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MYANMAR/Guide and Driver

Wonderful trip, Wonderful Guide and Driver, wonderful memories...
25 weeks ago, February 27th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #206661  
C Posts: 1
A memorable journey...

From Pyin Oo Lwin to Bagan (always and again….), passing through Mandalay, its ancient capitals, and their unvisited sites, the ancient cities Pyu de Han lin of exceptional universal value (inscribed in UNESCO heritage), Shwebo, Inndaw, Katha (fief of Georges Orwell), and the Sacred Rock of the Banmauk Monastery in the northern forests, an extraordinary journey outside the usual circuits in the Kachin state...

Visiting confidential sites frequented only by various ethnic groups in Myanmar, markets, villages, pottery factories, carts for novitiate ceremonies and decorated as precious jewelry….

Encounters, laughs, exchanges, sharing, sweetness, and always smiles, smiles, smiles,… wherever I have been able to go…. all the time……….
I would again recommend Mr. Min Maung, a wonderful man who organized a wonderful, very unusual tour outside of the traditional tourist sites in rural Burma.

Ko Min Maung
and kominmaung@icloud.com
09-43111459 Reply to this

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