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27th October 2013

Millstreet Visit...For the attention of Grahame and Gretchen Benvie
I've just become aware of your Travel Blog from a "Millstreet in the News" feature on our official Millstreet website www.millstreet.ie. Firstly I'm glad that you had some success in your root search in the general Millstreet/Boherbue area of Co. Cork. Millstreet Library personnel are always so very helpful. You mentioned your visit to Millstreet Church - the original of which was built in 1840 and for which there are records from 1853. You then referred to your unsuccessful visit to Millstreet Museum indicating that it was closed although you had read somewhere that we were open on Saturdays. I would like to clarify this - For the past four years Millstreet Museum has not been open as renovation to the overall Carnegie Hall (in which we are based) was being made. We open from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). We did open on Sat. 5th Oct. 2013 for a special one day Exhibition relating to a major Motor Rallying Event in our area. I would very much appreciate it if you would indicate where you noted the Saturday opening of our Museum/Tourist Information Centre so that we are in a position to correct this for any future visitors. I am aware of other tourism websites of which we do not have control where opening hours of past years may still not have been updated - If this is still the position we shall make contact with such websites and request updating. As your public travel blog has appeared on our Millstreet website it is necessary that I clarify the opening hour situation for the many daily visitors to our local official website. I shall also indicate where you became aware of the incorrect opening days and hours. My compliments to you on an excellent Travel Blog. We've helped many people to trace roots over the years including two couples during this past week alone where we were even able to bring them to the exact location of their great grand father. Both of these couples had made contact with us in advance of their arrival by referring to www.millstreet.ie. In fact we welcomed two other couples from New Zealand over the past six weeks. Our Museum is run on a voluntary basis with two very dedicated assistants financed by a Government Scheme. I may be contacted by emailing millstreetmuseum@eircom.net . Thank you for your attention and your great interest in Ireland and in particular this Duhallow area of Co. Cork. I wish you well on your many travels. Kindest regards - Seán Radley, Curator, Millstreet Museum/Tourist Information Centre.
3rd November 2013

Thank you for your contact.I am now back at work in NZ but when I have some time I will check out where we saw that the office was open on a Saturday.I will be back to you very soon.
25th October 2013

plan ahead
you should have contacted the museum, or our website millstreet.ie for help with who to contact and where to go to find information :(
24th October 2013

Road bowling has history
Interesting game played mainly in County Cork and County Armagh...which fits your location! It has been round for 300+ years and often gambling is involved to bet on who can take the least number of throws to get their ball or bullet along the set course of country roads. The ball is actually a cannonball of set size and weight!
24th October 2013

Wished we had stopped to find out first hand but it was raining.The Irish don't seem to mind the rain but guess that is because it rains a lot!
15th October 2013

Biscuits and pottery come to mind!
Interesting for those of us at home downunder to make links of common things with real places in the UK-Shrewsbury biscuits and Staffordshire pottery-did you see either in these 2 places? Almost end of your trip now-just rainy Ireland to go? Hope the Mahoney hunt is successful!
16th October 2013

We had the same thoughts but couldn't find the biscuit factory and the pottery seems to be a thing of the past except for some very small manufacturers making specialty lines.Weather forecast looks wet for Ireland,as expected.Have found more we think about GG Grandad in a place called Millstreet so will trailling through cemeteries and visiting RC churches
14th October 2013

Is the Pope Polish???
14th October 2013

How far behind are you in reading this blog!
12th October 2013

Absolutely loved your photos. I always wish I would see the Isle of Man. This almost reminds me of the photos I've viewed from there. Thanks for sharing!
11th October 2013

The Incident
Funny that the sponsored advertising for this page of blog as I read it here is selling Alarm monitoring services, fire and home security alarms and the fire safety message. I am really surprised with all your clandestine cooking on the BBA adventures you have not had a problem like this one before now. Sounds like the Schottish Authorities are much more considerate than some you encountered on the other side of the former Iron Curtain. I am curious about the fog light incident. Why is it illegal. Happy Travelling O&R
11th October 2013

Actually we sponsored the page you were looking at having learnt our lesson(just kidding of course LOL LOL) It was only a piece of toast.........just well done that is all. We need to check out the fog lights thing but we were a bit surprised.
10th October 2013

No one takes on the Benvives!
Great story (yes, I am just catching up on the blog now before you get home!)...everyone should know not to tkae on the Benvies! Can just imagine the little wind up toy trying to get this one sorted!
10th October 2013

That is what we kept saying to ourselves as we approached the police station
9th October 2013

An entertaining event!
Very lucky to escape without a fine!...a story to dine out on for awhile no doubt-who was actually responsible for the offending piece of toast and did the firemen discover it?
9th October 2013

Yes,well,I guess I hold my hand up as it was my sole piece of toast in the toaster,bad move never to be done again.No,the piece of toast was buried in the suitcase but we couldn't get rid of the smell of the toast smoke before we evacuated.
9th October 2013

Still laughing
Still laughing about the burnt toast incident....watching from the other side of the world while the two of you ran around like headless chickens is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! Love that you photograhed the offending piece of toast too!
9th October 2013

Still laughing abou it too.We were going to bring the piece of toast home but thought better of it although we did take it out of the Travelodge to 'bury' it elsewhere.
6th October 2013

Any chance of a high resolution photo of this church being emailed to us so we can complete our pictorial coverage of our stay on Mull.
6th October 2013

Will work on that tomorrow when we have full internet time available
6th October 2013

Shepherd and his sheep
Two years ago we watched while the shepherd used his dog to round up geese at Aberfoyle. Either the geese were Christmas dinner guests or the shepherd has progressed to using sheep.
6th October 2013

Definitely sheep now
26th September 2013

Lovely family photo!
Good to hear your visit with the rellies went well and thanks for posting such a lovely shot of the cousins!
28th September 2013

It was a great evening out and in fact a fantastic here days with the rellies and all over too quickly.

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