10 Best Places with Lunch in Las Vegas

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March 18th 2019
Published: March 18th 2019
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When people think of Las Vegas , the night scene comes to mind due to the exciting and vibrant casino life. This easily conjures up images of dinner reservations before one hits the Strip to spin the slots. But chances are you will become hungry way before dinner time, leading to the question: what about lunch? Luckily, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint, and there’s plenty of options, whether you looking for burgers, pizza, Thai, ramen or a good barbeque.

Here are the 10 best places to grab lunch in Las Vegas.

1. Burger Bar

When people think of lunch, burgers quickly come to mind, but that doesn’t always mean that McDonald’s or Burger King are the best choices – although they instantly come to mind. Enter Burger Bar, an upscale joint that promises the ultimate burger experience. Their burgers are far from ordinary, as they serve them to gourmet perfection and garnish them with tasty toppings to the point of decadence.

2. Carson Kitchen

Want to go somewhere quiet filled and with great ambiance suitable for a conversation? Then you Carson Kitchen is a must-visit. Their Social Plates menu includes tasty options such as the Gyro Tacos topped with lamb, tzatziki, feta and tomato or the Pork Wings with buffalo bleu and beurre blanc. You can literally break bread their too with their delicious Wild Mushroom flatbread topped with tikka masala and smoked mozzarella.

3. Rollin Smoke Barbeque

If you’re jonesing for something smokey with a Southern twist, then Rolling Smoke Barbeque will not disappoint. Their smokey and juicy meats swim in sauces that enhance the flavor, which makes for the best tasting traditional, Southern-style barbeque on the Strip. Besides that, you can also order some burgers and sandwiches with tasty sides, such as potato salad, sweet cornbread, BBQ smoked salad and collard greens with brisket.

4. Le Thai

Sometimes, we are just in the mood for something exotic, like Thai food. This makes Le Thai the best place to visit for some delicious noodles, curries, stir-fried dishes and fried rice dishes. If the menu seems overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for recommendations. You might want to try the Spicy Eggplant, Pad Thai with beef or their famous three color curry and one of their homemade soups.

5. Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Can you ever go wrong with a pizza slice made just the way they do it in New York? No. You will find Secret Pizza on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which is a hidden floor (hence, the name). The trick is in finding the place; but when you do, you won’t be disappointed. If you are that hungry, you can buy a whole pizza, which takes about 15 minutes to prepare, or just grab a slice if you are in a hurry.

6. Monta Ramen

Ramen aficionados can rejoice because Las Vegas has the premier spot for traditional Japanese dishes. The philosophy behind Monta Ramen is Washoku, which translates to “Japanese Food;” as in, the culture that surrounds the food and the great care it takes to craft Japanese cuisine the traditional way. Not only that, the staff is trained in “Omotenashi,” which stands for Japanese hospitality. Overall, Monta Ramen serves more than just Japanese food; it also serves up an authentic Japanese eating experience.

7. Hot Rods BBQ

Hot Rods BBQ is where you go with your buddies for a Sunday afternoon barbeque. From their smoke pit, one can order their signature Smoke BBQ Ribs or Pull Smoked Pork. If you have come in a group of four to six people, The Big Rig, which comes with A full slab of ribs, half smoked chicken, 6 signature wings, fries, baked beans and more, can do the trick.

8. Nacho Daddy

How exotic can your appetite for nachos get? You can find out by visiting Nacho Daddy. While you have the traditional nacho options, such as the Fiesta Nacho and Enchilada Nacho, and the Mexican-American varieties, such as BBQ Chicken Nacho and BBQ Pork Nacho, there are some unique and exotic combinations. Ever wanted to try lobster, crab, shrimp and Thai chicken with your nacho? Then give Nacho Daddy a try.

9. Mon Ami Gabi

We have been to Thailand, Japan, Mexico and the South of North America on this list of lunch places in Las Vegas. Now we head to France with Mon Ami Gabi; one of the top spots for French Cuisine. For lunch, you can have the Smoked Salmon with brioche, crème fraîche, egg and capers or the Wild Escargots de Bourgogne with garlic-herb butter. Reasonable prices and great customer service complements the laid back atmosphere and elegant decor.

10. Black Rap Burgers & Beer

Black Rap Burgers & Beer is an upscale burger joint that is a throwback to old-school luncheonettes. The burger menu is filled with mouthwatering options, from The Old Fashioned to The Pizza Burger. All burgers are flipped once for perfection and come with french fries, sweet potatoes fries or onion rings, house salad and your side of choice for an extra $2. You can down your delicious burger with a milkshake or cold beer.


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