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January 27th 2017
Published: January 27th 2017
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When you’ve decided to make your career in Botox, the first thing that you need to do is find a Botox course that you can take – and that you can trust. It’s not just a case of jumping into the very first one that you find; you need to be confident that you have found the right one. Of course, the criteria for the ‘right one’ can often change depending on who you are, but there are five things that you should be considering, and the most important one is:

1. Distance.

If you find a Botox course that is far away from you, then you will end up having to do a huge amount of travelling, which is probably not something that you really want to commit to. Beyond the cost of having to drive, get a train, or perhaps even fly over for your training, the time that you will waste travelling could actually end up being longer than the time you will actually spend on the Botox course itself! Losing out on time with your family and friends is a price that you just may not be willing to pay.

2. Cost.

Money is key when it comes to choosing a Botox course. You are investing in your new career so you have to accept that you will need to spend a little bit of money, but that does not mean that you should bankrupt yourself in order to take on the Botox training course. Think about what it is that you can actually afford, and stick within that limit.

3. Time.

Some Botox courses will run on an evening once a week for a year, which although it may not feel like it, is actually a huge commitment. What happens if you miss one evening because of sickness – will the Botox course disqualify you from completing? It is probably better if you find a Botox course that does everything in a more condensed period of time, so that you do not have to worry about giving up too much of it – like a weekend, for example.

4. Qualification.

There is no point in taking a Botox course if it is not going to give you the Botox certification qualification that you need at the end of it! It is illegal in most states to practise Botox on patients unless you have received your Botox training by a certified individual, and they will be the only ones who will be able to certify you. Therefore you should check before you sign up to any Botox course to check that you will actually end up getting the qualification that you need at the end of the training.

5. Trust.

Who would you trust to buy a house for you? Probably not many people – and yet deciding on a Botox course could have an even greater impact on your career and hence your life. Do not even consider signing up for a Botox course until you have looked into the person or the team that are running it, as they need to convince you that they are trustworthy enough to teach you at all. If you can (and of course this is not always possible), try to meet with them beforehand so that you can get a feel for what they are like. Often, a gut response is all that is necessary.

Have you considered these five factors when looking for a Botox course? We think that the travel aspect is the most important one, and should be the one that will guide your decision – but you’re welcome to disagree! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!



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