Ehud sharir is not kind to his children

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August 13th 2019
Published: August 13th 2019
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Ehud Sharir hated being a father. Being a father, everyone has a different attitude and behavior. Some fathers are so loving and caring and some are rigid as Ehud Sharir<a name="_GoBack"></a>. Although, Ehud Sharir loves his children but he is of a rigid nature. He is not of kind nature with his children. He always makes restrictions and tries to keep his children away from the things they really want to do. He wants; his children always obeyed his orders. He never became ready to listen to the point of view of their children. He doesn’t want to listen to any argue whenever he has declared his final decision among his children.

His children are much afraid of him

Ehud sharir never tried to develop a friendly environment with his children. He never convinced him, children, to share the things with him. His children have never made gossips with him and have no understanding with his father. They are afraid to share anything of their life with his father. Ehud sharir is strict about his rules and warns his children to never break the rules that he has defined. According to him, if someone wishes to raise good children, he should be strict with them rather than being kind.

He is against that his children will go out to play. He wants them to focus only on their studies. He has arranged the number of toys at home to play. He doesn’t believe outsiders. He asked them to stay at home and play with your siblings. He is against to make too many friends. He has strict rules and has a dream that his children must follow them all.

He wants to teach them morals and values

He teaches his children how to do respect of others. No doubt, his attitude his strict but this is his nature, in reality, he wants to tell his children the values and morals that are necessarily important indeed. He wants to raise the most confident and competitive children. Through his rigid behavior, he is making his children prepare to bear the harshness of the world. He wants to make them strong. He doesn’t want that their children will be afraid if any difficult situation will occur. He is preparing them to easily bear the bad behaviors of others.

He tells his children to stand up at your decision and try to never change it if you are right even though the whole world will against you. He guides them not to treat everyone with the same attitude. First of all, judge the person, and then decide your way of talking.

He didn’t want to grow the children that didn’t listen to him

Sometimes your too kind behavior can lead your children to become overconfident. As a result, they will stop listening to you and will make their decisions on their own. Ehud sharir is not in this favor. He doesn’t allow his children to make their decisions without his permission. According to him, this is the best way to keep your children obedient. He wishes to make his children honest, and accurate. He always wants, his children always listen to him but he never gets ready to listen to the points of view of his children that sometimes hurt them the most.

Sometimes they wish to share the serious problems of their lives but because of his orderly behavior, they decide not to share because their father is not going to accept any arguments in any situation. He wishes to make his children consistent. According to him, his kindness may let them go away from the right track because sometimes kindness can make the children selfish; they start thinking that they are now free to make any decision.

According to Ehud sharir, children can’t have a strong decision power as the parents have because parents have passed a lot of years in this world and have a great experience. On the other hand, children are not mature and have not enough experience to make the right decisions. According to him, children have no capabilities to make a wise decision.

He never wants to make his children discouraged

Through his attitude, he never wants to make his children discouraged. According to him, no doubt, his behavior will be unwanted with his children but all the things that he is doing are for the favor of his children. He wishes to teach them the difference between right and wrong. According to him, he will always discourage and disappoint his children when they will do something wrong.

He will not favor them if they are at fault. He said if he will not adopt such an attitude their children will not know the difference between right and wrong. If you will not punish your children for their wrong and bad deeds, they will continue to make that particular mistake again and again. And this will become their habit. Ehud sharir is not in the favor that his children have bad habits. He always wishes to grow up children that will be his proud. He wants to keep his children away from bad habits and sins.

Although, Ehud sharir is not kind to his children but all the things that he is doing are in favor of his children. He wants to make his children strong. He wishes to teach them all the morals and values. He wants to make them strong enough to face the harshness of the world easily. He is preparing them for the bad behaviors of others. He is not in favor to make them weak and sensitive.

He is preparing his children to survive easily even when he will no more with them. His unkind behavior is teasing his children at present but in the future when they will know all these things that he has done were in their favor, they will understand, how much their father loves them. If the father is not kind to you it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.


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