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Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 6th 2012

Obnoxious American alert! So on the minibus ride from Kampot to Sihanoukville, I had an interesting encounter with a rather arrogant American dude. Well, not quite dude, he was more the old, cranky, retired kind, with long, shaggy hair, moustache, and ripped clothes and shorts spending his remaining years in Cambodia-type. Anyway, as my minibus went around Kampot picking up passengers from their respective guesthouses, we came across this guy. First of all, he took a pretty long time gathering his things and settling his bill with the guesthouse etc. You'd have thought one would have paid up and gotten ready if he were waiting for a bus. And by the time he finally approached the minibus, and when the driver ushered him to the seats in the rear along with all the other passengers, he ... read more
Phsar Ream
Moonlight Rock
Otres Beach

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 4th 2012

Day 1 The driver picked us up in his trusty Camry and ferried as away from the lovely seaside village of Kep. We had a quick stop in Kampot for an ATM and had just enough time there to admire its crumbling facades. It sure looks tired and hot. After three hours of winding our way around the usual obstacles on the road (one chicken played his last game and an elephant was a new entrant) our driver stopped in front of 'Utopia' and proclaimed, "We are here!" Well, Cambodia is pretty cool but this wasn't where we were supposed to be dropped off. Our accents have been misunderstood everywhere on our travels, but this misinterpretation is the best so far. Dean had originally told him, "Royal Pier". Realising his error, the driver pronounced it with ... read more
The political spectrum
View from the bungalow
$20 a night

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 24th 2012

"Snakville? Sihoonville? Si – hou – nak -ville...? Eeeeey 'ow you say it again bonita???" Never has a place been visited by so many ...whose name could be pronouced by so few. I leave Phnom Penh at 8am in the morning and arrive four hours late into the dusty bus station just outside of the main sprawl of Cambodia's “premier” beach resort down in the South of the country - Sihanoukville. Martin, Juan and Amparo (the Spanish girl I met on the bus ride from hell) are all staying in the centre of town at the optimistically entitled hostel “Utopia.” If your idea of spiritual nirvana is a bunch of ruddy faced 18 year olds swigging from whisky buckets surrounding a tiny neon lit pool to the obligatory thump of Gangam Style... then perhaps... “They say ... read more
Fresh squid bbq'd on the beach
Bamboo Island
Fresh coconut

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 22nd 2012

Monday 12th November So we woke early for a our pick up for 7.30 am, stood outside waiting for our lift, all the local kids were going off to school on the back of the mopeds, older ladies outside the guehothouse on the paths cooking for their family breakfast, bananas being loaded off the vans for the market. Everyone is up so early say round 5ish, so nice to just stand and watch :) Got in an 8 seater which took us to the bus station. Off we went, bad traffic, Monday morning traffic again. Decent coach this time, aircon worked....Lovely :) our journey is suppose to take 4 hours so we shall see, normally have to add a couple of hours onto that. Driving down to the coast it gets a lot more remote, loads ... read more
First day in Sihanoukville
Going for it on Dom's toe nails haha
Pizzaaaa :)

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 9th 2012

Day 53 After arriving in Sihanoukville fairly late last night and, following an uncomfortable sleep in bunk beds in a very hot hostel, we decided to move to a beach side bungalow called The Cove. The wooden shacks were basic but perched right on the sea front with a fantastic view over Serendipity Beach (a popular backpacker area in Sihanoukville). The sun was shining and the beach was gorgeous but there were A LOT of people selling things and pestering you for massages and manicures, which got a bit frustrating. Nonetheless we enjoyed the day on the beach with a few beers and some barbecued fresh langestine during the day, before heading back to the bungalow to freshen up. In the evening Serendipity Beach was very lively and was lined with bars spilling out onto the ... read more
Serendipity Beach
Fishy treats on the beach!
View from our bungalow at The Cove


Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 4th 2012

It was a very busy weekend with packing and some things that I still wanted to do in Phnom Penh. But finally on Sunday morning we went with the bus to Sihanoukville. We were five who went to the island, we had a nice time in the bus. But then the bus broke down. Luckily we were right next to a garage. The guy there said he could fix it, but the bus company didn't want to pay him, so he didn't fix it. So we waited next to the bus, the driver was trying to fix it himself. Suddenly there was a loud explosion and there was a lot of black smoke, so everybody moved away from the bus. It was then that I heard some tyroleans speaking next to me. It was a couple ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville October 16th 2012

This morning I took a 4hr bus ride to Sihanoukville and then a 30 minute tuk tuk ride out of the centre to Otres Beach. A strip of white sand beach with clear warm water and checked into a dorm at Mushroom Point. For around £3 per nt I've a circular bed in a straw 'mushroom' right on the beach front! It's so laid back here. There are hammocks to chill in whilst reading a book or listening to music or of course there's the beach to watch the sun rise/set. I'm only here for the 2 nts and then I'm moving on to Kampot a few hours east of here. For the next day though I'm just going to chill out! This evening we lounged on the hammocks watching 'good morning Vietnam' odd as we're ... read more
Otres Beach
7 bed dorm at Mushroom Point

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville October 15th 2012

Seems I have quite the interesting story to tell about my hotel experience here, but actually think I will wait until I get home since this is such a public forum. Kind of caught me off guard! Spent my extra day in Sihanoukville taking a boat trip out snorkeling, then to a private beach on this beautiful island, which I understand is some kind of protected rainforest area or something. It was the typical party boat type of thing, which while I enjoyed the trip, I left the drinking games to the younger folks – lol. There were 4 sailors from the US ships docked at the port and talked to them a minute, they heard my son is in the Navy. The swimming was great, the water was perfectly warm and crystal clear. I thought ... read more
Beer Games
On the trip back
Small Fishing Boar

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville October 13th 2012

Sometimes you find that special spot, time to just put the camera down, and say it’s all about ME! The last 2 days have been about laying around the pool reading, going to the beach, an afternoon nap. The first week of my trip has been go here and go there, and it was time to slow down, and I needed a day to recoup from the bus trip. I had read mixed reviews on Sihanoukville, and the beaches, but I always try to keep an open mind and form my own opinion. Well, as far as I am concerned the beaches are just beautiful. The high season runs November to March, so I realize I am in the slow season, case in point, I am the only person in my hotel for 2 days now. ... read more
Independence Beach
Monkeys on the Road
Otres Beach

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville October 11th 2012

To say that yesterday was one of the longest days in a while is an understatement. What I was told was to expect a 7-8 hour bus ride ended up being 13 1/2hours of pure agony. I left the hotel at 6:45 and was dropped off by Mr. David at the bus station, which was more like an intersection with a covered sitting area and this big sign telling the time each bus left for different destinations. The ticket had an assigned seat which was strictly adheared to. When the bus left it was only about 2/3 full but after a couple of stops, it was packed. The last stop was about 30 minutes outside of town and this young couple with a small baby was there with about 30 friends or relatives and they loaded ... read more
Another snack you can buy
Phnom Penh bus dept
Moto bike carrying about 12 chickens tien to the handle bars

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