into Gdansk but we wanted to stop off at Sopot, Poland’s favourite ... read more
Sopot beach
Grand Hotel,Sopot
Market Square,Sopot

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdynia July 13th 2013

The rain of yesterday had sorted of cleared but the sky was still overcast and the temperature remained cool leaving no other option but to stay in longs and sneakers. We took a look at the lagoon as we left to drive south towards two attractions today hoping that at least one would work for us before we drove north to our next stay for 2 nights in Gdynia,north of Gdansk(formerly known in East Prussian days as Danzig).Had we had more time we might have taken a walk to explore the area a bit more but we wanted to get on in case we found we had enough time to do both the things on our list today. First in our sights was the Elblag canal about 40 minutes down the road in a rural location.The ... read more
The Elblag canal incline out of action
Malbork castle
Inner courtyard,Malbork Castle

Europe » Poland July 12th 2013

Bliss,a night on a really comfortable bed and a great sleep. However,we can't say that about the weather this morning with steady light rain falling and cool temperatures necessitating a change back into long trousers and a jersey. The rate included a very tasty breakfast with a variety of meats,cheese and other vegetables that the Poles like to eat for breakfast plus scrambled eggs with chives mixed through almost good enough to replace the vegemite we are still missing.It is a good distance to go today and this should set us up well especially if the rain continues and we can't have a boot lunch somewhere on the way. There are no major roads ahead of us as we track the Russian border of Kaliningrad westward to Braniewo almost on the Baltic sea coast. We were ... read more
Town square,Goldap.Its raining so it must be Poland
Gretchen well protected from the rain
Avenue of trees are a feature of rural roads in Poland

Europe » Poland July 11th 2013

Just like in the fairy tale,the Three Little Pigs,we were up earlier than our room neighbours ,showered and toileted without worrying about anyone else knocking on the door!We were even through most of our breakfast before the other people emerged for theirs which they had paid for as the owner of the guest house provided it for them. It had not been a good night in another uncomfortable bed although we did get 'regulation sleep hours' because we went to bed earlier than we have been. We must be getting near Poland as the day dawned overcast although the rain of last night had past over. Our path today will take us down and around the border of the Russian state of Kalliningrad with Lithuania and later on in the day,Poland.This state is quite an oddity ... read more
Ready for some exploring of Kaliningrad
Was this the border between Poland and Kaliningrad?

Europe » Lithuania » Marijampole July 10th 2013

We should have known by now that Vicky(our GPS)loves roads that takes us to the centre of cities and to the backblocks,if she gets the opportunity.Today it was the turn of the backblocks in a major way!The town where we are staying is in a rural village but we did think there were some reasonable secondary roads to get there and so plugged in the shortest route to the GPS.Needless to say we have learnt our lesson once and for all,more later. The weather has remained fine although as we get closer to Poland we are not sure this will continue given Poland's weather patternsBut we shall make the best of what is ahead today. Its back into Lithuania today and a stop at an attraction in a field about 10km before the city of Siauliai(get ... read more
Our hotel across the road from the old wooden house
Approaching the Hill of Crosses,Lithuania
The Hill

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 9th 2013

Cobbled streets and cars are not a good mix for a quiet surface and we were woken by the increasing amount of traffic going by the hotel as the day got underway.We did however have another good nights sleep on a comfortable bed and long may that continue. Riga,being a compact city meant that we thought we could do our walking tour in 3 or 4 hours and so we didn't need to be in too much of a hurry to get out and about. With the tram at the front door of the hotel we had that option to get into the city but we opted to walk the distance and take in the ambience of the older part of the inner city that we had found ourselves staying in.We found a more direct route ... read more
Water melons of the bigger size,Riga
The Market,Riga
Inside the Zepplin hangar market,Riga

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 8th 2013

Oh what bliss a soft,comfortable bed is and last nights was just perfect.So much so we didn't want to get out of it to continue the trek southwards.The location of the place we stayed in in the middle of a forest well protected from road noise made it so quiet as well. The drive down to Riga is virtually due south and follows the coast for almost all the distance so we were hopeful of making a stop or two to check out the long Baltic western coastline. The three Baltic countries we have been to have small populations of people and they are certainly concentrated in the cities and this was even more obvious today as we drove towards Riga.There seemed to be even less people and houses on the western side of Estonia and ... read more
Gretchen dipping her toes in the Baltic
Jewish WW2 memorial,Riga

Europe » Estonia » Parnu July 7th 2013

It had taken the BBA V2 just over three months to make its way to the northern most point of this adventure and now it was time to start the trek southwards and eventually westwards. Our journey today was a bit short of 200km and will take us down the E67 to a location near the coast just south of Parnu,Estonia's third largest city. The weather remains fine and sunny and after a couple of trips up and down the 5 flights of steps loading the car we walked to the fruit and vegetable market just down the road from the apartment to buy some fresh produce including more strawberries which were absolutely delicious and so sweet. Being Sunday the traffic on the road out of the city heading south was very quiet and we motored ... read more
Produce market near our apartment
The apartment block the flat was located in
Stream on our orienteering trail,Uulu

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