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We booked a four day break with British Airways to experience Morocco. We flew out on Sunday the 29th June. Our flight was good as usual with BA and arrived on time. Flying into Marrakech airport started my concerns on what I had booked. After a queue at passport control we went through to collect our luggage. Marrakech airport is really nice. Cool, quite modern and not as busy as our UK airports. Just outside the airport there is a line of taxis, which if you read other travel sites, are the big taxis. These guys will haggle a price with you to get to the city. To be honest, taxis are way cheaper than what we pay in the UK so we were not to fussed on haggling and just wanted to get to our ... read more
Riad Carina
Riad Carina
Our Bed

The end of our drive into Marrakech was absolutely beautiful. We even stopped in a beautiful Berber village and we met an old man that gave me a beautiful necklace as a gift. We also bought some mineral rocks from him. It was a great end to our journey through the mountains and desert. Arriving in Marrakech it was busy. Luckily our new friend and driver Mustasa called the hotel and the manager came to meet us outside in the Medina so we would not get lost. We checked in and relaxed for a little before heading out to the market and for dinner. The market here is huge and we made our way to the famous Jemaa el Fna square that overlooks the big mosque. I however was slightly disappointed by Marrakech. There are so ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech April 22nd 2014

I tried hard to truly like it, to fall head over heels for its seductive offerings of bustling medinas, evocative kasbahs, soaring mountains, Saharan landscape and bustling people. I wanted to be blown away by it but it never quite got there for me; like a B list celebrity clambering out of a taxi without underwear and legs akimbo she tried hard to flash me her wares, but ultimately it lacked the appeal to hold my attention for too long. Admittedly I was negative to begin with, as I joined the hordes of people queuing up on the Easyjet and Ryanair style budget airline I realised what a mass tourism destination I was heading to, I have flown on many planes where I have been the only non native travelling, but scanning around these queues I ... read more
Man working in tannery-Fez
Marrakech main square by night
100m dune in Sahara, the dots at the top are people!

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech April 17th 2014

Well even though we had an early start, thanks to a damn chicken that had been squawking since 4am, we were still second to last to leave the campsite. Once under way it all went quite smooth, even when the mountain pass started climbing up ridiculously high. With 30 miles left we stopped at a small cafe for lunch, which had the most amazing view from the rear terrace. Once in Marakesh we hit traffic almost as bad as Fes, only this time round it was still daylight so you could at least see everyone. Got to the campsite in one piece, but my god it was busy, I have never seen so many campervans. Next day we set about camouflaging the trucks in wet laundry which I think went pretty well. By then our taxi ... read more

Marrakech from 05/06/2013 to 08/06/2013... read more


Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech February 27th 2014

I'm loathe to admit it, but I must be only moderately attractive because he obviously wasn't aroused when he showed me his ... you know ... stuff. OK, raise your hand if you've ever found yourself sitting naked except for your Hanes' boxer underwear on a hot, wet, polished cement floor, surrounded by men, young and old, who speak only Arabic. Then one well-proportioned young fellow looks directly at you, right at YOU, and discretely lowers the band of his shorts displaying his junk with a come hither look. But seriously, this was the admittedly surreal vision in front of me as I sat in a traditional Moroccan "Hammam" (Public Bath) within the Souk of Marrakech. Let's move on, we can come back to this later. ....................................…. A Day's Journey Our day began bright and clear, ... read more
Playing in Ifrane
Just another Canadian in Morocco...
Congestion in Jemaa el-Fnaa Square…

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech January 20th 2014

What a wonderful world. I flew only an hour from Lisbon and we transferred to a little prop plane. On the plane I met a Russian named Boris. He had only his guitar and pack. When we got outside of the airport to hail a taxi the heat was stifling. I felt like I was in Las Vegas but hotter. Fancy town. We were dropped in the central crazy area of Marrakesh, Morocco. People were staring and questioning. I had a lot on my mind and my plate of what I wanted to do but first it was time to eat. Me and my new friend went to a restaurant and ordered the native dish of Tagine. They mix veggies in with lamb or other meats and let it steam in a ceramic dish. The result ... read more
Marrakesh Street action
The Gathering Place
Let the Music Play

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech January 17th 2014

Today as we continued on journey south and west we made a stop at Dades Gorge and continued along the route of 1001 Kasbahs. This was the old caravan route from the Atlantic to the Sahara, although the ones further south were used most often. Along this route are the remains and restorations of the most surviving kasbahs. We stopped at one called Kasbah Taourit, now a UNESCO site. Built in 1764 and used mainly for administraton of the area and was a center point in the rebellion of the Berbers against the Sultan in 1912. We finally made our way to Ouazazate, pronounced "whereizit". This area has been used for many movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Ten Commandments, The Mummy and many others. The hotel we stayed in even had some of the ... read more
Sunrise on Sahara
Sunrise on Sahara
Staying warm

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech January 1st 2014

Zrobily mi się zaległości, ale to dlatego, ze malaEm wypruwa ze mnie cała energię i pod wieczór mam już tylko jej ma tyle, zeby pójść spać. Mamy już nowy rok. Sylwestrowa kolacje jedliśmy w naszym riadzie (tradycyjny dom na starówce przekształcony na kilkupokojowy hotel), bojąc sie, ze na mieście tego dnia może być cieżko znaleźć przyzwoite jedzenie. Podobno Marakesz w nocy zarabia 7 razy więcej niż w dzień - to miasto rozrywki zarówno dla turystow, jak dla lokalnych. Popołudnie spędziliśmy u lekarza - to już się staje tradycja. Lekarz całkiem profesjonalny, a trwajaca 3h godzina dała pole do ciekawych obserwacji. Po pierwsze, jak Marokanczycy zwalczają chłód. Śmialiśmy się z nich trochę, ze chodzą tak ciepło ubrani - swoje egzotyczne bawełniane kaftany żamienili na polarowe szlafroki - długie do ziemi i zakapturzone szlafroku w dziwnych... read more
Stolarka w medresie
Sylwestrowa kolacja
Majorelle. Kaktusowy ogrod w byłym domu Yvesa Saint Laurenta.

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech January 1st 2014

Siedzimy znów na Jam El Fna, co pewnie inaczej się powinno zapisywać, i patrzymy jak świat kręci się w kółko, chyba bez głębszego celu. Przeszliśmy pół souku, robiąc tu i tam zakupy, wypatrując kotków dla małejEm, targujac się i przypatrując błyskotkom. Po souku można chodzić godzinami i nigdy nie znaleźć tego, czego się szuka, kupując za to inne ciekawe i czasami całkiem nieprzydatne rzeczy. Wszyscy sprzedawcy zaczepiają, wystarczy rzucić okiem, zagadują tez małąEm, czasami chcąc ja zainteresować i tym samym nas. Ale dziś zbierała tez fanty. Jak kupowaliśmy koszyki, dostał saszetkę z ręka Fatimy, a pózniej cedrowe naszyjnik od pana, który rękoma i jedna noga jest w stanie wyczarować cudeńka z drewna cedrowego. MalaEm patrzyła na niego oczarowana. A on opowiadał, jak zaczął uczyć się fachu w wieku 8 lat od ojca i jak drewno cedrowe ... read more
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