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Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 15th 2012

Hi All, Brought tears to my eyes today. What can you say? Mankinds cruelty knows no bounds. The horrors of what the Japanese did in World War II are on full display here. The museum is very informative and interesting, how much do you know about the Japanese invasion of China, but it does seem to harbour a little resentment and doesn't really give out a message of forgiveness. The disgusting war crimes commited by the Japanese shouldn't be forgotten but at the same time they should be forgiven. Most of the personnel that worked here, I use that term loosely, escaped trial because of the USA's thirst for knowledge on biological and chemical weapons. if any of you are unsure as to what happened here follow the link Enjoy the photos and Jah bless ... read more
Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base 731 (3)
Sentry Box

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 11th 2012

Hi All, Today we got up a little bit late so we decided to have a look around the city this morning and then in the afternoon we went on to the ice festival. I have never felt cold like it is here. I'm putting on half of my wardrobe to go out and I'm still cold. Daniela is putting on so much that she's finding it difficult to walk!! We went to the St Sophia cathedral first, well it's no longer a church but has a collection of old photos inside which to be honest weren't that interesting as it was all in Chinese but the building is spectacular but rather run down inside. I don't know if it was ransacked by the communists. There isn't a lot of info as to what happened after ... read more

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 11th 2012

Hi All, Another Chinese city and another zoo. It was a bit more of a safari park than a zoo really. Boy are those cats big. One even attacked the minibus we was in. It was good to see these animals but again the ones that were in the cages didn't seem to have that much room. It was extremely cold again today and I gave up wanting to walk around because I lost the feelings in my feet. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Siberian Tiger Park (85)
Siberian Tiger Park (96)
Siberian Tiger Park (97)

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 10th 2012

Hi All, It's been a long while. So the holidays have begun. We've had a few hiccups, train tickets are so hard to come by at the minute so we're having to fly more than I wanted to, but we've finally made up to Haerbin. The trip up here was fairly uneventful. We had an afternoon to kill in Beijing so we went and had some Peking duck, which we didn't have the last time we were there, which was delicious. On arriving in Haerbin nothing really prepares you for how cold it is here. While waiting for a taxi outside the station I realised how cold it was because my beard froze!! We chilled out the first day because we couldn't get sleeper train tickets and had to get seats, it was a bullet train ... read more
haerbin 9-01-12 (3)
haerbin 9-01-12 (4)
haerbin 9-01-12 (5)

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 8th 2012

I made an impulse decision and made a weekend trip to Harbin right after our weekend trip to Beijing! I will only be in China for one year and I know that every holiday I plan for the rest of my life will likely be somewhere HOT, so I figured I should check Harbin off my list now. It was a VERY quick turnaround but well worth it! Harbin is a city that is in the very, very far north of China and is close the border with Russia. It gets VERY cold. Every year, for the last 13 years, it has hosted a huge Ice Festival and is now world famous for it. We took the train up Friday after school. Hard sleepers in China are very different from soft sleepers. In a soft sleeper ... read more
Church of St. Sophia


Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 4th 2012

04-01-2012 Today is what ended up as an eating day. With other words we didn't manage to really do much more exciting things but eat every 2 hours or so. This was mainly due to the fact we were taking a long time to do simple things. It's excrutiaingly hard to find an internet cafe in Harbin. We were first walking circles trying to find one which was non-existent but present on the crappy Lonely Planet map, then we decided to ask at the tourist information centre if they could show us one. The girls at the main desk talked back and forth to each other trying to figure out where there was internet, then finally after about 5 minutes and a conversation with the doorman, came up with an address. After another search and questioning ... read more

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin January 1st 2012

01-01-2012 This is our last kind of day in India. Generally we aren't counting it as a day as such as we have the stress and hassle of getting to the airport, lugging our 35 kilos of baggage around and basically have no plans to do anything exciting. We were lucky enough to drop the bags at the tourist centre whilst we plodded about Connaught Place to bide the time we had left. The flight was in the evening so everything was pretty much relaxed. We just managed to squeeze on the metro in the afternoon so were not looking forward to a repeat trying to get to the airport link later in the evening. Luckily we got a cab drop to the airport metro link as a final gesture from the tourist office. The China ... read more

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 29th 2011

We have had a chilly time over the past day or so, but have definitely had a fantastic trip. Last night, we set out from the hotel at 5.30pm, all warmly kitted out with everything we could possibly wear....we were headed for the Ice and Snow World where the big exhibition of snow and ice sculptures is - this is the big one. And we were not disappointed, as it was absolutely amazing and everyone had a great time. Snow was all around us and Sophie and William just loved skidding on the snow and making snow angels. They have been so disappointed not to have a snowball fight, but the other excitement last night pretty much made up for it I think. It has amazed us all that there is no actual snow around (except ... read more
At the entrance to Snow and Ice World
Amazing ice sculptures
William the snow angel

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 28th 2011

It has been an animal-packed few days! As promised yesterday, we saw sea lions, beluga whales and much much more at Polarland! The fun bits came, however, in the Chinese-ness of the visitors. We went to watch the sea lion show but it was absolutely packed with Chinese school children! The show was clever, although a little noisy in true Chinese style. After the show, we had a look around the place and saw allsorts of other winter animals, including arctic foxes, polar bears and sharks! It was a little on the small side but lovely to see nonetheless. We had a quiet evening in the hotel with a big darts match between the boys in the family! This morning, we had hoped to wake up to a snowy world - the one thing that has ... read more
Polar bear dinner?!
And sharks!
In the mouth of the tiger

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin » My house December 27th 2011

This Christmas holiday, we decided we would do a bit of exploring within China as the Chinese don't have holidays so it is much more comfortable to tour around. Seeing as Ian only has a short Christmas holiday, we are away for 5 days - we have ventured 3 hours by plane, north of Shanghai, to Harbin in Heilongjiang Province. Harbin is very near the Russian border and is world famous for the Snow and Ice Festival held every year in January and February. Fortunately, we have been lucky in in that the festival opened in the past few days and construction is well under way of many of the ice sculptures - and quite a few are finished! After a quiet Christmas day at home, we set off yesterday morning and arrived here late afternoon. ... read more
Christmas dinner
Everybody ready for dinner!
Matching girls!

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