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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak March 22nd 2014

Today was the first day of school here in Hong Kong as I will be here for the next 7 days visiting companies, touring facilities, and trying not to eat everything in site. The day began at 9AM as all 45 students huddled into a conference room waiting to be debriefed of the day. We had 2 expats come and speak to us about Hong Kong history and opportunities, and it was strange. I had two NON-CHINESE people telling me how to live in Hong Kong and be able to "fit-in" this lifestyle. Its almost like asking Kim Kardashian how to be a model citizen. Or asking Dane Cook to be funny. Or Adele NOT to be whiny. Its just weird. Group meetings ended around 12PM and we headed to get Dim Sum. After Dim Sum, ... read more
Hong Kong Is Famous For Horse Racing
On The Way To The Peak
At The Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island March 6th 2014

I had an interesting experience recently... Hong Kong without words. This may seem an odd title for a blog and well, it is. But it's entirely true. I recently lost my voice and after treatment to fix it, I was forced to stay silent for a whole week. Not a word was spoken. So I was experiencing Hong Kong without words. I will be honest, it was a challenge but it was also thought provoking. I realised how I could communicate with my best friends and family, without needing words. I think you know that you are comfortable with someone when words are not necessary and there are no "awkward silences" because anyone who saw me during that week - all they got was silence! I had different methods of getting my needs/questions across - I ... read more
Look up, Look Down
The other side to Hong Kong
Ladder Street

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island February 25th 2014

HONG KONG 21st – 23rdFeb 2014 We were due to arrive at 10.30am but due to rough seas, we were running late and didn’t dock until about 14.00hrs at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, about 10kms from the City Centre. It’s a new cruise terminal (once was the old airport!) and we took the free Port shuttle bus at 15.00hrs to Telford Plaza – the nearest MTR (Metro) station! The idea was to catch the metro to Mong Kok and then pick up the Big Bus from there. (We had already bought a 48hr ticket online!) The metro is fairly easy and cheap to use, and after changing a HKD$500 note to get some obligatory coins for the metro, we got off at Mong Kok station, as we could see from the map that the Big Bus ... read more
At the Bird Market
Repulse Bay

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai February 21st 2014

I had to take a layover in Hong Kong to get a good mileage trip on United from Hawaii to Bangkok, so I decided that I might as well make the most of it, and stretch out my layover as long as I could and explore that mysterious oriental-occidental mishmash. My flight got in at 22:30, which was 04:30 Hawaii time, so just equated to a bit of an early wake-up call. Well. . .that would be true under the assumption that I slept on my flights, but with a middle transfer in Guam, and my inability to sleep without lying down, I didn't catch many Zzz's. So I took in some coffee-fuel to keep the motor running. I stashed my stuff “left baggage” and headed to Wan Chai, one of the major nightlife areas. This ... read more
Hong Kong
A particularly alluring alley
US vs Canada

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak January 26th 2014

What a shot in the arm. Densely populated and more Western than what we have been used to so far. Peak Tram a must with great views over Hong Kong Island.... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 16th 2014

We travelled to Hong Kong today which took about 3 hours from Beijing. Hong Kong again is very high rise but not as clean as Beijing and Shanghai. Got a couple of days here to do some touristy things. Including going on the only double decker tram in the world and visiting the night market.... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 15th 2014

Hi guys I'm new to this so I'm hoping I'll get an answer ASAP coz I'm a wee stuck here. I'm in Hong Kong with my wife and it seems impossible to find a way to Hanoi (Vietnam), I read by others that you can catch a bus from Hong Kong to nanning and then to Hanoi. One question? Do I need a visa if I'm entering china but not spending time in china?... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 14th 2014

I got the bus from Tai Mei Tuk (the beautiful alpine-looking village where my hostel is) back into Tai Po Market train station. I ran the gauntlet of the Tai Po market stalls in order to get to the Hong Kong Railway museum which turned out to be closed (it opens every day but Tuesday.) Instead I decided to take a local bus from Tai Po market to Hung Ham Long? where there is a famous wishing tree. It was a recommendation from my guide book. I arrived to find a little market place with a local temple, lots of locals sitting around eating noodles and drinking China milk tea, and incense everywhere. I paid a lady 50 pence and she gave me a fancy scroll and a pen with which to write my wish. I ... read more
the Gods
our wishes
Hong Kong's usual prohibitions in public places

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 12th 2014

I met Elaine and her family for lunch today. They were eating Dim sum (Hong Kong's equivalent to Spanish tapas.) She met me at Wong Tai Sin station (it's near her house) and she took me to where her family were eating in a big hall with lots of round tables which could fit 7 people around them. Elaine was with her mum, two of her mum's friends and her dad, then her sister joined us later. They are a lovely family and although none of them apart from Elaine could speak English, her mum made me laugh a lot. Elaine interpreted between us as her mum was asking me lots of questions, like which year was · born and which is my Chinese animal, Apparently it is a tiger but I would really love to ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 8th 2014

I arrived at Chiang Mai airport at 4am and it was all closed up. The lady who owned the hostel drove me there out of kindness as there was no tuk tuk. My flight with Air Asia left at 6am. Air Asia turned out to be the Asian equivalent of Ryanair but luckily I slept for the whole two hours so no problem! My seat was comfortable. I got a very modern train from the airport into town which gave me a chance to get some amazing views of Hong Kong and Kowloon. I got a bus which drove me at top speed through the traffic which is pretty aggressive here and beep their car horns all the time. After spending a day here the only positive thing I have to say about this city is ... read more
hong kong dollars
street in Causeway Bay
the state tower

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