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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar July 8th 2014

KASHGAR DAY 3: TUESDAY 8.7.14 Have done very little today. Went for a walk in the Mosque area, quite interesting. Changed and patched a flat tube, put on new pedals purchased from a departing rider. My existing were clips in each side. Great for bitumen. Purchased clip in on one side, flat on the other, meaning I can clip out on loose surface and ride on the flat side. This will enable me to more easily use my foot if balance on loose surface is require. Don't know why I didn't think to bring my similar pedals from home-$10 so a bargain. We depart in the morning for a ride of about 120 Kms I think. Shouldn't be too bad if wind is kind! Well rested as I think others are. Hopefully Friday's sadness will keep ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar July 7th 2014

KASHGAR SUNDAY 6.7.14 Weather: fine, hot. Went with others to the famed Sunday animal market, really a livestock market, for the sale of sheep, goats and cattle. A dusty, busy market,bustling with animals, motorcycle utilities carting a few sheep or goats and trucks carting bulls. Have seen goats and sheep in paddocks but no cattle, so don't know from how far they have travelled. The land here doesn't grow grass, so they must either be hand fed or come from a distance. The sheep are quite tall and large and are of a different variety to any I have seen before. They have large protruding bums, like baboons, but are wool covered. Must be where they store fat for the hard days or weather. Pity my camera battery was flat!! The sheep / goats are trussed ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar July 5th 2014

KUQA to SALT CAMP. WEDNESDAY 2.7.14 Distance: 148 Kms SubT. 4,438. Kms Bal 7976 Kms Road Condition: GOOD , GREAT TAIL WIND Weather: hot by mid morning. 45C at camp Time in Saddle: 5.5 hrs Av Speed: av. 28 kph. Elevation: 200 m : Decent 50 M Calories burned : 5000 Left hotel at 7am. Had an excellent tail wind all day which made riding easier. At 11 am only had 12 Kms to go, however, TL was having a hard time finding a suitably discreet camping ground, to hide from police hassle. So we all sat at large garage for 2hrs drinking soft drinks waiting. Apparently the police are more demanding this trip than previously due to the restive nature of Xinjiang province. This is one of China's largest provinces. It would like to join ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar June 23rd 2014

Hey everybody! This is my first blog entry, so it is not perfect, photos will follow soon! I am right now still in Kashgar at the extreme west of China, and it seriously doesnt really feel like the good old China back in Nanjing. This is Central Asia in all but name. Turkish population, desert landscape, islamic prayer calls all over the day and dont even try to get your get your Gong Bao Chicken around here! But i am staying at this lovely Hostel just across the street from the main mosque, which offers an amazing rooftop perfectly fit for engaging in late night disussions about the capitalism, happiness and virtue...if you know me well, you will understand I find it hard to leave! The Road to Och in Kirgyztan will be a little bumpy, ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar September 16th 2013

Bishkek to Kashgar Writing this update in Kashgar in western China. We are in one of the most westerly of the Chinese Provinces – Xin Jiang. The population of the province is mostly Uighur (pronounced Wee ger). There are also a large Kyrgyz population who are located in the western part of the province and in Kashgar. There are also a fair number of Chinese who have been part of the Chinese “trans-migration” into the region. The Uighers and Kyrgyz tolerate the Chinese (Han) but resent their presence. The first leg of the trip to Kashgar from Bishkek was Bishkek to Tash Rabat. I’ll take up the story from Bishkek. Tuesday 10 September: Left Bishkek by bus after having met up with the rest of the group the night before. The makeup is two ... read more


Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 3rd 2013

I am still in Kashgar. I hope to cross into Kyrgyzstan on August 5. I will ride to Sary Tash and then head south to enter Tajikistan through the Pamir Highway. I haven’t met anyone who has done it or is planning on doing it this way. Chinese cyclists stay in China and foreign cyclists all seem to come from the West into China. I expect to be going uphill (up to 4000m again) for a couple of days. I know the view is going to be amazing with lots of 7000-meter high peaks but I expect to suffer physically with the heat and the sharp incline. I should probably also get ready for a bumpy road… Can it be worse that the beautiful but difficult 216 Dirt Road outside Urumuqi? I wanted to cross into ... read more
on the way to Karakul
Karakul Lake, Xinjiang
We're going up there!

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 3rd 2013

From Kashgar to Irkeshtam, at the border with Kyrgyzstan It’s been over 2 months since I last wrote about my on-going bike trip. I am now back in China for the October Holiday after visiting Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in August and September. It was hard to get on line in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan and then I was with my parents in Kyrgyzstan and wanted to take advantage of every minute with them so I didn’t spend much time on line (Sorry Becky!). Lots of things have happened since the end of July when I was in Kashgar. I am going to try to retrace my steps and share my impressions on 2 beautiful months across Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. On my last days in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, I spent a lot of time on the ... read more
sur la route
Le vieux Kashgar
Sur le toit de ma Guesthouse a Kashgar

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 1st 2013

J’ai beaucoup aimé la ville de Kashgar. J’ai passé la plupart de mon temps dans la vieille ville a coté de la grande mosquée, a déguster (en cachette car c’est le ramadan en ce moment) des pains a la viande de mouton, des pastèques et melons sucrés, et a observer les Ouighours dans leur train-train quotidien. Les hommes portent un petit chapeau carré, brodé, sur le haut de la tète. Les hommes plus âgés ont pour la plupart une longue barbe blanche et ils ont tous les yeux perçants. Les femmes portent des robes et foulards ultra colorés. A Kashgar en été, les jours sont très longs. Le soleil se lève vers 8h et se couche après 22h : longues journées pour faire le ramadan. On dirait que le vieux quartier a été plus ou moins ... read more
Kashgar old city
in the old city
in the old city

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 1st 2013

Here are some photos of the livestock market in the outskirts of Kashgar. It’s a famous market in the area and it attracts many shepherds, farmers, cooks and tourists. I spent a couple of hours wandering around from the area where they discuss the price of cows, to the next where Uyghur men check out the sheep’s ears, backs and buttholes… and then there is the donkey area… While the Uyghur were looking at the animals, I must admit I was people watching. As you can see I took more pictures of the people selling and buying livestock than of the animals. There is something fascinating about these men’s faces, the beards, the hats, the wrinkles and the body gestures. When I look at them, I realize how far I am from home. Funny how a ... read more
Uyghur man at the livestock market
good sheep?

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar July 12th 2013

Hi All Our first adventure up the southern silk road toady to a town called Yarkand, in Uyghur, ShaChe, in Chinese. Yarkand is on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert and we felt the full force of it's heat today, the sun was really strong. We had a wander around the old town and the graveyard while eating some samsa. Samsa are small mutton pasties baked in an oven. I imagine visiting here for a vegetarian would be a nightmare. Both times that we've ordered vegetable noodles or rice there has been mutton in it. Yarkand was on the end of a trade route that ran from British India, modern Pakistan, over the Karakoram Pass. It was an important oasis town on the southern silk road and today is known for it's tombs. There is a ... read more
Yarkand (13)
Yarkand (21)
Yarkand (4)

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