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Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 25th 2013

Boracay is a little Island and has 2 sides. The West side is paradise , long never ending white beaches and sun galore , the other side is rocks , no sand and very windy . It is so windy in fact , it is one of the best places in the world to go kite surfing due to the high constant winds and high waves but not the place to take a holiday. So guess what side my hotel was ? yes due to lack of re search here I was in the middle of a tornado , I did wonder when I got to the Hotel why they asked where my kite was ! But not to worry the walk to the West side was only 10 mins away and it was kind of ... read more
Middle in a mini jungle
I wanted to steal his pink hat
The ferry terminal

Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 7th 2013

26 February - 5 March The name Boracay conjures up dreamscapes of talcum powder white sand beaches, crystal clear sapphire waters, swaying palm trees and relaxation. The reality is quite different. I think this will be the great disappointment of Andrew's Asia trip. He has always wanted to visit this island which has been touted as having the most beautiful beaches in the world. It regularly gets awarded such accolades as "island of tranquility" " whitest beaches and clearest water in the world" "worlds best beach" etc. etc. by travel magazines and agencies. But this turns out to be a marketing fraud. To put it bluntly, Boracay is a cesspool - literally!! The oxymoron that is beautiful Boracay:Rampant and unbridled over-development has left what must once have been a paradise in a state of abject decay. ... read more
Algal bloom
Algal bloom
White Beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 26th 2013

The flight from Puerto Princessa was pretty uneventful which is great when it comes to flights! We made it back to Manila to catch the connecting flight which was delayed getting to Boracay by a couple hours for some reason. So there we sat on the floor like little kids playing card games to pass the time until our flight finally was called to board. We had to catch a 10 minute banca boat ride from the jetty port to the actual island and on the way we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sunset as it dropped below the horizon. Boracay is famously known for it's sunsets and we wanted to experience them every night we were there. Coming into Boracay on the main drag was not something that I had pictured ... read more
White beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 21st 2013

When telling fellow travellers who we have met along the way in recent weeks that we were going to the Philippines, most ilicited the same response, 'You have to go to Boracay', and so many times we have looked at pictures and thought 'we really must go there, it looks amazing' etc, yet it was with mixed feelings that we made the long journey to our final destination of this Philippines sojourn. Why mixed feelings when we had heard so many positive things about the place? Well, if our time here has taught us anything, it's that we love to find secluded beaches and our own little paradises, we enjoy undeveloped places and peace and quiet, we like to mingle with locals, eat authentic food, not get ripped off by tuk-tuk drivers and not actually see ... read more
Having a few drinks with friends
This could be Boracay, or anywhere..
Beautiful beach in a rare sunny moment

Asia » Philippines » Boracay January 28th 2013

Finally we have said the magic words ’I do’ to each other on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world surrounded by our dear family and friends. Almost five years ago we met in cold Vilnius and decided to explore the world together, and one thing led to other and here we are! For the wedding it was difficult to decide on our destination so it would be fair for both sides as our families which are living on either side of the planet. The best solutions we could think of to have a wedding in between. Already two years ago we searched on internet for the nicest beaches in the world as we wanted to have small beach wedding. We were choosing between Mauritius and Boracay but soon found that the easiest reachable ... read more
Sunset from Estacio Uno
Boracay Island


Asia » Philippines » Boracay December 7th 2012

KM 675 This is truly the Island Tour. On my first riding day from Costa Aguada Island Resort, I effectively travelled through three of them. It only ended up being a 40 km day by bike, but a lot more when I include the boat rides. I will have to take ferries eight times on this trip to visit the seven islands on my itinerary. They vary from the small canoe like boats (called bangkas) to car ferries (called RORO (roll-on roll-off)) . Iloilo was my first stop and my introduction to the island of Panay. Iloilo is the biggest city on the island with about 500,000 people. Like many of the other places I have visited to date in the Philippines, there is a quite the contrast between the old and new parts of town. ... read more
Ever wonder where Mother Nature lives?
Apartment living for cocks
The ubiquitous statue

Asia » Philippines » Boracay November 4th 2012

Hi Everyone! So I figure the best thing to do after the first day back at school in dark, rainy Seoul, is to blog about how amazing my holiday in Boracay was! :-) So here it is…… I finally finished doing school work at around 8pm on the Friday evening, just in time to go Salsa dancing. I left the Salsa bar ‘early’ as I needed to commence the packing of the suitcase, arriving home at about 11pm knowing I was getting in a taxi at 4.30am! So I packed, ate an omelette and finally went to bed at 2am, with the alarm set for 3.30am. Obviously when that alarm went off it hurt! A LOT! But the excitement of going on holiday spurred me on! So much so that us girls annoyed the boys immensely ... read more
Boracay Island
Cruise ship
Arriving at Boracay :-)

Asia » Philippines » Boracay June 27th 2012

I do realize that we said we mostly wanted to see the less-touristy places but we could not help to wonder what, considered by many ‘the most beautiful' beach in the Philippines would look like, so we decided to check it out. The flight was comparably expensive as they only use the small charter planes to go Caticalan but we booked it either way. When we arrived at the island we decided to walk to the Station 3 area where all the budget accommodation was and somehow (even though people were saying it was impossible in Boracay) we managed to find a nice bungalow for 500P only (Bora Bora Inn). We already got the impression that this place was simply spoiled by tourism as we could not even walk for a minute without being stopped by ... read more
around station 3
would go for a swim but...where?
 wall on the beach;-(

Asia » Philippines » Boracay April 21st 2012

This time we aren’t starting our blog with a flight nightmare but an airport nightmare…seriously, what is wrong with our luck at the moment? We took advantage of some cheap flights but unfortunately those cheap flights were from Clark airport, 3 hours north of Manila. We will warn you now that this is a rather long blog and is a little bit ranty. Getting to Boracay... Clark airport is so bad, we really don’t know where to start! We were very thankful we weren’t flying internationally as the queue for Immigration was huge (there were only 2 officers on duty for 3 departing flights, it took some people an hour and a half to clear Immigration!) and then we had the complete farce of the security check. You know how you give some people a uniform ... read more
More of the algae
Sari-sari store on the way to the beach
...much busier

Asia » Philippines » Boracay April 18th 2012

BORACAY ADVENTURE Round 2 (Practical tips) April 7-11, 2012............. the return of the comeback of YAJERO in the paradise... BORACAY ISLAND! Reminder: it's BORACAY not BORA...... This vacation served as my advance birthday gift for myself.... but during this time, I planned to just spend 4 thousand pesos, ofcourse the plane tickets were already brought. This is a challenge for me because if I will not do this, I might not be able to go back home in Cavite and at the same time so I could share some information for those who want to go to Boracay but have small budget. I was able to book a flight going to CATICLAN through Cebu Pacific again when they had seat sale last feb 25. The problem during that time was, there's no sale for the flight ... read more

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