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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand February 6th 2014

6th feb - Thursday After our lovely meal last evening, we rose later than intended 0930but we are on holiday so no schedules. After a light breakfast we took to the old city, walking between the lovely lakes and interconnecting islands with their many Watts (ancient temples). We were surprised by the temperatures which were in the mid 30's C and quite humid. It seems incredible to believe that this once beautiful City was lost from most people's memories for several centuries after the Burmese sacked it in the 1760's ,overgrown by forest it was only rediscovered and excavated in the mid 20th century. Sadly the Temples show all of that neglect but the Museum is full of artefacts salvaged from the ruins and many fine examples of the Budha, Leo thought far too many! In ... read more
Leo tree-hugging, but 2 merged together?
Wat phra ran
Elephant rides around park

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand February 6th 2014

5th feb - Wednesday Today has been a bit of an adventure. Arrived Pak Chong train station 8.30am to discover 'ordinary' train delayed by an hour and a half. Great start to the day. However, as we sat patiently on the pretty platform a theatre of activity unfolded before us. Local vendors appeared from every direction, mostly trawling across the railway tracks. Choosing their spot carefully, buckets, packs of ice and cartons of drinks soon became tempting pails of chilled drinks. Others had woven baskets containing meat on sticks, sticky with spices, types of fish on stalks, carved fruits such as papayas, tied tightly in air-filled plastic bags, small sachets of sticky rice with sesame covered meat balls, corn on the cob, huge woks filled with cooked noodles and vegetables, and more. By now the vendors ... read more
View from our room, including tuk-tuk

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 6th 2014

Sorry, I won't give you the exact Location. It is a fantastic mix of great sand and impressive rocks (no sharp edges) which is hard to catch in a Foto. Meanwhile the weather has developed into perfect sunny days and the water gets clearer every week since there is no rain and less waves. However, the beach was even greater with waves. Then there was a pool in the middle of the rocks where you can sit (more or less) protected with the waves crashing all around you. I hope to post pics of it sometime later. As always the pics are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!!!... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Lamphun February 6th 2014

So after lots of research Steve and I decided instead of Laos we would use the last part of our trip to travel back to Bangkok with stops along the way in another part of Thailand we didn't know. The central plains. First we had to get back to Chiang Mai. Remember the road with 762 bends! The alternatives were fly by Cessna, 25 mins. All booked. The local bus. Painfully slow. The VIP minibuses. Faster but not good for motion sickness. We decided on the minibus. The bends come thick and fast without straight bits in between so you are thrown left to right to left to right over and over. So I spent 2 hours wearing my eye mask, with my eyes closed holding Steves hand trying not to think how high up we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai February 6th 2014

The next destination we were heading for was Kanchanaburi but it was too far to travel in one day so we werebreaking the journey staying one night in Ayutthaya. After a very comfortable 6 hour VIP coach from Sukothai we and 5 others were dumped unceremoniously at the side of a very busy road. No promised bus station. We were lucky to get a songheau that we all shared to the centre of what proved to be a very big town. We settled into our guest house which was fine and went for a walk. We were shocked. Although we weren't staying on there it was a place visited by many tourists for the ancient ruins. It was horrible. Run down buildings, dirty, smelly, piles of rubbish everywhere. For the first time we didn't feel safe ... read more


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 5th 2014

My roommate mellisa and I woke up at 6am and took our cameras and sat out overlooking the property, with the mountains in the background. We waited for the sunrise, and had coffee it was a beautiful way to start the day. We worked in the morning shoveling poop,37 elephants make a whole lot! It wasn't a bad job and we actually got done pretty quickly. I got to feed them from our observation platform, there trunks are so incredibly strong and my elephant liked watermelon and pumpkins and bananas. After that I went to a different part of the sanctuary, where all the dogs are, all 400, rescued from the flood in 2011 and also others that get dumped off. They need attention from people and volunteering with the dogs apparently is a pretty hard ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 5th 2014

6am impromptu yoga watching the sun rise, then spent the morning cleaning and cutting pumpkins and watermelon for elephant lunch, they steam squash for the old elephant who can't chew so well anymore. There is a family here that have taken there two kids on the road (to boys,8 and 10 for a year of traveling the world. How cool is that? There is a guy here from Sweden who has never left his home town, and after planning this for years, came to elephant nature park, pretty brave and cool. I also met this tough New York City cop lady who showed up with her heavy NYC accent and her" life is crap "tee shirt ... Jen, after talking with her, she has never traveled either, came alone, lied to her parents (she's 40) and ... read more
Cleaning elephant watermelon
Park dog

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand February 5th 2014

Today didnt start off the best.Daz was snoring like a bear and when he woke up he had cold and dodgy tummy. I got out my supply of tablets and he dosed himself up. He managed to fight on, he is a little trooper and we headed to sri phraya to catch a boat to be nearer the centre of bangkok. The boat was fab saw all different temples on the riverside only one i know name of is wat Arun. They packed the boats like sardines but i found a safe spot to hold on.and take good pics of the riverside.Was only quick ten min boat ride to Tha Chang. We had pinpointed placed on googles map for areas of interest so started the walk to the first point. We made it to Wat Pho ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand February 4th 2014

4th feb - Tuesday Up with the sun this morning. Spent most of the night listening to the calls of the birds and animals, we are really just on the edge of the jungle. As we are heading south tomorrow we want to make the most of our day here in lovely Khao Yai. Weather still beautiful with a misty haze over the mountains. The views from the house are fantastic. What surprised Leo and I was the number of trees, shrubs and flowers that are common to Cyprus. We decided to do another trek. According to the park trail description it was Orchid Campsite to Haew Suwat Waterfall, distance 3km, walking time 2hours, concreted trail, easy to follow. 'Can walk yourself. No need guide'. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not at all as described as it happens. ... read more
Spot the monkey above our heads?
Don't need telling twice

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 4th 2014

Last night I was feeling like I was getting sick, lost my voice and afraid of going to bed too early do to my 3am wakes lately. So I decided to go to Sunday market. The nice guy Nicky, at the desk called me a. Tuk tuk and she picked me up and we raced around in this cross between A golf cart and motorcycle. She laughed the whole way, I don't know what she was talking about but she was sure having fun! I walked around for a couple of hours, it was so jammed! And played the fun game, "which tuk, tuk driver is the pyco murderer?" Guess what? I won, and picked an old Thai guy that I sized up and was pretty sure I could take if I had to.Full night sleep, ... read more

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