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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 23rd 2014

Well. What a long first day of travelling. Never have I had a weirder experience and my body clock is going into spasm at the moment. Emma and I set off on our travels from Bromley at 7am on the 22nd and arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time to spare... So organised, it seemed. We thought, "brilliant, we're actually alright for once"... But it turns out we spoke too soon. Being the clutzes that we are, of course we both booked the different flights, me booking London-Stockholm and Emma booking Stockholm-Bangkok; completely forgetting that booking separately meant that we were not able to go through transit from one flight to another but we had to pick up our bags and then check in again! And of course... We only left 2 hours to do this... ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 21st 2014

Gisteravond hebben we nog even bij het hotel gezwommen en lekker gerelaxed. Hierna zijn we even de straat doorgelopen en toen bij het hotel gaan eten. Na het eten om ongeveer half negen zijn we allemaal gaan slapen. Volgens mij zijn we allemaal direct in slaap gevallen :) Na een heerlijke nacht lekker ontbijt in het hotel. We zijn toen na het paleis geweest en daar een tijd alles bekeken. We zouden eigenlijk nog naar de tempel met de liggende boedah gaan, maar het was al laat dus we besloten ergens snel iets te eten want we moesten om 2 uur bij het fietsverhuurbedrijf zijn voor de fietstour. De fietstour was een hele belevenis op zich. In de zinderende hitte van Bangkok hebben we in 3 uur zo'n 35 kilometer afgelegd. Van de gidsen mochten we ... read more
Tom op de fiets
Joyce op de fiets!
Lisa trapt goed door

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 20th 2014

Zaterdagochtend 10 uur. De taxi haalt ons op om ons naar het Brussel te brengen. Aangezien we nog mensen moeten ophalen in Maasmechelen (en die stonden natuurlijk nog niet klaar), vertrokken we in Maasmechelen pas om 10.45. Joyce had al lichte stressverschijnselen. Al met al kwamen we iets voor 12 aan op het vliegveld, snel naar de incheckbalie, en natuurlijk staat daar een ontzettend lange rij. Joyce nog meer stress! Gelukkig ging dit en de douane en kofferscan heel erg snel waardoor we gewoon ruim op tijd binnen waren. Helaas gold dat niet voor het vliegtuig. Omdat vanwege het vliegtuigongeluk deze week de route aangepast diende te worden, vertrokken we pas een uur later. Gelukkig maakte dat niet veel uit voor de aankomsttijd, we kwamen maar een kwartiertje later aan dan gepland. Op het vliegveld van ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 18th 2014

Holla!! Its Lauren here - I will probably be doing most of the blog writing with Hannah's input (basically whatever witty remarks she pipes up when I'm typing). Here's a lovely little run down of our first day and night in Bangkok (or FNOB as some witty creatures I know named theirs). Also as a note we can't upload photos from the iPad on to here so will add them later on - something i figured out after I wrote this so if it refers to looking at a picture I promise they are coming haha!) Well we arrived in Bangkok safe and sound after an 11 hour delay in Abu Dhabi (cheeky little hotel day though - thanks Eithad!). We stepped off the plane to the most intense heat - I know People said it ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 17th 2014

As the title says, this is an area where very few tourists who travel to Bangkok know about, or just happen to pass through on their way to visit an attraction, of which there are many in the 'City of Angels.' However, readers might also like to know about where and how locals live in a typical residential section of the Thai capital. I lived in one such locality called Si Yan in Bangkok's Samsen district during my five years in Bangkok from 2006 to 2011. There are no known tourist attractions in the vicinity, only low rent housing and apartments, food shops, pharmacies, markets, and hundreds of street vendors selling anything from fried bananas to mouth watering snacks, to tasty sweets and desserts. To a foreigner it can be a fascinating blend of exotic sights ... read more


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 15th 2014

So apparently traveling with 2 kids brings some interesting discoveries. So first of of all Ethan must look like a sweet puppy who you just want to give a snack to or completely underfed, because he has been collecting treats from every random stranger. In the Shanghai we had 2 people giving ethan packages of crackers, in Thailand we have had all sorts of snacks and treats coming his way as well. Also a new discovery is that Owen is actually a celebrity baby. We have had more people ask us (or in some case not ask us) to take his picture. He just smiles away. We were eating at an Indian food restaurant and a lady sitting next to us said "give me your baby" she apparently thought that he needed some attention and proceeded ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 11th 2014

We made it. So here is what has happened... We left my parents house in Minnesota at 430 am on Tuesday morning it is an hour and a half to the airport and sure enough Ethan refused to nap, thankfully Owen did. We said goodbye to Grandma and the reality started to set in ... It is just us vrs them (big kids vrs littles). And sadly on the flight from Minneapolis to LAX the littles totally won. Ethan was beyond crazy with no sleep temper tantrums like wild, Owens poor ears were awful on the flight. To date that was the worse flight we have ever had. Glad it is behind us. We regrouped picked up a rental car and met up with some my awesome friends from PT school, and a friend from Florida, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 8th 2014

“Historically, Thailand was "the Venice of the East" whereby water transport was the primary means of long distance transport of goods. If fact, the canal system in Bangkok and elsewhere was far more extensive than ever existed in Venice”. If you look at a good Bangkok map, you will be amazed at the extent of the criss-cross grid. The Thai word "klong" means "canal" and shall be used hereafter. The 20th century saw a rapid transformation to surface vehicle transport. In fact, many of the main roads of today are just filled-in klongs. Since klongs weren't owned by anyone, loosely speaking, it was easier to fill them in to make roads than to displace people. For example, Silom, Sathorn, Phloenchit, Sukhumvit and Asoke are just a few of the filled in klongs. Many places are named ... read more
Vendor selling crunchy scorpions for tourists In Khao San Rd
Old China Town_-2
Rama 8 Bridge- Old China Town_-14

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 5th 2014

20140705 STROLL IN OLD CHINA TOWN IN A HOT DAY Going for a stroll in old China Town I highly NOT recommend it. I started my day taking a motorcycle ride from the corner of my building to the Giant Swing right in the middle of China Town. None of of the fast public transportation get you there. Not the subway not the skytrain and it is one of the most touristic areas of Bangkok. I guess it is strategically planned that way so trourists spend more money in Tuk-Tuks and Taxis. The sun was out, the sky was blue and it was HOT. I mean hot and dry. The area around the Giant Swing is surrounded by Buddha Factories. I took advantage of the situation and tried to ask for a Business Buddha for one ... read more
Old China Town-3
Old China Town-4
Old China Town-5

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 4th 2014

I had booked into a hostel called Bodega Bangkok for 4 nights as reviews suggested it was sociable. I arrived mid afternoon and chilled out updating this blog. This was really the beginning of being on my own for the next few months and I didn't struggle to get involved with a group of people who were playing Jenga. Two of the girls from the tour were still around so I had agreed to meet them at the nearest MRT station and bring them back to the hostel for some drinks. Earlier in the day I had walked down Soi Cowboy which looked like a a good shout for drinks later,however, at 9:00pm when I walked down it to fetch the girls I was surprised by the place. It's effectively a stretch of bars specifically for ... read more

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