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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 17th 2014

On a atterri à Hong Kong. Y'a le même décalage que pour la Chine, 6 h. On voulait partir en ville mais finalement, on a mangé des sushis à l'aéroport dans un resto super bon que Clément connaissait... Ensuite, arrivée à l'auberge Yesinn @ Causeway Bay. On est dans un dortoir de 9, et Trapouille dans un de 21 !! Les lits ne sont pas très grands mais ça va, on rentre tous ! À 9 dans une chambre quand les gens veulent prendre des douches c'est pas hyper rapide ... Pour monter à l'auberge avec les sacs c'était sportif, on est au 5ème étage mais les marches sont hautes ;p On est un peu fatigués. Il fait super chaud, ça promet pour demain ! Demain on essaie de faire les endroits à ne pas rater ... read more
Le super resto de sushis
Miam !!
Notre chambre à Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 15th 2014

The day dawned clear, relatively, so I was pleased to put The Peak back on my schedule. (Just for the record, the proper name is Victoria Peak, but everyone seems to call it The Peak.) on my way to the peak Tram, I stopped at the big bank buildings in the financial district. The HSBC building has two bronze lions out front and one of them still bears shrapnel wounds from WWII. (See photos) I wanted to go inside the Bank of China building because foreign visitors are allowed to ascend to the 43rd floor to the observation deck. I don't know why they don't want locals going up there, but a passport is required to get past the front desk. I didn't have mine with me and they wouldn't accept the color photocopy that I ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 14th 2014

Today I did a number of different things, only some of which were on my list when the day started. My first stop was the Hong Kong Zoo which is not far from my hotel and is free. There are not many animals and all of them are in wire mesh enclosures, but the animals were mostly active and looked well-cared for. I tried to take photos, but the wire mesh foiled the auto-focus. My next destination was to be the tram that runs to The Peak, the highest point on HK. But as I walked toward the terminal, I glanced upward and saw that The Peak was covered in fog and there would be no good views this morning. So I walked a short way to Hong Kong Park where the aviary was just opening ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Repulse Bay April 13th 2014

Ok, it's definitely my turn to pull my weight and write a blog post; Kaylee has been doing all of the heavy lifting. I know she just finished the entry about Hohhot (which was back in January/February) but I'm going to do the one about Hong Kong now because it's already been a month and we need to catch up! So, here goes: Background: Our trip to Hong Kong was only planned in January. Kaylee has told me for a while that she wanted to go but it just wasn't in our budget until our good friends the Powells told us we could stay with friends of theirs for a few days. See, March 13-15 was the Asia Area Women's conference and Jordan and Cindy Powell were going, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to ... read more
Repulse Bay
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
The Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 13th 2014

This morning I set out to explore a bit. The narrow streets are initially confusing, especially since many of them change names every couple of blocks. I walked through the heart of the financial district where the Bank of China and the HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank) both have their corporate towers. (see photo - that's them in the background and me in the foreground.) I walked down to the ferry pier, as I had last night, and crossed the harbor again. My goal was to stroll along the waterfront where the Walk of Stars is. Like Hollywood, USA, there are stars imbedded in the walkway with the names of film legends, but these are Hong Kong legends, so I didn't recognize most of them. However, I did see Jackie Chan (see photo) and Bruce ... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 12th 2014

I am pinching myself right now because I am finding it a little hard to believe that I am sitting in The Lobby Restaurant of the The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. (See photo) I just ordered a Tsing Tao beer - it was either that or a gin and tonic - and I will have dinner here in a little bit. The Peninsula is a grand old hotel built during the height of the British rule. There is a live four-piece band up on the mezzanine. There are several shops that open onto this large room and the names I can see are Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpel, and Prada. I just saw an Arab sheik walk past. Oh, my beer has arrived. (See photo) I'm sorry to say that Tsing Tao doesn't taste any ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island March 23rd 2014

Day two began at 9AM in the conference room with 2 presenters on air and trucking freight industry in Hong Kong. Two people came to speak to us from the Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong Council about building additional runways at the airport to sustain growth in this industry as airports in Guangdong and Shenzhen were their main competitors. Costs of transporting freight has risen due to the exceptional rising wages in Hong Kong. The next individual to speak was Frank Lavin, CEO of Export Now. I recommend you looking him up via Wikipedia and his CV will definitely stand out. His company transitions American products into China E-commerce and trade facilitation. I know. That was the last boring part about this blog. Our first company visit was Li & Fung, they source hard goods ... read more
The Famous Gong To Ring In The HKex
Trade Hall
Not The Wolf On Wall Street

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak March 22nd 2014

Today was the first day of school here in Hong Kong as I will be here for the next 7 days visiting companies, touring facilities, and trying not to eat everything in site. The day began at 9AM as all 45 students huddled into a conference room waiting to be debriefed of the day. We had 2 expats come and speak to us about Hong Kong history and opportunities, and it was strange. I had two NON-CHINESE people telling me how to live in Hong Kong and be able to "fit-in" this lifestyle. Its almost like asking Kim Kardashian how to be a model citizen. Or asking Dane Cook to be funny. Or Adele NOT to be whiny. Its just weird. Group meetings ended around 12PM and we headed to get Dim Sum. After Dim Sum, ... read more
Hong Kong Is Famous For Horse Racing
On The Way To The Peak
At The Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island March 6th 2014

I had an interesting experience recently... Hong Kong without words. This may seem an odd title for a blog and well, it is. But it's entirely true. I recently lost my voice and after treatment to fix it, I was forced to stay silent for a whole week. Not a word was spoken. So I was experiencing Hong Kong without words. I will be honest, it was a challenge but it was also thought provoking. I realised how I could communicate with my best friends and family, without needing words. I think you know that you are comfortable with someone when words are not necessary and there are no "awkward silences" because anyone who saw me during that week - all they got was silence! I had different methods of getting my needs/questions across - I ... read more
Look up, Look Down
The other side to Hong Kong
Ladder Street

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island February 25th 2014

HONG KONG 21st – 23rdFeb 2014 We were due to arrive at 10.30am but due to rough seas, we were running late and didn’t dock until about 14.00hrs at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, about 10kms from the City Centre. It’s a new cruise terminal (once was the old airport!) and we took the free Port shuttle bus at 15.00hrs to Telford Plaza – the nearest MTR (Metro) station! The idea was to catch the metro to Mong Kok and then pick up the Big Bus from there. (We had already bought a 48hr ticket online!) The metro is fairly easy and cheap to use, and after changing a HKD$500 note to get some obligatory coins for the metro, we got off at Mong Kok station, as we could see from the map that the Big Bus ... read more
At the Bird Market
Repulse Bay

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