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Photographing the Tai Chi Performers is in my bucket things to do in Bangkok. I couldn’t find any information online about public performances anywhere. It is information passed around by the locals. I haven’t been able to adjust my schedule to wake up early in the morning because most of my favorite things to do in Bangkok happen at night and I am up at pretty late hours. I tried to make the effort to be at the park by 6 am but I kept snoozing the alarm. I kept thinking that sunrise is at 6 am and that probably all the drunken partiers from Friday night would be still up and walking the streets and I didn’t want to deal with that. A girl walking alone with a camera in the middle of drunks wasn’t ... read more
Tai Chi in Lumphini Park- Bangkok FB-2
Tai Chi in Lumphini Park- Bangkok FB-7
Tai Chi in Lumphini Park- Bangkok FB-8

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 26th 2014

I moved on to the advanced class of fruit carving. Mint, my instructor and amazing fruit carving artist showed me two different techniques for carving flowers in a watermelon and a cantaloupe. I recorded in video some of the steps and when I have time I will upload to you tube and add them to this post.... read more
Fruit Carving Class-6
Fruit Carving Class-3
Fruit Carving Class-4

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 23rd 2014

I had arranged to go to England for 6 weeks to volunteer for greenway which is an organization that runs an Eco, alternative lifestyle, performance festival and workshop. Then I taught that you know Thailand sounds appealing as fuck so I emailed and cancelled. As usual where ever I go before I go I get on and start emailing places that I find appealing. Helpx is an organization which has listings of various farms, Eco lodges, hostels, zoos and many other types of tourist attractions where you can work for a few hours a day and in return you get free accommodation and meals and during your time off, you can explore around a the area i.e. go on a tour or go to the market, have a drink. The usual tourist things. It is ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 20th 2014

It was Keith last day at school and the last chance for Tim our assistant instructor of Chinese heritage to show him China Town first hand. They invited me. I had plan to go get the sensors of my camera cleaned and shop of a sturdier tripod but I knew it was a special opportunity to see China Town through local eyes so I joined. Tim walked us thru amazing markets, traditional Chinese courts, showed us the oldes houses, made us taste longevity tea made in the oldest brewers and lotus lower tea. We stopped at a place were the sell bird saliva. But the most amazing experience was at the Chinese temple were we got to see young monks praying. I didn’t really make an effort to take a photo because I wanted to respect ... read more
Noodle place
Brum guy....taking a break
 Chinese Market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 19th 2014

During my lesson this past week, I mentioned to my teacher that I really like eating tom yum kung, a spicy Thai soup with shrimp in it. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite dishes. I'm a bit unusual in that I prefer noodles in it to having it the more traditional way, with rice on the side. My teacher immediately told me of one of the best and busiest places in Bangkok to eat kuay tiaw ton yum kung. He drew me a map and the next day a friend and I set off to find it. The map my teacher had drawn me was helpful but I was glad I'd looked online before setting out. The map he'd drawn showed Siam station and Central World mall; we really needed to get off at the next ... read more
Off to work!
Shops lined the soi
Shops lined the soi


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 19th 2014

Traveling by boat on the Chao Phraya river This is about the Chao Phraya River the principal river in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. When I was living in Bangkok I often traveled on this river by commuter boat to avoid the horrendous traffic jams of the sprawling metropolis. There are several ways to take a river cruise in Bangkok. The cheapest is to take the Orange Flag line commuter boat which starts from the suburb of Nonthaburi and ends at Rat Burana pier in Bangkok. There are at least 20 stops on this route where one can get on/off. Tourists normally get on at Phra Athit pier as it is the closest to Khao San Road the main area where backpackers stay for cheap accommodation, shopping and sightseeing. Since I lived in the Sam Sen ... read more
chao phya 2
chao phya 3
chao phya 4

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 19th 2014

THE KING’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ARCH After school, every other day, I plan to go somewhere to photograph. Keith had suggested going to the Chinese Arch in China Town and catch the traffic around it with slow shutter speed. I was totally sold on the idea. All I knew about the arch is that it symbolizes the gate to China Town in Bangkok The Chinese arch marks the beginning of the Yaowarat Road that limits China Town. It is King's Birthday Celebration Arch (ประตูจีนที่วงเวียนโอเดียน Arch Commemorating the 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary), Odeon Circle (at the intersection of Tri Mit Rd and Charoen Krung Rd). This Chinese-style ceremonial gate is located at the Odeon Circle. It was built by Thais of Chinese descent to show their loyalty to King Bhumibol, and officially revealed on his 72nd birthday on ... read more
King's Birthday Celebration Arch

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Mint, the girl that teaches fruit and vegetable carving was schedule to leave to Singapore soon so I had asked to have my class with her as soon as possible. Everyone speakes really good of her carving training and skills and I have actually seen and photographed her stunning work. I was very exited about my class and I was looking forward to it. In Thailand, the art of fruit and vegetable carving has been handed down from generation to genetation. Thai children are taught to carve various things, especially the fruits and vegetable normally served at daily meals. It's common to see tomatoes carved into roses, carrots into corn, mangoes into leaves, etc. I learned how to make a basket out of a cucumber, a curling tree out of a green onion, a rose out ... read more
Traditional Thai Vegetable Carving-6
Black Coconut Sweet Pudding-Kanom Piakpoon
Black Coconut Sweet Pudding-Kanom Piakpoon

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Keith, my Thai Culinary School classmate and photo mate, suggested that the Victory Monument at night would be a really cool spot to photograph. Victory monument is were all the protests have been going on during the last year and I had planned to stay as far away from it as I could. But since the courfeu has been stablished the streets have been clear and safe. The arquitectural location of the monument is next to the BTS (Sky train) and surrounded by a roundabout with a lot of traffic. The idea was to get a slow shutter speed shot of the cars going around the monument and since it had been raining all day the streets were still wet creating great reflections of the light of the cars and the signs on the street. It ... read more
 2014061720140617-THA_4312Victory Monument at Night
Victory Monument at Night
 2014061720140617-THA_4313Victory Monument at Night

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 15th 2014

Dinner at China Town-Shark Fin Soup, Abalone and Bird Nest After Maeklong Railway Market, Mint and Pim suggested to go to China Town for dinner. As a photographer I was very exited because I knew there were going to be lots of lights and movement. Very fun to do something different. What I didn’t know but found out soon enough is that along Chinatown, we could see a lot of chinese restaurants selling shark fin, abalone and bird nest. As shark fin and bird nest and abalone are consider high-end chinese crusine, a delicacy, and you can eat these at a very cheap price in Bangkok. To make shark fin, a shark is hunted and killed. The fin is removed and the rest of its body is thrown back to the ocean as waste. Edible bird's ... read more
Mint enyoing noodles with veggies
Umbrellas-China Town and Shark Fin Soup-13
Taxi? China Town and Shark Fin Soup-33

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