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South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil February 14th 1976

Geo: -2.20382, -79.8975Although she doesn't make mention of the the chickens in the overhead bins on the train/bus, and other local colour, my sister, age 11, wrote:We woke up at 4:30am. Ardie, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa went for breakfast and Mom and I stayed in the room. Dad came back and got us and we piled into the bus. When we got to the station we were surprised to find that it wasn't really a train but was actually what we called "a bus on rail-road tracks." It was a 12 hour bus/train ride - from 6am to 6pm. Ardie and I slept most of the way until our lunch stop at Rio Bamba. I didn't want anything. I told Mom I wasn't feeling good so she had me take some aspirin. I went to sleep ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 13th 1976

Geo: -0.229498, -78.5243My sister, age 11, wrote:We woke up and had breakfast. I had orange juice. At 8:30 we left and I stayed awake for a little while but then dropped off to sleep. I woke up a little later and watched the scenery. We stopped at a village known for its making of bread-dough things. The village's name was Calderon. We went into a shop where they were making these. Instead of just making figures they will make a box out of wood and decorate it with dough (colored). The dough was made of flour, water, glue, and yeast. When we went back out of the workshop they had baskets of figures for 5 sucres or 20 cents each. Grandma said that she would buy each of us one. Ardie chose a llama and I ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 12th 1976

Geo: -0.229498, -78.5243My sister, age 11, wrote:When we woke up we had to get ready for breakfast because our Saqusili tour started at 8:30am. I had toast, hot chocolate, and orange juice - real orange juice, no pineapple added. It was a very scenic drive out to the market. On the way we stopped at this little café for ice cream bars and coffee. Then dad drove part of the way. We made four stops at the market. The first one they had mostly mats and potatoes. The mats were about 5x6 in size and were hand woven. Our guide, Cecilia, said that they usually wove about three mats a day. The second stop was for woven goods. Mom bought a wool sweater with a hood that cost 300 sucres or about $12. Grandma bought some ... read more
At the market
At the market (drinks seller)
At the market

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 11th 1976

Geo: -0.229498, -78.5243My sister, age 11 at the time, wrote:We arrived at the airport at 18.30h and checked our baggage through then we went out by the terminals and registered all of our camera equipment then we set all of our stuff down and Ardie and Grandpa watched it. Mom, Dad, and I went to look for a book for me to read. We found one: Elephants Can Remember, by Agatha Christie (myster). We then went back and waited for about a half hour until boarding time (20.00h). Ardie and I had seats 8E and 8F. Mom and Dad had 8A and 8B. Grandma and Grandpa 7A and 7B. Before we sat down we grabbed a pillow and blanket each then we sat down and we played Fish until we start moving for take-off. During take-off ... read more

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