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Bedsitter to let

Bedsitter for renting in Wexford town, Ireland
6 years ago, April 19th 2013 No: 1 Msg: #169393  
I have been renting a partly furnished bedsitter downtown Wexford in Ireland since January. As I am leaving on 16 May I am looking for someone to replace me as a tenant. Monthly rent: €300 plus electricity. Right in the centre of town near the Opera house and Main Street.

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6 years ago, April 19th 2013 No: 2 Msg: #169395  
Actually it is rather fully furnished:
- in bedroom/sitting room there is one double bed, one long couch, one wardrobe and one 3 drawers cupboard, plus 2 small side tables.
- in kitchen there is one folding table with 2 chairs, one low side shelf and sink and cooker with oven in working order and fridge plus tiny freezer, as well as some plates and mugs.
- very small bathroom with usual facilities.

The only problem is the lack of vacuum cleaner but, no worries, I'll borrow one and the place will be cleaned before I leave!

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