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Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro July 26th 2014

This was written a while ago if you were interested in how the trip went. *** So it's been one week since I've been back from Tanzania. All that training, all that hard work and now I'm sitting back home and trying to remember the feeling while I was there. I told some people to really live in the moment while we were there because I knew how it would feel when I returned, been there done that. Kilimanjaro was an unexplainable accomplishment that you can only understand if you have done it. We met the last of our group in Amsterdam and had a great time searching for Hywel! Everyone targeted single men walking around--too funny. Luckily, I knew what Hywel looked like :) The climate in Tanzania was surprisingly mild in September, not humid. ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro February 24th 2014

People often asked me why I had decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. I would reply with "I don't know, it would be kinda cool I guess." It was part of a volunteer excursion so I thought "how hard could it be, just a bush walk, right?" Wrong. Summiting Kili was the most incredible and ridiculous thing I've ever done and would recommend it to everyone. Would I ever do it again? Not a chance. I took the Machame route. It's said to be physically one of the hardest routes due to its steepness but don't let that put you off. Machame has one of the highest success rates for summiting due to the way you're able to acclimatise. Machame is also one of the most picturesque routes. I would absolutely recommend Machame purely based on it's ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro December 31st 2013

Kilimanjaro beklimmen: Stap voor stap, meter voor meter, pole pole Dag 1 Ergens ben ik wel zenuwachtig: wat als ik niet tegen de hoogte kan, is mijn rugzak wel goed afgesteld, ben ik wel fit genoeg. 5.895 meter is enorm hoog, dit is een serieuze klim. Dan denk ik aan het goede advies van moeder en Pie: geniet gewoon van elke meter die je klimt. En ik besluit dat ik gewoon ga lopen, stap voor stap, meter voor meter, pole pole (langzaam, langzaam). Ik zie wel waar dit eindigt. Het brengt me de 1e dag door het regenwoud, waar we overigens onder een flink aantal bomen een heerlijke lunch gebruiken. Het brengt mij van 1.800 meter naar 3000 meter. Het brengt me naar het 1e kamp. De omgeving van het kamp is prachtig. We lopen wat ... read more
2013-12-03 14.46.19
2013-12-04 10.00.57

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro August 4th 2013

It'll be no problem I said, not much training needed I said, its not so steep I said, a person with average fitness could make it I said. I say a lot of things, they are invariably wrong. Stood before us was 5895 metres of volcano, the worlds tallest free standing mountain in the world,the highest you can climb without the need for oxygen tanks-although some did. We needed to walk the length of 47 miles in 5 relentless days, 23 miles on summit day alone, wear the same clothes, struggle to sleep in draughty huts, go without showers or 'proper' toilets, summit in sub zero conditions at midnight, combat physical and mental fatigue plus battle altitude sickness,all to stand at the top for only 10 minutes...why did I sign up for this again? I pondered ... read more
Above the clouds, day 2

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro May 5th 2013

Anything so beautiful comes at a price...and we have the scars to prove our payment. It has taken nearly 6 days to find both internet and a camera card reader in the same place, and i write this from the relative comfort of our hotel lobby in Dar es Salaam, where Mt.Kilimanjaro is just a whisper of a dream I think I once had. Let's start off with the fact that it is the wet season here in Eastern Africa, rainy and cloudy, dank and dingy like a leftover sock stuck to the side of the washing machine for maybe 1-2 days after spin cycle. Mix that with more altitude that you can shake a stick at, and we have a recipe for a week long Steve and Liz mountain adventure. You will see many pictures ... read more
Ready to go!
Mountain Monsters
First scenic view of the area


Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro February 20th 2013

Day 1 - To the Rongai Gate Our expedition was about to begin. At 5895 metres, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak, and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. This was gonna be awesome! We left Marangu hotel and were off on an hour and a half journey to the Rongai gate, right along the Kenyan border. Oscar, a Finnish traveling vagabond, would join us on our seven day climb. We decided to do it in seven days to ensure we'd have adequate time to acclimatize, because at nearly 6000m it would be the highest any of us had ever climbed. We met two of the main guides for our group, Santorin and Joseph, both riding along with us in our vehicle. We witnessed more amazing Tanzanian scenery with small villages peppered along the way. ... read more
P2208346 -
Alpine Desert
Danny at the Top

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro January 14th 2013

After much cajoling I finally succeeded in persuading Tarryn that a climb up Kilimanjaro would be a once-in-a-lifetime (ok, well not too much persuading needed there), inspiring and magical thing to do to cap off our trip to Africa. I have to say I almost had second thoughts too when I started getting price quotes from various UK-based and local trekking companies. This was not going to be cheap, no back-to-basics carry everything yourself style hike like I'd done with Lukas in Peru. But in many ways I was glad, since not all memories were fond lugging a 20kg pack over the Andes. The clincher for Tarryn was getting her (our) own private toilet which I begrudingly agreed upon. Many days later perched on said toilet in Barafu camp with the wind gently flapping the tent ... read more
Weird trees descending to Barranco
On the summit with the team 5.35am and cold
Pre-trek preparations

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro December 22nd 2012

Day 1: Drive from Moshi to Machame Gate (4,890 feet) / Hike from Machame Gate to Machame Camp (9,780 feet) ​Anne's perspective: We met our guide, Living, at the hotel and then we were off for our first hike. It took about 7 hours in the rain forest, following pre-made paths, but overall it was easy-peasy. ​Tyson's perspective: Hell... ​Note: We also discovered that, at camp, we got our own dining tent (for just the two of us) and also our own bathroom tent. It was some guy's job to carry a portable toilet and tent cover to follow us throughout our trek. Amazing!!! We were also served all our meals in our dining tent (or mess hall as it was called.) ​ ​Day 2: Hike from Machame Camp to Shira Camp (12,600 feet) ​Anne's perspective: ... read more
View of summit from first camp
Day 2 trekking in the rain
Dining tent

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro November 2nd 2012

TANZANIA 22 SEPTEMBER 2012 TM 13 OKTOBER 2012 beklimming KILIMANJARO safari LAKE MANYARA – SERENGETI – NGORONGORO KRATER ZANZIBAR Zaterdag 22 september 2012. De wekker loopt om 5.30 uur af. Om 10.05 uur stijgen we vanaf schiphol op met KLM 569 en na een zeer rustige vlucht landen we 7 uur en 55 minuten later op Kilimanjaro Airport. Via de trap zetten we voet op Tanzaniaanse bodem. Het is 19.00 uur, donker en 28 graden. We worden opgehaald en de auto staat tussen de palmbomen geparkeerd. Ons hotel, San Salinero, staat in Moshi ongeveer 45 minuten rijden. Het is bijna 1 rechte weg die helemaal doorgaat naar Kenia. Het is een leuk hotel met allemaal rondavels, een zwembad en bar in de buitenlucht met zitjes eromheen. We krijgen nog wat te eten en drinken aan de ... read more
ASW [1024x768]
A [1024x768]

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro August 22nd 2012

Hmm…yes, that’s a good idea?!... When thinking of honeymoon ideas, Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t really up there in terms of a romantic getaway. But this is exactly what my significant half Stuart and I decided to do. Stuart grew up on the rugged plains near the Welsh border and spent his childhood on his bike having adventures with his friends and climbing up things. To sum him up he’s outdoorsy. I, on the other hand grew up in the flattest part of England and as soon as I could walk, spent my weekends in my dads shop (we’re Indian you see) stacking sweet shelves. That in mind it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out whose idea Kilimanjaro was. But, having been promised a safari and a trip to Zanzibar too I signed on the dotted line. ... read more
Mawenzi Tarn
The Saddle
At Gilmans Point

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