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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot February 2nd 2011

Lasse and I spent a few days on an island called Koh Thmei. we found this place after doing some digging around for a place that was not one of the usual island destinations. this place is part of reim national park on the south coast of cambodia. we had to arrange a boat to take us from a small fishing village where people live out on stilts on the water and make a life fishing out in the ocean. we were taken out in a long flat boat with a small engine from the coast out into the ocean and the ride got very interesting as we got out into the open water and the waves got BIG. basically we found ourselves at the front of the boat hanging on with our gear tied by ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 8th 2011

Introduction: As with many travelers embarking on a tour of South East Asia my disembarkation point was Bangkok. A hedy mix of strong cultural identity, scam artists and sleaze. If you keep your wits about you then you will have one of the most long lasting experiences on your travels, if not you will find yourself falling foul of a few annoyances. Date Visited: 27th - 2nd February 2010 2nd - 6th March 2010 14th - 17th July 2010 Accomodation: Most of the new travelers that arrive in Bangkok book accommodation in advance to ensure they have a room upon arrival to this far away new land. This in completely not necessary for all the times i have gone to Bangkok. When people do arrive at all times of the day or night, tired and jet ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 8th 2010

Dear reader zurueck mit neuem aus Kambotscha...heiss feucht und viele kilometer auf dem motorrad... so lassen sich die letzten tage beschreiben... kurz die zahlen 31 grad 80 prozent luftfeuchtigkeit ...Phnom penh bis kep 160 km (erster tag) kep bis kam pot (zweiter tag). 1. Tag Wie oben erwaehnt sind wir reeeeeeeeeeeelativ weit gefahren und haben nur zwei laengere stops gemacht..einmal bei einem hindu tempel, der mir persoenlich zu viele treppen hatte und einaml bei einem in einen berg/hoehle eingelassenen buddistischen tempel. Das Speziele beim zweiten war, dass kinder die fuehrungen leiteten. 2. oh Zooh definitiv ein wenig anderst als der Zueri Zooh in kambotscha not so nice aber ist halt asien und dan relativ zuegig ins hotel in die riesen metropole kom pot der wahnsins auswahl von etwa 3 restaurant... Die bilder sind hoffentlich ein ... read more
I think I lost some weight
dead buddah
weight watcher cow

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 26th 2010

We boarded the public bus at 7:30 am bound for Phnom Penh. The ride was fairly uneventful and I slept most of the way. There wasn't even crazy karaoke. We arrived in Phnom Penh at around 11, so we went to Romdeng for lunch. It's an NGO organization that helps with vocational training. The restaurant we went to specializes in Cambodian food and teaches young staff how to work in the restaurant business. The food was delicious. Trev bought a cookbook from them, it's called "From Spiders to Water Lilies". We don't think we'll be able to prepare fried spider treats for you at home though, unless we buy tarantulas at the pet store... We did a little more wandering around Phnom Penh then met our group back at the bus station at 1:15 to catch ... read more
Court with some little kids
Little kids being crazy
Blue swimmer crab so tasty

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 23rd 2010

23rd Sept: Up early, got showered, dressed and packed up. Had breakfast and then was picked up by the mimibus to go to Kampot. It was more like a van and a bit uncomfortable, but it was quick and I was dropped off at a random guesthouse at 10 am. Had a look at the guesthouse, not bad a little grubby but fine. Plus I couldn't be bothered to cart my backpack off and look for somewhere else. Had a nice ice coffee and then decided to head out and have a look around Kampot. Kampot was ok, there wasn't really anything to see or do in the town, so I just exchanged my book at a bookshop and took a wander along the river. It was really pretty along there and there was loads of ... read more
Rabbit Island
Rabbit Island
Bokor Hill Station Hotel


Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot August 28th 2010

Well after almost a month its time to say goodbye to Cambodia. I have definitely enjoyed my stay. After finally leaving Siem Reap I headed to Phnom Penh for a couple of days. I did my duty and voted in the Federal Election (not sure what good it has done) and FINALLY secured the refund from Bangkok Airways for my Singapore-Samui flight. I have to say it was nice to see my credit card balance back at a big fat ZERO! Phnom Penh is a fairly big city and coming from Siem Reap it was a hard to get used to having to pay a tuk tuk to get anywhere but for what it is I enjoyed it. I visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and then headed out to the Killing Fields. These were both ... read more
Monks off to the Temple
The Killing Fields
At Royal Palace in PP

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot July 4th 2010

Chris's Section We enjoyed our stay in Kratie. It's a very chilled-out place. We particularly enjoyed cycling on the island across from Kratie. It was so beautiful over there and the people so friendly. Many families on the island live in small huts, with no electricity or real facilities. These are poor farming families, but they seem like some of the happiest people I have ever come across. We stopped to buy some water and one family gave us fruit for free and seemed really happy that we'd stopped. Puts things into perspective when I consider western life - people moaning about all of the material things they can't afford, when they should be appreciating how lucky they are. We headed off to Phnon Penh for an overnight stop. When we arrived it's was raining. Actually, ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot June 21st 2010

We arrived in Sihanoukville after a 13 hour journey; Kratie to Phnom Penh, changed buses and then Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Arriving after dark we caught a tuk tuk, and after checking out a few places wound up at ‘Coasters’ right on the beach. We had hopes of staying in Sihanoukville for 5 or 6 days, enjoying some of the world cup, catching some sun on the beach and checking out the islands. We wound up staying for three days, sleeping in late the first day, we woke up to overcast skies that lead to rain and spent the day on our balcony staying dry. Our second day we rented a motorbike, hoping to explore a bit of the area and get our Vietnamese Visa’s processed. We made it about 5 minutes away from our guesthouse ... read more
Kampot town
Selling watermelons, Kampot

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot June 4th 2010

We finally found an internet cafe with good computers (although having a tough time uploading photos-sorry!). We decided to spend Wednesday of bikes. Ugh. Rough roads but even rougher bikes! We biked out to a restaurant called The Rusty Keyhole-literally in the middle of fields. To out surprise as we rode up we were greeted by a very friendly Labrador named Tung-Tung. He is afraid of chickens and kills lizards. Guess it is good it is not the other way around. The owners, Kristian from the UK and his lovely wife Come were really nice. They have a little 7 month old baby girl named Kanika. So cute! Her mom let me hold her. We biked back to town and I am pretty much done with the bicycle riding. Steven runs errands on the bike and ... read more
The Fantastic Four in Kampot
Chumkriel Language School
Chumkriel Language School

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot June 1st 2010

Hello everyone! Lots to tell. We've decided against motor bike rental as tuk-tuk is inexpensive and the roads here are very rough. Yesterday we had a rainstorm in the afternoon-poured for an hour then beautiful again. We were tucked into a cozy restaurant with a bowl of fish amok and a plate of fried shrimp with Kampot Pepper. We climbed 203 steps to a cave of limestone, viewed a salt plant, fishing village, and pepper plantation. The plantation grows the famous Kampot Pepper which is a must if you ever see it on a menu. The "plantation"is what Dad would call a garden! We spent a few hours in a town called Kep on the Gulf of Thailand and ate fried shrimp and crab. Lovely. I had my introduction to my school here in Kampot. I ... read more
Fishing VIllage
My entourage
View from Cave White Elephant Cave

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