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Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale April 17th 2012

While I don't expect to get much sympathy from my family and friends back home who are probably in work or studying readiung this while, I am off travelling. But I'm sure anyone who has done this journey will feel sorry for me given that I felt like s**t for most of it. I was up at 5.30 a.m. on the first day and caught a minibus from Dilla to Hagre Maryam, where I changed on to a bus to Moyale. This journey took about 10 hours. Moyale is a town split by the border between Ethiopia and Kenya. The only conceivable reason anyone would ever visit here is to cross the border by land. I got stamped out of Ethiopia and made my way over the border and applied for my Kenyan visa. This was ... read more
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Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale January 17th 2011

After four days in Djibouti City, it was once again time to head south towards Cape Town. I had eight days to reach Nairobi - 7 journeys, and 60 hours, away... The first two days were long but relatively uneventful - as uneventful as the public buses in Ethiopia can get anyway. They did however make me realise quite how much I've found myself liking Ethiopia, bouncing along on a bus full of 60 Ethiopians, crammed shoulder to shoulder with a young Muslim to one side and a Yoda-esque grandmother to the other, listening to tinny high-pitched Amharic pop, has a very unique charm. And, yet again, I was bought bought food and tea at each stop, and not given a chance to pay myself. The well documented Ethiopian hostility towards tourists that I'd read about ... read more
Room for one more inside?
Pit stop

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale November 28th 2009

Dear All, Ethiopia has been interesting. I regret that my last blog entry was written on my first day in this country, and now, I finally write again on my last day. I (inshaallah - if god wills it) will catch a pick up truck south from Moyale on the Ethiopian-Kenyan border. Today I spend my last night in Ethiopia at the fanciest hotel in town, clocking in at a whopping $6.50 (I splurged for a shower in my room and a toilet I can sit on). Where to begin? I headed north to Bahir Dar from Addis Ababa at 5:30 in the morning. The bus was standing room mostly but since I got there early I had a prime seat. I curled up in my sleeping bag (I boarded the bus around 4:45, it was ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale February 23rd 2009

Firstly, apologies for the rather poor ratio of pictures to words in this entry, but this leg of the journey has been spent either on the road or in large African cities, which from our experience are neither the most photogenic places nor the safest to carry cameras round. In any case this can hopefully make up for any jealously that our photos of Zanzibar may have caused! It was high time we started heading in the right direction and north towards Ethiopia. The first leg of this journey was a return trip to Nairobi, via the same means that we had arrived by. Our first objective for our third and final stay in Nairobi was to obtain visas for Ethiopia. This was achieved with far greater ease than we could ever have imagined and without ... read more
Alex after a Dusty 25 hour Bus Journey!

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale April 5th 2008

This is a very strange entry, we are not in Ethiopia, but we want to be. The season is almost over and soon we will have wound up the season. But as we enter the planning stage, our travel buddy and escort Justyn Lane is now preparing his vehicle in Malawi. But regretably Amanda his faithful girlfriend has decided against the trip of a lifetime, the exploration of the Omo Valley and Northern Kenya. And has decided to rather mundanely choose to merely live in Nairobi and pump more western tax payers money into a basket case. Her decision is her misfortune and the good fortune of someone. Justyn needs a travel companion, an explorer if you want. Someone to help cover the mild costs of deisel getting to the OMO. Please send applications to explore ... read more
Mobil Garage Axum
Ethnic tribes
1500 year old bible


Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale December 13th 2007

*Note: I learned how to post videos so went back and put one on my Uganda/Rwanda blog. It’s of a baby mountain gorilla- wicked cute, check it out! Ethiopia has been by far my favourite country of the trip, and despite seeing a fair amount of what the country has to offer- rock-hewn churches, beautiful mountain trekking, the other-worldly city Harar- there is far more to see here and I will absolutely be coming back one day! After stumbling off the truck, totally beaten down by the harsh travel experience of northern Kenya, we dragged ourselves through Kenya border control and walked to the Ethiopian side where the border was closed. We would have to come back at 3pm when it reopened. The next hour or so was spent walking up the hill that Ethiopian Moyale ... read more
Main gate leading into Harar
Market just outside the city walls
Harar alleyways

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale April 19th 2007

just got off the bus at the ethiopia-kenya border, at the border town of Moyale.. was thinking of grabbing something to eat and then heading for the border and spend the night at Kenya.. when i saw this internet cafe.. woah! never expected it.. Bus ride from addis to hear was an easy 2 days ride.. too easy actually.. and i'm thinking the journey can be done in one day.. ticket costs about 87birr.. first day, bus left addis at 630am, arrived at Dilla at 130pm to stop for the night.. 130pm!! but ok lah.. stayed at a nice hotel.. Hotel Zeleke.. 25birr... 2nd day.. bus left Dilla at about 630am as well.. and we arrived here 220pm.. the journey here was good.. pretty flat ground.. good sealed roads most of the way.. something with ... read more
Enroute to Moyale
Another shot of the town..
Self-shot of me with the kids that were following me..

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Moyale June 27th 2006

So we got on the bus at 10.30 got overcharged and were sat there waiting for it to fill up before leaving and it got under way at 11.30. There were alot of people and luggage on that bus, but even then the conductor put his head out of the wndow and started shouting out the destination in the hope of enticing more people on. The bus then abruptly did a u-turn and went back to the pickup point. People got off and we waited abit more. And waited. And waited. When I asked what the hold up was no one understood. This is rural Ethiopia, its probably a matter of education and resources was my first thought. So we waited. And waited. And waited... Eventually an english speaker got on the bus ans we started ... read more

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