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After a visa run from Koh phangnan to Kuala Lumpur where I randomly met a yogi several times in the streets of China town (who gave me a few new mantras to chant if I so wished!), it was off to Bangkok. I am now writing this in retrospect after all the political protests and violence erupted and has been the result of a few deaths. Whilst I was in the heart of Bangkok, I decided to venture to the infamous 'koh San Road' during one of these early and then, celebratory protests, I now see how that could have been a decision full of folly. I later learned these kind of protests can turn at any moment from celebratory romp where locals take advantage of the heady atmosphere to sell their wares and make a ... read more
koh san

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 19th 2014

19th Feb to 22nd Feb Leaving wet, wet England behind for a few weeks to enjoy some Far Eastern adventures. A goodly part of Southern England has been pretty well under water since Christmas but at least the floods seem to have started to recede and the rain has at last eased. January has been the wettest month ever. Fortunately, unlike last year, it hasn’t been really cold this winter and in most cases it has been positively mild. Just before we left home the garden decided Spring was starting and as well as all the snowdrops, many crocus were also out and the daffodils were certainly thinking about it. Expect we will have full Springtime when we get home in 3 weeks as long, that is, as the weather doesn’t decide we need a cold ... read more
Me and Jane.
Bob and Jeremy

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 18th 2014

Tuesday This was a dental trip and I travelled cheap via Air Asia from Gold Coast via Kuala Lumpur. The food was a little dry, the red quilts leave your clothes red (don't worry, it washes out) but all flights were on time. I arrived late in the evening, picked up a free sim card and got on a local bus, transferred to the skytrain after a minor detour to the subway entrance, then walked down through the narrow streets to my accommodation. I also had a few detours here as I took some wrong turns. It was quite a distance and by now after 10. I'd chosen Baan Sathorn because it was cheap and the reviews were excellent. It was a good choice and I returned here after my excursion out to the Death Railway. ... read more
Busy River
The King of Thailand
Living on the river

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 18th 2014

I read online that the world's largest bookstore was in Bangkok and knew it was something I had to see for myself. I'm not sure if I was more intrigued by the novelty of it (pun not intended) or just the idea of a large bookstore with lots of English books. I did some research online to find out where the boat was docked. It's only here for a month before heading to the next port. If you're curious about where it's headed next, check out their website. My friend and I headed down and got off at the MRT station and took a taxi to the Khlong Thoei port. Our taxi driver had to divert to the far right (where I later saw the sign with an arrow) and not go through security. He drove ... read more
The World's Largest Floating Bookstore
Whew, look at that line!
Lots of info about the ship

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 17th 2014

Hello everyone. After successfully enduring the 22 hours of flights plus two airport layovers we arrived in Bangkok. We went to sleep. When we woke up it was time to start exploring. After arranging some out of town excursions we headed out into the big city. Our hotel is quite close to a major canal and river system so we walked down to the river and caught a boat to the temple of Wat Arun. It was very cool. We climbed to the top. It was very steep. At the top you get spectacular views of the city, river and surrounding temple grounds. Also at this site was an area with rows of golden Buddhas which Lisa found very exciting as she has always wanted to see it. After leaving Wat Arun we headed across the ... read more
Elephants walking by
Thai kick boxing
The rows of golden buddhas


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 15th 2014

Well well. Who'd have thought it. 96 days down, or thereby...kinda lost count along the way..and now here we are at Bangkok airport waiting for our return flight to old Blighty. Treated ourselves Last night to 5 star Eastin Grand in Sathorn district. Also final meal of trip in World famous Blue Elephant Royal Thai restaurant which just happened to be right next door. Well it also happened to be Valentines day! And she says im not a romantic...the jury is surely out on that one? We now feel ready to face the frozen, flooded wastes of northern Britainshire, Auld claes an porridge.....though will undoubtedly miss our warmer southern sojourns. We have had great times, seen many wonderful sights, met many lovely people, and marveled at the wonders of nature, the marvels of evolution, the ingenuity ... read more
Blue Elephant restaurant
Bye bye bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 10th 2014

As mentioned previously I haven't been doing much in Thailand. The total for the last almost-a-month has been a short trip to Khao Yai, two visits to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a visit to the Dusit Zoo, a morning birding at Rot Fai park, and a failed attempt to get to another local park. I am almost embarrassed. It is like I am letting down the whole birding-mammaling-adventuring side. I am heading off to Assam in a few days time, so I made an attempt today to actually get out and find some birds. The spot I was aiming for was the Muang Boran fish ponds which are just south of main Bangkok (I think they are actually still in Bangkok – it's hard to tell where the city ends). I had two sets of directions ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 8th 2014

Travel went well. Very busy and touristy place, interesting tuk-tuk rides for shopping and through the blockades. First taste of lovely Thai food before seeing a Ladyboys show, which was one of those bizarre moments with some of them looking worryingly attractive (from a distance!). Hotel very nice with a lovely river view but not unhappy to be moving on.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 7th 2014

OK, ok. I know its a weak title but it seemed appropriare, given that the gov have just issued warrants for the arrest of 18 red shirt leaders! However, the city seems eerily quite with almost empty roads comp with the chaos of a month ago. We were out for a meal last night and no sign of any trouble, though some light army prescence noted, so expect to get to airport today ok, hopefully. Quad biking was great and saw a lot more of countryside that way. Said goodbye to the rest of our group this am, and exchanged a few addresses as seems appropriate after a month together..whether any are followed up remains to be seen,...I hope so, as they have been a great bunch, fun all the way, and we will certainly miss ... read more
Siem R
Anyone for spider?
What about snake kebab then?

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 1st 2014

Well my blogging buddies it is is time to bid a fond farewell to my home of the last month and head around the world again to my real home in the great white north. I can say without hesitation that Bangkok is a wonderful city to get lost in and enjoy all that it has to offer.I have felt welcome here and never once felt uncomfortable in my surrroundings or in danger or at risk. That is quite something for me to say after my last two international trips, but it is true. Friendly faces populate this city, a gentle people, perhaps stirred up at the moment, but that too will pass I am sure. Prapan, my landlord, has been helpful and his condo extremely comfortable and convenient and I would recommend staying here if ... read more
My Chinese friend
The King

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