How to be Fashionable in Your Hiking Gear

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April 27th 2018
Published: April 27th 2018
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For those who love adventure, hiking must be on their bucket lists. This is not only for satiating the thirst for adventure but also to collect wonderful memories. When hiking you want to have an account of each step through photographs. Some may not care about how they look while others do.

Since they are also the subject of the photos, they must also look good and spend considerable time in completing your hiking gear involves choosing the right colors that match and comfortable but not-so-pretty hiking shoes.

All hiking gear have all their own functions and comfort to give but it must not be ugly and expensive. The key here is you must know how to look. We have listed down some tips on how you can find the best hiking gear, that offers comfort and value for money yet will make you look good.

<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">A Few Rules When Buying Your Hiking Gear

1. The Three Layers Rule

The first layer must be the t-shirt or long underwear shirt. This layer will serve to absorb the sweat from the skin to control the temperature of the body. Cotton is a no-no since it will smell bad faster.

The second layer will be the insulating layer and will be a fleece jacket. This layer will maintain the heat that the body creates. It will also keep you warm.

The outer layer is the waterproofing layer. It must be waterproof or water-resistant. This layer serves to protect you from the bad weather that can penetrate and affect the body temperature.

2. Better-Colored Outer Wear

Always keeps this in mind when shopping for your hiking gear. The outer jacket must be brightly colored for better photographs and of course, better visibility during emergency cases. The bright colors stand against the background. People can instantly see you in the photo and from a distance. You can choose from pink, cyan blue or orange.

3. Buy weather resistant pants when hiking for more than a day. It should still be lightweight and comfortable.

4. Too much of something is bad enough. Just limit the bright color to your jacket. Your headgear, pants, and gloves should be in neutral or earth colors.

5. Do not buy the overly expensive 3-in-1 jacket. Getting one of each layer will offer you more flexibility, both in form and fashion.

6. When you will be hiking in a cool climate, a beanie, gloves, and socks in wools are favorable.

7. The backpack is an important hiking gear. Make sure to get one with good back support and with enough space for your water, some snacks, and your camera.

8. Invest more in your hiking shoes as this will make or break your trip. You can spend a more of your budget in this hiking gear. However, do not bother with highly technical shoes. Make sure to do enough research for the right one.

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