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Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo February 24th 2008

Hello, My third week in Sri Lanka seems to have gone very quickly! Last Sunday we took a long train journey through the beautiful Hill Country, arriving in Bandarawela - 7 hours by train but the fantastic views made it seem shorter. In the evening we went round to the house of a local family (friends of our tour guide) for some traditional Sri Lankan cooking (my contriubtion was chopping a few spring onions!). They gave us tips on managing the traditional eating with our hands (we all went straight back to cutlery the next night!). We then had a fabulous two days walking in the mountains (about 30km split over two days), walking through remote tea plantations and villages. From schoolchildren to tea-pluckers, everyone was posing for photographs and curious to see their digital image ... read more
Sri Lanka57 - Bandarawela - Sybille's birthday1
Sri Lanka58 - Bandarawela - Sybille's birthday2
Sri Lanka59 - Bandarawela - Sybille's birthday3

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo February 8th 2008

Size of country 277 miles long 140 miles across at its widest point - land area about same as Ireland - 20 million pop I have to say that SL is beautiful and has everything - however there is a war going on between the government and the Tamil Tigers. There was a load of security in the centre of Colombo and whilst we were there, there were repeated bombings. However we have had a great time and not least because there are loads of elephants and the Sri Lankans stuffed an elephant called "Tusker" and made it a national treasure on show next to the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy!! We started off at the Elephant Orphanage - 60 odd elephants - happy lives - their daily schedule is - get fed - play ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo November 18th 2007

At the end of October we said goodbye to Galle, which has been our home for the last 2 years. As Murray & I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, we realise that we have spent more of our married life in Sri Lanka than in NZ. Leaving was very emotional, and as we left we shared a tear with our neighbours. We have been living in Colombo for the last 3 weeks as Murray ties up some loose ends in the Head office. This week we fly back to New Zealand for a month to celebrate Christmas with our families and friends. In early January we head to the UK to receive a briefing before we are sent to Kenya in mid-January for Murray to start his new job. Charlotte is also on the move. In ... read more
Some Galle friends at our farewell
Charlottes new move . . . .

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo October 14th 2007

We are just about at the finish line for our South East Asian adventures and it's been a really interesting experience. After the rendezvous in Bangkok with the guys we headed north to Chang Mai. Here we started gathering essentials for our journey to the lands of Europe and christmas gifts for the family seeing as we will be broke when we get home. This town was supposed to be relaxed and chilled out and it was.....until.....some punk ass jacked Russ's camera. Yeah it blew....we had just picked up some laundry and were walking back to our guesthouse, one hand was full of laundry and the other with his camera and planner where he kept all his important things. We were only about 60 ft. from our guesthouse when these two teenage guys pulled up behind ... read more
Mho Paeng Waterfall
Where in the World..
Ready to Rock

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo July 10th 2007

Sorry. Don't know if I'll get back to cover Jaipur and the India road stories. Computer access is a little harder to come by these days, so I thought I would stay current and fill in the gaps later. I'll leave some stories to tell when we get back. We arrived in Sri Lanka safe and sound. The first full day here we retraced our steps and found Rachel's orphanage. Two of the workers (a nun and a civilian) were there when Rachel was processed through in 1994 (They don't remember her, but they recognize their handwriting on the documents. We stayed for about 90 minutes and toured the facilities. We also visited another Convent in Colombo, this one run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa. Rachel's birth mother had stayed there a while with ... read more


Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo June 3rd 2007

I have decided that the picture I painted of India was too negative. I love the place. Hence this is going to be a positive description of how we started our honeymoon. Day 1: We arrived at the stunningly beautiful Trichy airport at 5am where the extemely helpful security guards asked us to line up to get in to the airport itself. Then, the extremely efficient staff had to X-ray all of our bags before we could go to the check-in counter. We were thoughtfully informed that no radioactive materials could be taken onto the plane and then, in the interests of our own safety, our bags were all searched after being X-rayed. The batteries of our two torches were duly removed. But, of course, devices such as cameras, mobile phones and MP3 players had ... read more
The main of many Buddhas in Colombo
The Colombo Swimming Club
Another beautiful temple in Beria lake

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo May 3rd 2007

Sri Lanka was a great change from India. The tuk tuk drivers still had the same bloody attitude problems as in india, but the sri lankan people were charming and the change in scenery was well-earned. Adding dave the traveller'' to our equation in kerela, she also graced us with her presence in Sri Lanka. Day one we headed to pinewella, an orphanage for elephants!! Here, in the 40 degree heat, we watched in amazement the eating, cleaning and daily rituals of the orphaned elephants. From here we ventured east to a place in the hills called Kandy. Staying in lovely homestay, we explored Kandy for two days before heading on a religious pilgramage up Adams Peak, a 4000 stepped pilgrim walk just south of kandy. If getting up at 2:30AM (!) was not bad ... read more
two bathing elephants
2.30am - pre Adams Peak
top of Adams Peak

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo April 6th 2007

Free nights in our second home. 5 days of eating and watching TV. And learn the mentality of the Sri Lanken nurses. So straingh. But finally Rudy got better, with a lot of women around him.... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo March 4th 2007

So here I am, my last day in Sri Lanka, I've heard from my project leader in India and the work sounds really varied and interesting. So with my bags packed and a few more hours round the pool, all that's left to say is farewell Sri Lanka and see you all in India. xxx... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo March 4th 2007

Today's message has to go to my favourite 20 year old nephew and godson Aaron hahahahaha because he has just scored a new job as a rep for 18to30s, God Help Them hahahahaha You know I don't mean it, I'm really proud of you and I know how important it was for you to succeed. The only thing is I won't get to see him before he leaves in May, but I love him to bits and he'll be great. BIG HUGS AND SLOPPY KISSES, I LOVE YOU AARON, YOU DID GOOD... read more

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