3 Ways to Promote Your Travel Blog

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May 12th 2016
Published: May 12th 2016
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You have travelled a lot and you have felt the need to put your experiences on paper but never had the time or inclination to go through with it. But with the advent of technology and the blogosphere, you think that it is time and you start typing in your experiences and create a travel blog. Once you have created your travel blog, you feel that you have accomplished something and you are certain that many people will be able to take cues from your experiences and enjoy their travels. You feel that you have detailed your travel travails so that others can use the info for their benefit. You also feel that you will have a lot of people visiting your blog. However, you find that even after a few months, the web traffic is just a trickle and not many people know that a wonderful travel blog is out there in the web universe. Content is king, but your content will become king only when you promote it. Most blogs fail, in fact, most businesses fail because of lack of or no promotion at all. For your travel blog to be successful you can use any or all of the following 3 effective ways to promote your blog.

1) Facebook: Facebook is the leading social network in the world and you should always begin your promotions here. Here you can find people who love traveling and you can join Facebook groups that have been created for the sole purpose of travellers. You can meet like-minded people here and ask them to visit your blog. Also you can take part in conversations and help others. Your aim should be to get a lot of people involved with your Facebook posts and once they are interested, they will surely start visiting your travel blog. Do not overdo the promotion part, promote your travel blog but ensure that you are providing some value to your followers on Facebook too.

2) Twitter: Twitter is one of the most important websites for promoting a blog or website. Almost all travel bloggers have an account on twitter. The first thing you need to do is to follow other travel bloggers. You should not overdo this because twitter will ban your account. Do it slowly and in a healthy way. Read the tweets of the people you follow and reply as and when necessary. If you find a good tweet, retweet it. Build your reputation on twitter and also post your latest blog posting URL on twitter. If any of your tweet catches the imagination of the twitterati, you can expect a lot of visitors to your travel blog.

3) Guest Posting: Guest posting is a great way to establish yourself as a good travel writer. A guest post is actually an article that you will write for an established blog or

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