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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 16th 2014

Sunday, 16th February 2014 Since I was in Jakarta over the weekend, I decided to join in the morning walk along Jalan Thamrin towards the direction of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Between 6-11am every Sunday, the main boulevard would be closed to all traffic save the exception of Trans Jakarta Buses which I happily hopped into one after my walk to bring me to the National Museum. It was 7am in the morning when I started out from my hotel and I was greeted by a huge crowd of enthusiastic joggers and cyclists on their weekly workout. The mood was quite jubilant. This was unlike the rest of the days where the roads were clogged with heavy traffic. Because of the road closure, I had the opportunity to get as close as possible to the Welcome ... read more
The National Museum of Indonesia
Works of the local people
A wonderful breakfast place

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor February 15th 2014

Saturday, 15th February 2014 My Perfect Saturday in Jakarta Happily, I hopped onto a commuter train from Gondangdia Train Station to the city of Bogor about 60km south of Jakarta. This was a sort of adventure for me given that train announcements were made only in Bahasa Indonesia and I was probably the only foreigner throughout the 90 minutes commute. But as a train lover, I always cherished those times on the trains during my overseas travels. It was fun even though the crowd was a bit overwhelming at times. In fact, on my journey back to Jakarta Kota Station, I had to stand throughout the whole journey. My legs were tired but this was probably the only chance for me to experience train travel within Greater Jakarta region. The train cars that plied their routes ... read more
The Grand Old Dame
What I had for lunch @ Cafe Batavia
Commuter Trains from Japan

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 14th 2014

Congested traffic might be one of the dampers. Yet in my opinion, the city boasts some of the most beautiful traffic roundabouts in Asia as I shared in one of my Facebook postings recently. These group of pictures were taken around the Welcome Monument in Central Jakarta during one of the Car-Free Sundays in February 2014. I liked that the main Jalan Thamrin thoroughfare (think Orchard Road in Singapore) is converted to a traffic-free boulevard much to the joy of cyclists and pedestrians. I'm happy to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep on a Sunday to join in the early morning walk from my hotel to the National Monument (Monas). Certainly, this was one of the rare treats in this crowded city. ... read more
Plaza Indonesia - the first high end shopping mall in Indonesia
Car-free Day on a Sunday with the exception of Transjakarta Busway
National Monument - Monas

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 14th 2014

Friday, 14th February 2014 For my trip to Jakarta, I took a 90 minutes flight from Singapore to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport located some 25km outside the CBD. Once at the airport, I decided to hail a Blue Bird Taxi outside the arrivals for my hour long commute to url= Ibis Arcadia in central Jakarta. The Blue Bird Group is by far regarded as one of the most reliable taxi companies in the city. I was pleasantly surprised to find my hotel located next to Bersih Sehat - a local massage chain providing good value treatment in a no-nonsense setting. As its Indonesian name suggests - "clean" and "sanitary". It's no wonder that Bersih Sehat is very popular among the local people. There was al... read more
Old Town Square, Jakarta Kota

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 12th 2014

In my last post I mentioned how a bunch of us went into Jakarta this past Saturday for a giant colorful water gun fight, in the rain! It was a fun afternoon and a great way to release aggression. I got some action shots from my friend's camera and thought I would share them with you. Photo Credit: LH... read more


Asia » Indonesia » Bali February 11th 2014

Greg’s feeling no better this morning and thankfully for me I sleep through his diarrhoea trips during the night, especially as our toilet has no door on it! I spend the afternoon chilling at the pool by myself, evening out the red patches, whilst Greg makes himself acquaintances with the porcelain bowl. I check on him a while layer and he's still not doing particularly well. I manage to convince him to go out to get something to eat to keep his energy up, but unfortunately the thought of eating most foods are making him feel pretty disgusting. One of the few things he feels he can stomach is pizza, so we head into a little trattoria across from our hotel. We look like those typical couples on holiday who have nothing left to say to ... read more
Reunited at last, the Asian contingent
rocking the pool look
Tut tut, naughty boy. oh wait, its not real

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 10th 2014

About a week after Christmas holidays had ended, we had a mid week day off due to a Muslim holiday. It was nice to have a short week as it helped us settle into our routines again. I ended up spending the whole day going from one spa treatment to another unintentionally. The day was kicked off with a facial, followed by a cream bath and ended with watching a movie at the premiere theatre where we watched The Life of Walter Mitty. I often head into Kemang on weekends. I go with two others to visit friends who work at another campus apart of our school. We sometimes go to coffee shops to work which makes for a great way to get work done. When it rains, it becomes cozier, making it a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali February 9th 2014

Woo-ooh we’re going to Ba-li. Whoo-ooh, back to the island When 4pm on sunday comes around I actually do a little dance around the classroom as we are finally finished work for two whole weeks! My students look at me like i'm even more weirder than usual as I skip out of the classroom singing 'holiday-ay'. We feel we've earned it and can't believe we've made it through our first term alive. We head home and do a quick turnaround before heading to catch our bus to Hong Kong where we're staying for the evening. Our original plan was to have a few beers on the bus journey there but we are so knackered that a coffee sounds much more appealing at the moment. Conveniently, they've just opened a new Starbucks right next to the hotel ... read more
View from our private bungalow
The pool
Chilling with a bintang

Asia » Indonesia » Bangka Belitung Islands » Belitung February 9th 2014

Please check out my primary blog: for more about day to day living in Indonesia Back in August 2013, I visited the Island of Belitung, off the East coast of Sumatra, just North of Java. It was here that I met a research specimen by the name of Benji. He was a member of an Endangered species called Tarsiers, a small monkey found in Asia. While the species is remarkable, I soon found out that there were things which set the Belitung subspecies (Tarsius bancanus saltator) apart from the rest. Tarsiers are the smallest species of monkey and are only found in Asia. They are nocturnal carnivores which typically prey on insects, bu... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Kepulauan Seribu February 8th 2014

One thing is certain, my line of work has some benefits: I get to travel to interesting places, and meet interesting people, all in a day's work. As you will see from the photos, most of my time was spent in meetings but people were keen to engage and get to know about Australian technology and innovation. After I (Greg) left the girls in Udaipur, I traveled to Delhi and its surrounds, Hyderabad and its surrounds, Jakarta (in Indonesia of course), and Pelalawan in Sumatra. A lot of this was facilitated by Austrade, but more importantly facilitated by a series of really optimistic committed, young(er) people. In Delhi I was met by Anirban and we visited a dairy institute as well as the Australian High ... read more
ICRISAT path to impact from field work
Agribusiness entrepreneurship group: ICRISAT
Talking about forage crops: ICRISAT

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