Day 3: Transition

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November 2nd 2013
Published: November 3rd 2013
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Transition Day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast, orange juice and decaf coffee. Physical Therapist (PT) Erin arrived at 8:30. Occupational Therapist (OT) Carrie arrived at 11 o'clock. And PT Erin was back at 1 o'clock. Everyone put Chuck through his paces today!

The quad pain block "balls" were removed, along with the full-leg Ace wraps and the bandages, and we got a good look at his new knees. They are straight!

One major milestone was met today -- Chuck stood for a full 5 minutes, with help from three assistants here. He was shaky and wobbly, to be expected since his quads are still sleepy. At about 4 minutes, he was getting bold and let go of the walker. That didn't last long -- thank goodness!

Chuck learned how to administer the lovamax injections in his stomach each day. This med also helps prevent blood clots. Apparently, clots in the body are not good...but clotted cream in England is a whole different story.

Dr. K. stopped in to check on Chuck's progress which is all very normal. On a scale of 1-10, his pain level is at 2 or 3. He is tolerating this well, and everybody thinks it's because he was in so much pain prior to the surgery. He continued using the CPM devices three times today and moved from a 60-degree to a 75-degree angle by evening. With PT Erin's assistance, he was able to bend his left knee to 100 degrees and his right knee to 110 degrees. Without assistance, he was at 98 and 100 degrees, and pre-surgery he was at 120 degrees. So he has a ways to go yet, but this is very good progress only 2 days after surgery!

Erin also taught Chuck the "wax on, wax off" forward-and-back motion moving his knees by dragging his feet along the floor. Every movement with his legs is like learning how to walk all over again. Three sessions of physical therapy tomorrow will keep him moving in the right direction!

Tonight's dinner was tomato basil soup with steamed broccoli, a cookie and a strawberry smoothie. And we watched two Indiana Jones' movies. Everyone sets their clocks back an hour tonight, so we'll all enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Zzzzz!

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