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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon August 17th 2008

we got a vip bus from Bangkok to Chumphon wernt a bad ride down took quite a while and was up at 6. Then got the ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao were we landed at Ao Mae pier, we stayed in Blue wind bunglows on Hat Sai Ri beach. This was my favorite beach, beautfull sand,sea+sunsets. Did my 1st bit of snorkelling here was great but there was loads of dead coral. Ate on the beach most nights fresh fish on the barbee.. Left Ko Tao for Ko Pha-ngan we shared a room in Bay View Resort on Hat Yao beach. This place wernt great but i still managed to have a late night out were stu got worried and come looking for me at 2 in the morning. I was drinking with some locals ... read more
LISA 012
LISA 016
LISA 017

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon August 6th 2008

BANGKOK: We left Bangkok the day after we said our goodbyes to Sue and Dave. We bought our sarongs as beach towels and was ready to leave the City for some relaxation onthe beach. Our last night we were having a quiet drink when a local lady (well we think she was anyway!) who was wearing very very small shorts, more like knickers, no shoes, no top or bra arrived on the busy drinking street in Bangkok and laid down a plastic sheet, ran around it several times, twisting and throwing around a sarong, laid it onthe floor, placed some flowers on top and walked off, looking back a couple of times to admire her art work...... it was quite entertaining, sorry lads no pics! Early the next morning we caught a coach to Chumphon, from ... read more
Bar in Koh Tao
Us in Kho Tao
Koh Tao Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon May 10th 2008

So from Bangkok I caught a night bus over to Champion, where I had to catch a boat over to the Island of Ko Tao. I had thought the night bus was a great idea as I could get far, not lose any days, and catch up on some sleep. Well I got far and didn't lose any days - but the sleep part went gong show - (somehow I had imagined I would get at least two seats to myself - like at work!). I get on this bus and its packed with tourist (thinking the exact same thing) You have to put your bag underneath so I had kept all my money and important things with me as you should do. The bus was hot and uncomfortable, and there was absolutely no way I ... read more
Vancouver friend
Arrival in Ko Tao
Outside the dive office

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon April 1st 2008

Hello again, its 4:44 am so now is as ood as time as any for an update, I just got off an overnight bus and am waiting for another bus at 6am to take us to a ferry dock for the island of Ko Tao where I will spend the next few days relaxing on the beach and hopefully some scuba diving, I left the 2 girls I was traveling with in Bangkok because spending a week in Bangkok being the third wheel on a shopping spree is not my idea of a good time.... Since the last update i succesfully worked 16 days straight at the Zucchini picking which turned out to be not so bad, you get a good tan, get to work outside, make new friends, and you make 16.24 an hour with ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon March 15th 2008

This is sort of the first entry on this site, because my previous blog got lost somewhere strange, virtual and frustratingly inaccessible to me! By way of a short introduction, I think the best way to describe the beginning of this blog is like this: Me and Laura were stranded in a shabby, uninspiring half-horse half-cockroach sort of town in southern Thailand called Chumphon. We had submitted ourselves to the disposal of a shoddy company working under the auspices of professionalism, who had slotted us in to two different schools. We were teachers, I at a secondary school and Laura at a primary school. Suffice it to say- since most of you will have already been exposed to my miserable musings- it proved to be a lot less exciting than I would have hoped. The main ... read more
Karaoke fun
Ning the great


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 19th 2008

Due to the great distance, we decided to break up our journey to Bangkok by stopping a few places for an overnight stay. February 17th: Took the Ferry to Phuket where we stayed for one night. We stayed in Phuket Town which wasn't all that impressive. Definitely saw signs of the rampant prostitution that the area is known for. February 18th: Took a LONG bus ride from Phuket to Chumphon. This took basically all day and was another rather windy route that had us swearing off bus travel for a while by the end, trying to hold our lunch at every turn. Being that it was a "local" bus, they really packed the people on and we stopped a million times to take on more passengers or let others off. Luckily we smelled worse than the ... read more
Waiting for the right train...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon January 14th 2008

Nyt sita on sitten saavuttu Chumphoniin varsin mielenkiintoisen bussimatkan jalkeen. Bussi oli 40min myohassa ja se oli ylibuukattu, joten jouduimme seisomaan osan matkasta. Muuten bussi oli oikein mukava ja hyvin ilmastoitu ja niin kuin sanonta kuuluu: linja-autossa oli tunnelmaa! Tanaan seuraava botski olisi lahtenyt klo24, joten paatimme yopya taalla Chumphonissa ja lahtea klo7 laivalla. Pienen pyorimisen jalkeen loysimme Lonely Planetin suositteleman Suda Guest Housen, joka suureksi suruksemme olikin jo tayteen buukattu. Ystavallinen guest housen emanta kuitenkin hoiti meille toisen majoituksen serkulleen soittamalla. Nyt asumme hanen serkkunsa hotellissa, jonka huoneesta pulitimme 550Bht eli noi 11e. Huone on siisti, ja lammin vesi ja ilmastointi on tietysti plussaa. Meidat tullaan huomenna hakemaan hotellilta n.klo6.15 satamaan, josta laivamme siis lahtee klo7. Laivamatka kest... read more
Jostain syysta huoneessamme on kolme sankya, tassa niista kaksi...
No se sama huone edelleen...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon November 6th 2007

OK Here are the first batch of photo's!!! I think we are going to the Island of Koh Toa tomorrow. Yesterday we went to the ocean and did some swimming . The water was so warm it was almost hot!! The highlight of the trip!! We were at Hat Thong Wua Leans, which was really creepy actually. Kind of an empty, depressing town, ready for tourists, of which we were the only ones! Shannon and I were walking along the beach and then some dog started following us and taunting us. Kind freaked us out since we both declined the rabies shot!! the comedy of errors continued as we needed to catch a bus home and nobody in the ghost town spoke english, but we managed to figure out that a bus could take us back ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon November 5th 2007

Hello All, Here we are a couple days in and it's been fun. 20 hours on the plane and finally landed in Bangkok. Bangkok was cool, got in around 12:30 am and then headed out to a bar. Ended up ordering a couple beers and some curry at some outdoor bar in the middle of some festival. I Soon discovered that it wasn't my pasty white skin the boys we noticing but that we were at a gay bar in the middle of gay pride week! Sweet. Those boys make a mean Curry! Bangkok was too crazy so we took a train yesterday form Bangkok to Chumphon. There were no first and second class tickets left so we sat in 3rd class. 192 baht each($6CDN !) I have no idea how that train stayed on the ... read more
Gazing at Scenery
$6 + 7 hours + 3 Chickens = 3rd Class!!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon August 21st 2007

got back to chumphon on sunday afternoon! bangkok was awesome - had such a good time!! spent far too much money though but it was lots of fun!! we did a lot of shopping (i went to the MBK centre 3 days in a row - woops!!!) but we did some sightseeing too!! we went to the grand palace and walked round that, saw the emerald buddha etc etc (full of bloody japanese snap happy tourists though which got a bit annoying after a while!!), then we took the boat down the river and went to Wat Triamit temple which has a gold buddha 3m tall! that night we also went to Lebua State Tower building which has a bar called the Sky Bar on the 64th floor...the bar hangs out off the edge of the ... read more

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