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Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville July 12th 2012

So what to do with a month of travelling solo? I was torn. Go back to malaysia for some good food and non-western experience (too far), fly to japan to meet up with another friend (too expensive), work in vang vieng with jepps (too much cheap alcohol), extend my thai visa (too long an extension). I went back to my favourite country in asia, cambodia. The first time around we went through quite quickly and only did 3 places due to time constraints. This time I had 3 weeks to visit the other sites and chill out a little bit. First was Siem Riep, where I met 3 English boys for a few days of exploring and drinking. Second was a place we missed the first time, Battenbang. A long 6 hour slow boat up the ... read more
Bat Cave
Ko Rong

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville July 9th 2012

Immediately after arriving at Sihanoukville, the bus i was travelling on was bombarded by the usual mix of taxi drivers and hotel touts. I took a motorbike taxi to the nearby monkey republic hostel, the cost was low and the distance matched the price. The hostel was packed with travellers from around the world, one thing that i immediately noticed in Sihanoukville, which was different from many other of the surrounding areas was that many tourists had taken jobs at hostels and bars. These positions were typically occupied by locals, but on a short walk to the beach you could see a variety of jobs advertised in restaurant windows, in addition many of the bars and restaurants were owned by Westerners. This in turn meant that the standard of food quality was equally high to any ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville June 16th 2012

Again huge apologies for being extremely late on the blogging. Funnily enough I am back in Siem Riep, the location of my last blog. I have however travelled the rest of Cambodian, Vietnam, Laos and South Thailand since then. So once again I'll split it up, seems best to do it by country so this covers the rest of Cambodia. Enjoy! As a result of meeting 3 new travel companions in Siem Riep, we decided to extend our cambodia visit to include sihanoukville, a beautiful beach town on the south coast. It was very backpacker party orientated with an extremely cheap night out, as a result quite a few buckets were consumed here! One of the bars did a booze cruise where they take you out for a little bit of snorkelling and a little bit ... read more
Beach Road Hotel
Snorkelling crew

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville June 8th 2012

Ya hace un poco más de 10 días que estoy en Camboya; luego de pasar la frontera en barco (era más bien una canoa grande) nos esperaba una minivan en donde nos amontonaron como pudieron a los que íbamos en el barco y ahí seguimos hasta Phnom Penh, la capital; llegué por la tarde y me fui caminando a comprarme mi ipod y a buscar un odontólogo para hacerme una limpieza dental (ya era hora, desde que salí de Venezuela, hace casi 2 años, no he visto uno); todo estaba cerca, el hotel quedaba a una cuadra de la avenida comercial/empresarial moderna de la ciudad, así que era una zona muy limpia y bonita. Al día siguiente me fui a medio día a Sihanoukville, la zona de playas más famosa de Camboya, especialmente entre los mochileros ... read more
una playa perfecta
la vista desde el balcón de mi posada
mi casa por una semana, pequeña pero perfecta

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville May 9th 2012

Vanaf Siem Reap zijn we naar Sihanoukville gegaan, dit ligt aan de kust van Cambodia. Het was weer hoog tijd om het strand te zien! Jaja het leven van een reiziger is zwaar. De eerste twee dagen gelegen aan het strand en nog een keer naar de sportschool geweest. Ook een brommer gehuurd om medicijnen te regelen voor mijn keel want die was ondertussen ontstoken. We wilden graag duiken dus zijn 's avonds naar een duikshop gegaan, we kregen een goede deal omdat we konden verblijven op het eiland dichtbij de duikspot, eiland genoemd Koh Rong. Dus de volgende dag de boot naar Koh Rong, de boottocht duurde twee uur maar dat lag niet aan de afstand maar meer aan de technische staat en snelheid van de boot! Heerlijk gevoel dat je niet weet wat de ... read more


Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville May 6th 2012

Well its day 5 and im nearly half way through already and that dawned on me today, I already dont want to leave just yet ! I beat the alarm clock this morning ( took it easy on the cocktails last night ) and got up to see if I could get some nice shots of the beach at sunrise. Only problem was it was overcast so that pretty much shat on that idea. As I was up i decided to take a quick walk along it anyway and then returned for some brekkie. Pancakes and fresh fruit sounded perfect and it was followed up with another Cambodian coffee. I had asked about the boat tours to the islands and was told they are all day tours which wouldnt have given me any time to look ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville May 5th 2012

So its Day 4 and I now dont know what Day of the week it is or even what the date is Im just blissfully lost in Cambodia ! Not such an early rise this morning, I met up with Dad and Thida for coffee and breakfast ( Cambodian coffee is delicious by the way ) and talked about my plans while in PP. We then walked to the bus station were Thida got me a coach ticket to Sihanouk and at the khmer price not tourist price haha 5 bucks thats just over 3 quid :O) later and I am on yet another coach for another cross country ride. ( I also bought 40 fags and 4 cold drinks and that cost less than 3 quid and we pay how much back home !!) Now ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville April 24th 2012

With a few remaining days in Phnom Penh before our flight home, we made an impromptu decision to visit Sihanoukville in Cambodia's south. We booked a bus trip from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, arriving to enjoy two full days. As many people can vouch for, last minute plans can often be the most enjoyable as we hold no prior expectations. And, in true form, I was pleasantly surprised. This quiet gem offered a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh. As we sat on the beach chairs, beautiful lobsters arrived on platters and were offered for a small price. We sipped away at our cold drinks as we relaxed on the beach listening to the sound of the waves. Many people came and attempted to sell their jewellery, or beauty services. We kindly said, ... read more
Island tour
Sunset at Sihanoukville

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville April 19th 2012

Since we last updated you things have been going really well. Our language skills are improving - but not fast enough for our liking :) Happy Birthday to the Airies Lyn Rand, Fiona, Rob Clarke, Nathan Bartlett, Nigel Moore, Maxine Osgood, and Happy 25th Birthday to Lolly! Every week Kari goes to the market & she sits on a plastic chair and gets her hair dry shampood with a 20 minute head massage with a neck massage and followed by washing the hair out for another 10 minutes in the sink. This leaves her hair clean for 4 days compared to when she wahes it herself it is dirty that afternoon. We watched a movie at the cinema called Lost loves which we hope raises the profile of the Genocide in Cambodia, for those of you ... read more
Ream national park
Ream national park

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville April 16th 2012

So, since arriving in Sihanoukville we have done mostly drinking and boat tours. We're staying in an Aussie guesthouse, the guys that run it are really nice and make sure were looked after! There are a lot of Western people staying there, mainly Irish, Scottish and Australian. Sounds like a bad joke! It has been lots of fun. We have been on a booze cruise and yesterday we went on a boat tour, snorkeling, forest trek and enjoying the protected beach. For part of the trek we had to go through a river, more of a swamp really. Apparently the water would only be waist height so we would be fine if we held our bags above our head. Im a short arse, so, the water came up to my neck in the shallow parts and ... read more

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