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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 9th 2014

Picked up early from The Chatrium in Bangkok. This is the day for our visit to the Bridge Over the River Kwai and the Death Railway. On the way we stopped for a quick visit at a local market, literally along a railway track where the train brings people to buy their fish, fruit and vegetables. The track is the main aisle of the market and when the train comes twice a day, the stall holders literally have to move everything back from the side of the track to allow the train through. We then headed to a floating market where you get into a paddle boat and get paddled up and down the canal to look at stalls along the sides and also to buy food, goods etc from others boats. Very busy and a ... read more
Death Railway

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 9th 2014

This morning I was lucky enough to have Jodi take me on another elephant walk with just me and mellisa (my room mate) It was so great really Learning about the elephant. Families, and the different personalities. We got to just hang, and observe and take pictures it was AWESOME! Totally everything I would have hoped for! I will be sad to leave tomorrow. Later in the afternoon we were all working on the "firebreak" to create a border around the park in case fires start in the mountains. Basically we were picking up dryer leaves and such off the side of the road. Then we were all given an orange sash and we were sent to tie it on a tree, and make a wish. The reason that you tie the orange sash around the ... read more
Breakfast buddy
Saying goodbye

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 9th 2014

A final welcome chance to chill out after 13 weeks of full on globetrotting. Excepting Fiji the first time had same bed for more than 4 nights.... Fiji again .... Otherwise 3 nights in Luang Prabang (Laos), Hoi An (Vietnam), and Siem Riep Cambodia), so good to spread out a bit. Unfortunately my belly has also decided to spread out a bit... No surprise really after 3 months of exotic food and not 1 day without a beer (or three). So also time to start thinking about diets and excercise. As I lie here on this Thai beach. simmering gently I'm the tropical heat with waves lapping my tanned toes, I'm exhausting myself with such thoughts! So intend to enjoy last few days enjoying the memories of the last few months, perfecting my tan, honing my ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya February 9th 2014

Ayutthaya was the old capital of Thailand, home to 33 kings until being sacked by the Burmese in 1767 (now good friends though!). There are more temples, prangs and stupas then you can shake a stick at - wow! Sleeper train to Chiang Mai was good fun.... read more
Temple action
Temple cycling
Train spotting

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 9th 2014

A little cooler and v pleasant further north, over 300 temples and more relaxed (not so relaxing with the tigers though!). Even found a noodle making Norwich City fan and got blessed by a monk at Wat Phra Thad Doi Suthep. Plenty of shopping opportunities. A pity we didn't have time to explore more of the north. Off to our final beach bit tomorrow.... read more
Leaping tiger
Alice not so relaxed


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket February 9th 2014

The journey to Arusha was long. I started at the Saskatoon airport at 7pm on Wed., of course two hours earlier then the flight. Flying to Vancouver gave me the opportunity to visit with my beloved cousin Janet and David. I was whisked away from the airport, and given crackers, cheeses and conversation. Most definitely, it was the best wait between flights I was to have. The next flight was 13 hours from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I managed to sleep almost half the time. Cathay Pacific has good flight food, and good movies so it did not feel like a hard ship. Two hours in Hong Kong, then fly to Phuket. To meet Jacob and arrange our flights together, I had to leave the security section in Phuket, go through immigration and get my bags. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 8th 2014

We got to go to a local school today. They had all these stations set up, bracelet making, Thai massage, traditional dance and a little refreshment hut. I spoke to a teacher for a while and he told me there are five different tribes of children who attend. Some live in the mountains and the bus them in from Monday to Friday to go to school and stay in dorms. They teach them life skills so they can have a job when they are done with school. Having us there helps them practice dealing with foreigners. This afternoon after watching the elephants bathe in the river (I could never grow tired of that) I held a yoga class on the skywalk overlooking the beautiful property. We did a gentle relaxing class and the breeze was gently ... read more
Elephant sleeping

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 8th 2014

Travel went well. Very busy and touristy place, interesting tuk-tuk rides for shopping and through the blockades. First taste of lovely Thai food before seeing a Ladyboys show, which was one of those bizarre moments with some of them looking worryingly attractive (from a distance!). Hotel very nice with a lovely river view but not unhappy to be moving on.... read more

Asia » Thailand February 7th 2014

Unfortunately the only accommodation that had been available was in a tent but the agent assured us that if we booked it, once we were on the island if a room or bungalow became available we would be able to upgrade. Well that just didn’t happen, the island was very busy and no rooms were available for a couple of nights so reluctantly we settled for a tent for two nights with the promise of a bungalow after that. The tent had a full sized mattress in so wouldn’t have been so bad but for 3 girls who came home drunk at 3.15 am and giggled at the top of their voices for best part of an hour! The beach was very pretty and not busy considering all the bungalow operations were full. We spent 3 ... read more
The beach - Ko Muk
View from the beach over to Ko Kradan o
the beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 7th 2014

OK, ok. I know its a weak title but it seemed appropriare, given that the gov have just issued warrants for the arrest of 18 red shirt leaders! However, the city seems eerily quite with almost empty roads comp with the chaos of a month ago. We were out for a meal last night and no sign of any trouble, though some light army prescence noted, so expect to get to airport today ok, hopefully. Quad biking was great and saw a lot more of countryside that way. Said goodbye to the rest of our group this am, and exchanged a few addresses as seems appropriate after a month together..whether any are followed up remains to be seen,...I hope so, as they have been a great bunch, fun all the way, and we will certainly miss ... read more
Siem R
Anyone for spider?
What about snake kebab then?

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