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Asia » Malaysia April 23rd 2014

Donnerstag, 17.04.14 - Mittwoch, 23.04.14 Mein Tagebuch und meine Fotokamera machen eine Weile Ferien. Es gibt auch wirklich nichts Interessantes zu erzählen. Zwei Tage Fieber, starke Halsschmerzen, d.h. insgesamt fast eine Woche krank im Bett. Hauptsache kein Malaria und kein Dengue. Nach dem auskurieren zurück zur Arbeit, um Tagebuch, Blogs, Mails und all den Papierkram zu erledigen und ein bisschen lesen zur Abwechslung. Leider noch keinen Plan, wohin es als nächstes geht...... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town April 20th 2014

OK I haven't been the best at keeping this up to date but there is too much food to eat rather than writing blogs! Anyway here are another couple of entries and I'll try to catch up to where we are now soon. Our trip to Georgetown, Penang was one of the worst journeys we've done on our trip. It took 16 hours to get from Surat Thani to our hostel. The first leg was a mini bus down to Hat Yai, the last big town before you reach the Malaysian border. We made good progress to here and we were dropped off on a street with a load of travel agents offering trips to Penang, we just had to find the best priced one and the one leaving next. That was the problem, they were ... read more

Asia » Malaysia April 14th 2014

6thApril Port Kelang, Malaysia We docked in Port Kelang (Klang) which is about 25 miles from Kuala Lumpur our destination for the day. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to take an interest in what is now modern Malaysia, followed by the Dutch and it was not until the early 19th century that Britain became the dominant power with bases in Melaka, Penang & Singapore. Japan occupied the country during WWII (as they did Singapore) and further troubles in 1948 led to fighting involving British troops. In 1957, Malaya gained its independence from Britain. Malaysia is the world’s leading producer of rubber, tin, and palm oil. Tourism is big business with over 15 million visitors a year. Our tour today was ‘A Glimpse of Kuala Lumpur’. Kuala Lumpur is known as Malaysia’s ‘Garden City’ or ’Garden ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town April 14th 2014

7th April Penang, Malaysia Penang is an island state in Malaysia connected to the mainland by the Penang Bridge (the third longest suspension bridge). We berthed in its capital Georgetown for a short visit, arriving at 8.00am with Sailaway at 4.30pm The place is another UNESCO world heritage site which has managed to retain a considerable amount of natural environment. Our island tour took us first to a typical Malay village or Kampungs, which are built on stilts for ventilation. They are surrounded by fruit trees & plants in compounds which they sell on roadside stalls. We stopped on the roadside by clove trees, scents of clove and nutmeg were in the air at local fruit & spice stalls. Another shopping opportunity!! The next port of call was a Butterfly Farm. Our tour was going clockwise ... read more

Asia » Malaysia April 12th 2014

HE SAID... Our food and travel adventure through Malaysia was a fantastic experience. We journeyed as far south as Melaka, as far north as Kota Bharu, as far east as Kuala Terengganu and as far west as George Town, sampling the cuisine and culture of so many places in between. We trekked through forests, swam in rivers, relaxed on beaches, snorkelled with turtles, mused in mosques, cooled down in temples, sipped tea in the highlands, played congkak (a wooden board game played with marbles) into the night and ate as many local dishes as we could possibly find. The people were incredibly friendly, the sun was incredibly hot and the food was incredibly delicious. We loved our time in Malaysia, and there are a few places that will draw us back at some stage in the ... read more
sri mahamariamman temple
masjid jamek
roti @ restoran melaka raya


Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 11th 2014

HE SAID... We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 4.30pm, checked in and wandered aimlessly through the terminal. We’d heard that a memorial wall for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had been created somewhere in the airport, so we asked at an information booth and were directed towards the viewing area. As we approached, three security guards sitting at the entry stood and asked where we were going. We mentioned the memorial wall and they simply smiled and informed us it was closed. A few locals walked straight past us as we were talking to the guards, so we quickly realised the area was quarantined to tourists. The guards smiled apologetically and sat back down – what more could they do? We thanked them for their congeniality and wandered back into the bustle of the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 10th 2014

HE SAID... We left the Kuala Kangsar bus station at midday and began our final journey back to Kuala Lumpur. With only a 10 minute toilet break at 1.30pm, we arrived in KL at 3pm. The bus station was right underneath our hotel, so we jumped off the bus, walked up a few stairs to the lift and within no time at all we were checking in at Ancasa Express. We unpacked and relaxed in our room, checked email for the first time in two days and then headed out for a late lunch across the road at Restoran Anuja. We’d walked past this place the first day we were here. It was absolutely bustling inside and we wanted to try it, but we were still a little nervous at that stage. It was fantastic to ... read more
roti canai and teh tarik
restoran anjuna
dancers at central market

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Kuala Kangsar April 8th 2014

HE SAID... We woke early at 6am (in Kota Bharu) to prepare for our six hour bus trip to Kampung Kelantan. We headed up to the rooftop restaurant of our hotel at 7am and enjoyed the Kota Bharu skyline as the sun rose over the city. After a quick breakfast of coffee, juice, cornflakes, toast and fruit, we checked out, jumped in a taxi and headed to the Kota Bharu bus station. We picked up a few snacks (blueberry tarts and kaya puffs) from a nearby bakery before boarding the bus and beginning our southward journey at 10am. Apart from the guy playing video games on his phone and the ubiquitous crying baby behind me, the bus trip was reasonably comfortable. We stopped in Jeli for a toilet break at 12pm and then pulled into Restoran ... read more
suka suka lake retreat
bbq dinner

Asia » Malaysia » Kelantan » Kota Bharu April 7th 2014

HE SAID... We woke early at 6am, as we were leaving Perhentian Besar Island at 8am for Kota Bharu. We headed over to the open breakfast area at 7am and had coffee, juice, cornflakes and chicken–less nasi lemak (i.e. rice with just the fiery sambal sauce, nuts, fried anchovies and hard boiled eggs). It was an incredibly calm morning, and we just sat at a table on the edge of the beach, sipped our coffee and gazed out over the tranquil bay of Teluk Dalam one last time. The tide was out and the sun was rising. We boarded our small open boat at 8.30am (after waiting for the tide to rise) and then sped across the South China Sea towards Kuala Besut on mainland Malaysia. We arrived at 9am after a bumpy but enjoyable ride, ... read more
central market
central market
central market

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