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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi September 24th 2012

Wuxi is the next City over from Changzhou and is a mere 40km away. It is pretty amazing to think that the bullet train can cover that distance in 12 minutes. The bullet train can reach a top speed of almost 400km an hour. And moreover the Chinese government is working on a new bullet train that can top 500km an hour. My boss, who is very much anti-government over here, told me that the main reason they are working on this isn’t actually for faster journeys; but to show off to the rest of the world. They are saying ‘look what we can do’. Like I said, Wuxi is extremely close to where I am now, but it has taken me a year to actually visit the city. The reason for this is just what ... read more
Big Buddha
Taihu Lake
More baby Buddhas

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi August 12th 2012

Photos on: …..the video is a result of playing with my new smart phone. The sound quality is not great but I hope the picture gives some impression of the amazing illuminated dome in the Buddha Palace at Lingshan, near Wuxi. Since the end of the last blog there have been 2 weeks of school summer camp, farewell gatherings, George's birthday, a visit to meet Miss Piggy's new love and being prevented from visiting our old mate Peter, now back in China, due to being stranded in Wuxi by typhoon Haikui. I'll probably take a short trip to Anhui province next week but, first things first..... …..well done Lisa. A teacher here a couple of years ago now living in Hong Kong she is the dean for one of the 2 Elementary School Summer Camps. ... read more
Jessica, Flower and daughter
Summer Camp class
George's Birthday

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi August 3rd 2012

Turkey sandwich, check. Cold beer, check. Blanket, check. Some good friends to bring along, check! Picnic in the old town gardens anyone? How have I lived here for over a year and never been to this part of town? I look up at this mountain every day on my way home from work and I'm just now going to check it out? It's amazing how far we're willing to travel to see something new and exhilarating, when we sometimes forget there's a plethora of adventure within a 5-mile radius of us. “Old town” is situated on the outskirts of dusty Wuxi, settled at the bottom of a tree-infested mountain. The gardens, ponds and streams are connected by old courtyards, circular entrance ways, and connecting quaint bridges. We eat our lunch in the garden by one of ... read more
Poker Faces
Pull-up bar

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 31st 2012

As I was walking home this evening I made a detour through a pedestrian square... 8:00 PM Red juicy flesh dripping from their jaws. The sidewalk stained and squishy. I step in some of the discarded pieces. Some sticks to my shoe. It doesn't phase me because the sweet plum scent fills my surrounding, as eveningers continue chewing and chipping away at their fleshy fruits. Tunes glide into my skull while my headphones buzz out the current choice made by my iPod's shuffle mode. Over my music, I can barely here the oriental song alive around me. Those who are not feasting on the ripened reds, gather and swirl about the square; Dozens. A local community appearing to dance in unison to both their own echoing music, and the sounds ringing in my ears. Each of ... read more
rushing reds

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi February 3rd 2012

New photos on: …..local trips only, as the second semester approaches &, after nearly a month of work everyone is wondering how they will cope with kids who have likewise had a month off school. Hence the title of this blog. It'll be all right on Monday, won't it?..... …..we were told that the hot water would be off for 10 days, 19th to the 29th of January. Some of us are back here for at least some of that time, but reasonable in that the school is otherwise almost deserted as the Chinese teachers are with their families wherever they are for the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. However when the hot water trucks arrive & are seen to pump water in but only, at the very best, barely lukewarm water... read more
Sunny's apartment
Sunny's apartment
Dinosaur Park, Changzhou


Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi October 30th 2011

I haven´t had time to edit these photos yet so there may be some randoms or repeats. Apologies.... read more
Abandoned Si P1000432
Abandoned Si P1000431
Abandoned Si P1000432

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi August 8th 2011

Day 28 I am definitely falling behind on my blogging. A consequence of being extremely busy. I spend a significant part of my day writing, so when I get home it isn't really at the top of my list. I'm particularly excited today, since in exactly one month I'll be heading to the airport to meet my husband! Disclaimer - I am not currently a parent, so I do not have any interest whatsoever in judging anyone's parenting style. This blog entry is merely about what I observed over the course of a day, and how it seems to differ from the way things would go at home. A few Saturday's ago, one of my colleagues arrived at work with his 3 year old daughter. My first thought was "oh, hello, I guess you are just ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 27th 2011

Day 17 Finally starting to settle into a groove here. I have fully recovered from the sickness that plagued me last week and I'm ready to really get down to business! On Sunday, the only day off, as there is a 6 day work-week here, I decided that my nightly trips to the convenience store around the corner were not going to provide me with enough nutritious food options so I ventured out to the local "western style" supermarket. Now, I was somewhat prepared, since I had frequented one of these stores in Shanghai several years ago, but this place was a ZOO. My first mistake was to grab a cart. There is absolutely no chance that anyone can navigate a shopping cart through this place as there were crowds of people in every aisle, at ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 24th 2011

Day 14 Customer visit didn't go great. They are un-impressed with our lack of progress (so am I). Spent my birthday in bed sick (happy birthday to me). Finally came out of my coma on Sunday and the apartment has no running water! It is what it is. Life in China.... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 17th 2011

Day 7 It's been a whirlwind of activity the last few days, but I have finally made it to Wuxi, which will be (mostly) my home for the next few months. Got into my apartment around 3:30 on Thursday afternoon, problem with the internet connection (i.e. NONE), so just packed up and headed to the office. GOT COMPLETELY LOST. Now, I've only been here once before, so I'm not that surprised that I didn't get it right the first time, but the worst part is that I walked COMPLETELY in a circle. By the time I realized that I had used the wrong "modern skyscraper" as my beacon, I was staring at my apartment tower again. Yeesh. Just what one needs when it is muggy and hot out is to walk 20 minutes in the wrong ... read more
A Garden view
Hoops anyone
Mad Construction!

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