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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot May 31st 2010

A beautiful morning in Kampot. We are still waking around four am-still adjusting. We went to the local market this morning to buy some swimming trunks for Steven. The girls were laughing at trying to find some shorts big enough! But alas, we found a pretty pair of purple ones with hibiscus flowers-Steven is sure to be the center of attention! I tried to buy a dress but couldn't find anything in my size so I guess it isn't all that funny. Steven kept hitting his head in the market-not exactly built for a man his size. We were the only non-Khmers there and we really stood out. We will be going back tomorrow for some supplies. We have decided to rent a motor bike for the week. That way Steven can take me to school ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot May 30th 2010

We have landed in Kampot. Beautiful, sleepy town. Have a lovely room at the Mea Culpa. Waiting for our green curry, shrimp rolls, and fried squid (that would be Steven's choice) at a restaurant. Checking in with the school tomorrow. Have to go eat! Suzie and Steven... read more
Gunslinger at Utopia in Kampot, Cambodia

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot May 21st 2010

Ok so now we have taken a bus to Kampot. Its about a 4-5 hour trip from Phnom Penh and is what I would probably call the Margaret River of Cambodia. It's a lot more laid back and with a helluva lot less traffic. We stayed at the Rikitikitavi Guesthouse and have had the best time so far. This place is perfect. It must be good because every conversation Maureen talks about is of returning here or possible business ventures for the right people and also saying that she could happily live here!. The guesthouse is right on the river and the rooms are clean and comfortable ($40 per night in the off season). The food is out of this world and the staff are its best asset. The owners are ex pats ( We met ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 20th 2010

We rent a moto and off we go to explore the local area. We start off at the local market but do not last very long as it is indoors and very claustrophic and hot. So we set off for a wonderful drive through the countryside and along the river. As usual, we have lots of friendly locals waving at us and shouting out. We want to see a performance at a local music school for children (strongly recommended by Yuka) but when we get there, we are told the children are performing outside the school this evening. So we play some pool at the guesthouse and then splash out on a nice meal at a lovely restaurant on the riverside. We’re pretty tired so when we get back we spend the evening in the bar ... read more
At the market
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 20th 2010

We noticed the continental breakfast on the menu at the restaurant yesterday so we’re back to sample it ... After a great breakfast we chat to people at the guesthouse. The local coconut ice-cream man comes on his daily round and it would be rude not to try it - just as I thought: delicious! After that, we're back on the bike and off in the opposite direction to yesterday. We end up driving through a lovely village, with lots of friendly people and we meet one little girl who seems to think I look totally hilarious. She is giggling and chattering away in Khmer, pointing at my sunglasses, helmet and shorts. The older girl with her tries to restrain her but the little one is not having any of it. Rik gets the camera out ... read more
At the village
At the village.  These girls, especially the little one who was in hysterics, obviously thought I looked hilarious!
Photo 44


Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 20th 2010

We wake up late and return for another dose of that delicious ‘breakfast’ at 2. There isn't much time left by the time we've eaten so there’s no option but to do more exploring on the bike! It was raining during the night and as we go through a wet patch, the bike falls over (luckily we were going slowly so no injuries). There are a couple of young girls who stare at us as they sail through the wet patch on their bike. The shame! Anyway, it’s another fun day of random biking and seeing where we end up. We are back at the music school in the evening but the children are not around again, as they are peforming elsewhere (Yuka must have been particularly lucky). We go to our usual bar for drinks ... read more
At the river
Photo 3
Photo 5

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 19th 2010

We are leaving the island today. I get up later than intended and have breakfast on the beach and chill with Yuka. He unfortunately has fever and the walk yesterday probably hasn’t helped. Rik joins us and we spend the whole morning chatting. I was intending to climb the hill on the island but it is already 12 and probably not such a good idea in the heat. One of the families on the island has brought a couple of dogs with them. One of them is crazy about this battered ball that it carries everywhere and is always on the lookout for someone to play with. Today, it finds a willing victim in Rik and keeps placing the ball in front of him (adjusting it to exactly the same spot each time), waits for him ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 2
This cute dog was seriously attached to its ball!

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot April 17th 2010

Had baguettes for brekkie, they seem to be some kind of delicacy here especially with laughing cow cheese spread! The bus station was manic and hot and the toilets were minging. Bus was ok and the air con worked which is a necessity here at the min. Read a bit on bus. Saw lots of cows, chickens, wooden shops and houses on stilts, rubbish, motorbikes, green fields, abandoned buildings, women in pj's.... At stop we had some corn on the cob which was delicious and went to the toilet in what seemed to be showers?! Started to rain part of the way there and we noticed that lots of the fields and muddy streets were flooded. We were chuffed when we got off the bus as we hadn't booked into a GH but had one in ... read more
view 2
view 3

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot March 29th 2010

By Monday morning I was way past being ready for a shower and so I made my way from Rabbit Island, back through Kep and onto Kampot. I had to pay a hefty tuk-tuk fee of $7 for the 24km journey as circumstances prevented me catching my bus. No big deal because hey, what would $7 get you in Perth? Not much. I enjoyed zipping through the country side with the wind in my hair and smiley locals waving and shouting greetings along the way. I had a scary moment when my tuk-tuk driver pulled the bike to a stop in the middle of nowhere, only to produce a yellow plastic bag filled with peanuts. Much to my surprise he had stopped especially to provide me with a complimentary snack for the journey. You can imagine ... read more
Tree Diving
Catholic Church
Looking at the view

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot March 5th 2010

We left Sihanoukville a little reluctantly and with a promise to meet up with Birgit and Lukas in Vietnam. Then headed for Kampot, having heard about it's famous pepper and intending to take a look at Kep, a nearby coastal old French town as well. Having not booked ahead a place to stay (tsk tsk, we should have learnt our lesson in KL), we inquired at the first place we found, 'Mea Culpa', which was pricey but had a room free, so we settled on it. The up side to Mea Culpa being a wood fired oven that did great pizzas! Kampot is a very relaxed fishing village that has somehow attracted quite a legion of expats, or 'Pot pats'. One of which produces a rather zany (there's no other word for it) publication called 'Kampot ... read more
Bakery treats!

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