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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 10th 2013

In mid-October, Irish asked if I wanted to go with her and her colleague to a Mosque for a gathering of some kind; Ms Chan had been pretty vague on the details, but had insisted that Irish go with her, and Irish didn't want to go by herself, so I agreed that it would, at the very least, be interesting. It turned out that the place was a Sikh Temple, and it wasn't a 'thing', it was an ordinary service. The most embarrassing part was Ms Chan and her friends taking photos, posing and arranging themselves, getting in the way of everybody trying to worship and get on with her business. Ms Chan was also unable to put on a headscarf properly and ended up wearing it like a terrible bandanna that somehow managed to miss ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai September 6th 2013

My day in Hong Kong consisted of walking mostly. I started the day with no real aim but to wander the streets and do what I wanted to! Spolied I know. Breakfast started at a 7-eleven and a starbucks, purely because I spoke no cantonese and no one seemed to speak any mandarin. English however was widely accepted. I found myself at Shun Tak shopping mall on Victoria Harbour. Some really nice views of the Harbour there. I found myself getting on the MTR (subway) to Wan Chai where I found the Hong Kong Convention and exhibition center. Outside the convention center next to the water was a beautiful golden statue of a flower known as the Golden Bauhinia. This is the flower on the Hong Kong flag and holds a lot of meaning to Hong ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island September 5th 2013

I have just arrived in Hong Kong and thought I'd give my blog an update. Except for the 1hour delay taking off (due to late cargo loading) everything went smoothly. Had an entire row to myself on the plane, food was pretty good. Everything is so tightly packed in, I mean I expected it but wow! I remember having the same feeling when our school group drove from the Shanghai airport through the city to the host school! Long flight, but glad to be in a nice hotel, the Ibis is pretty good. I was very lucky to have chosen this hotel because it was one of the free shuttle bus transfers offered by the Airport express train. Time to head out and find some food!... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island September 2nd 2013

Well, that first bit was a bit stressful! Got to the airport in good time as my lovely boyfriend Jamie drove me. Even had time to have a crappy cheap meal with him before catching my flight. Then the trouble began! Went to drop my bags off as I had already checked in, the lady scanned my passport and looked a bit worried... cue me starting to stress. She asked if I had a visa for Oz, I showed her the scrap of paperwork that I had for it, but said that STA Travel had sorted it and it should be ok. She still looked worried and toddled off to find a friend. She came back and said that my date of birth was wrong on the visa, so effectively I didn't have one. She rang ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island August 23rd 2013

After our fever pitch excitement was destroyed by our flight cancellation, we managed a stressful negotiation to get on an early Qantas flight to Hong Kong. Harry got our averages up early with a high volume , high liquid spew just prior to our decent. We are one for one in the vomit per travel leg.... Waiting for the next flight to Heathrow.... Ben sickish, Isobel sore jaw, Tom Waterhouse would have us in the red.... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai July 30th 2013

Now what? Now where? In my world of finite resources and the fear of running out of them. Do I stretch them a bit further or embark on some future plans? that will make the Gobi seem like the proverbial cake walk. After all that’s what this has been about, transition and hopefully a little strength building for an uncertain future. Perhaps a little trip from Ulaan to Lake Baikal, just over the Mongolian border then on to find Solzhenitsyn’s Gulags, as I have been enjoying a certain discipline of the travel, taking photos and writing about it. Friday we came into Ulaan from the Festival, saw the Kiwi contingent off about 10pm that night and Hamish Sunday morning for China, so Monday morning I am looking for visa help from travel agent, only to find ... read more
Kids enjoying day out with the transport
Mares Milk Cafes

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen July 18th 2013

Hong Kong has almost become a second home to us, we know the city so well and visit so often, on our last visit, Neil had the idea of doing something different to what we normally do! Being the big kids we are, we decided to pay Ocean Park a visit. Not just an ordinary theme park, it opened in 1977 and has since grown to 35 attractions and rides – there is the amusement park part of Ocean Park as well as an oceanarium, marine mammal park and animal attractions, along with observatories, laboratories, education department and a whales and dolphins fund. Apparently, the park has won several awards, including the world’s 7th most popular amusement park and Forbes’ 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world! Getting There We really couldn’t have chosen a ... read more
'Old Hong Kong'
Repulse bay and harbour
'Old Hong Kong'

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 19th 2013

Hong Kong Summer is here. To many people, the idea of summer is all blue skies, fluffy clouds and of course, sunshine! Every year, however, I am reminded that a Hong Kong summer is not quite that! Hong Kong summer requires me to carry round a pair of sunglasses as well as an umbrella, all the time! At any moment, the weather can change, and if you are caught without an umbrella, it is often not even possible to just get a bit wet....because it's usually torrential! I have been here for almost six years, and I still made this mistake the other day! Walking around Causeway Bay in the busy Times Square, it started to sprinkle a bit so I thought, I'm fairly close to the shopping mall, I'll just walk a bit faster. No, ... read more
Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings
French cafe in Soho
My favourite tree!

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 18th 2013

Headed south to the ancient city of Dali, with its impressive gateways and towering central pagoda and took a day-hike up into the surrounding Cang Shan mountain range for views over Erhai lake in the valley below. Scrambled beyond the usual tourist trails up overgrown paths up to a rocky landslide before heading down via peaceful Zonghe temple and its fusion of Buddhist-Tao imagery. Returning to our guest house enjoyed a handy mandarin lesson from our tour-leader, followed by a yak-burger meal and a few beers soaking up the atmosphere at a street-side bar. Next was a fleeting visit to the nearby city of Kunming - chatted about chinese politics with a friendly retired engineer and watched a spectacular laser and fountain show at Green Lake Park, before flying out the next day from the giant, ... read more
Water feature
South Gate at night
Cliff path

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 12th 2013

So today is the Tuen Ng Festival which means Day off from work.... May post more pics later- I am going to head out in a bit to travel/ explore some of the small /side streets in the neighbourhood about a 20 min walk from here which is still more traditional Hong Kong. I am so excited for July ... One of my friends who I made in Hong Kong and I are going to head to Mynamar in Burma for 4 days ( 6/30 to 7/4) and see the temples, take the the culture and take a cooking class. We are also staying at a 5 Star hotel so we will check out the pool and spa too.. We are staying at the Govenor's Residence Hotel- here is the link so you can check it ... read more

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