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Antarctica » Antarctica May 16th 2008

Renowned Penguin Expert Joins 2009 Voyage to the Great White Continent (Santiago, Chile) --- Dyan deNapoli, a penguin expert from the New England Aquarium in Boston known as “The Penguin Lady,” will present a series of lectures aboard The Antarctic Dream’s January 8, 2009 voyage to Antarctica. The Antarctic Dream, a 78 person capacity expedition cruise ship celebrated for its longtime service in the Chilean Navy, offers ideal expeditions to Antarctica, taking in the most exciting sights of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. For more information on this unique excursion to the Great White Continent featuring lectures from “The Penguin Lady”, visit or call 1-877-AD TRIPS. Dyan deNapoli has worked closely with penguins at the New England Aquarium in Boston and in the wild for nine years. During that time, she was ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica May 6th 2008

Although this entry has been submitted in 2008, the expedition was Dec 1994 - January 1995 and such an wonderful experience I thought it worthwhile to add it to my Travelblog. The photos were taken with a Pentax ME super SLR with a filter causing some photos to have an off - white hue. The photos were developed in the machine at the local shop, scanned into a file then added to the blog. They are not as clear as digital, but back in those days this is what we had to record the marvellous memories. 27th. December 1994: Leaving Perth, I headed to Hobart, Tasmania for a couple of days before the start of my holiday of a lifetime - a 3 week expedition to Antarctica aboard the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. To fill in time ... read more
South to Antarctica
South to Antarctica
South to Antarctica

A pale light seeped into the cramped bedroom from under the door. There was just enough light for John to see Patricia's pale, drawn face, if he were to have looked. But John didn't look. John stood stiffly in the middle of the room, hands on the back of his desk chair, staring out the window into the blackness. "What are we going to do now?" he asked. After a moment, Patricia, nearly hidden beneath the comforter said, "I don't know. I don't want this to happen any more than you do." John turned around slowly and stood facing the bed. He peered towards the outline of Patricia's face. Trying with all his might to be calm for her, he said, "Baby, I know you tried. I know." Soft sobbing came from the bed and John ... read more

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This is a Love Marriage, not an Arranged Marriage I spent my junior year abroad in the Indian city of Madurai, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Whereas in America my dirty blond hair and unspectacular looks often made me feel unseen, in India I stood out. Every time I walked down a crowded road children and adults alike would stop and stare. I was an outsider; no matter how much I tried to fit in, I was a “Vellicari,” a rich white man. In Madurai, I learned Tamil, took Indian cooking lessons, and prayed to Indian Gods at Indian temples, but I knew, as many immigrants must, that I wasn’t fully assimilating. For the first time I felt my race, my class, and my ethnicity. I also realized that as a Westerner, ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea March 23rd 2008

There is something reassuring in the effort still required, even today, to visit Antarctica. Yes, day-long scenic flights from New Zealand and Australia have been an option for the well-endowed of pocket for a while, and now equally well-heeled tourists will be able to fly in to Australia’s Casey Station. But this does not get you to the incredible sights, sounds and silences that we had been lucky enough to experience. Only days and days on board a well-provisioned and expertly-navigated ship could do that. But it’s a long schlep even to the Antarctic Circle, and we were delighted to be able to break our journey at some of the sub-Antarctic islands. Going south and with a good following wind, we reached New Zealand’s Auckland Islands less than 24 hours after leaving Bluff, and Campbell Island ... read more
rata reflections
"You lookin' at me?"
Zodiac driver and escorts

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea March 22nd 2008

When I started writing up this trip, I envisaged three blogs, one on the trip south, one on the Ross Sea, and one on the trip north. If you’ve followed the last month’s scribblings in any detail (or simply kept an eye on the blogs’ titles), you’ll know this was a somewhat optimistic initial assessment. Everyone who has been before says it takes a surprisingly long time to absorb and to digest fully a trip to Antarctica. The intensity of experience in a short space of time in the context of the long, tough journeys there and back, however mild the weather conditions and conducive the company, is overwhelming. The afternoon we began our journey home from our furthest south the ship was unusually quiet, few people even on the bridge to say farewell to the ... read more
Scott's Terra Nova hut
priority provisions in the Discovery hut
Shackleton's hut

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea March 20th 2008

If stepping ashore at Cape Adare was magical, walking down the gangway and straight onto a vast plain of snow-covered sea ice which stretched away to the distant foot of the Campbell Glacier was breathtaking. We’d spent the first few hours of the morning on the bridge or out on deck watching incredible scenery unfold around us. As we breakfasted, the ship rounded Cape Washington and the simple magnificence of Mount Melbourne, and entered Terra Nova Bay. In the distance were the ice cliffs of the Campbell Glacier’s tongue, and beyond that the peaks of the northern end of the Prince Albert Mountains. It was a stunning day. In compensation for the wind and grey skies of the day before, the sun was shining in skies that were a delicate shade of blue with only high ... read more
icicle patterns
ploughing into the pack
the scene of the earlier ice floe break-up

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea March 18th 2008

“Exploration is the physical expression of the intellectual passion. And I tell you, if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression, go out and explore…” (Apsley Cherry-Garrard) I celebrated the second anniversary of my leaving the rat-race of a City legal career by setting foot on the Antarctic continent for the first time. I woke that morning to see land outside the porthole for the first time in six days. The cliffs of Cape Adare drifted in and out of sight through the mist and falling snow. On ice floes between the ship and the shore were gaggles of black dots, Adélie penguins come to check out the new arrivals. After breakfast - porridge was in big demand that morning - we eagerly donned layer upon layer of warm ... read more
desolate habitation
inside Borchgrevink's hut
furry hat and bib

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