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June 27th 2018
Published: July 2nd 2018
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A trip along the west coast of the United States will not be complete if you do not have the possibility to visit Las Vegas, Nevada.

Located in the desert of the state of Nevada, in Las Vegas do not expect to see historic buildings, historical monuments or beautiful natural landscapes in its surroundings.

In fact, this city is the world's largest centre of leisure and entertainment, and from our tourist perspective, a great and incredible theme park. You may be tempted not to go near Las Vegas, given its null cultural value, and I understand it because it happened to me on my first trip to the western United States.

But honestly, after having finally visited Las Vegas, I think it was well worth it, although it is possible that it is a greater museum of the extravagance that you can see in the world and, in short, a whole American show. All the leisure activity in the city has been linked to casinos and the performances of the greatest stars of music.

What to see and do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a relatively small city, very easy to travel through. Your visit will focus on the long avenue known as Las Vegas Boulevard, and its main attraction is to know the succession of spectacular luxury hotels-casinos that are concentrated at the southern entrance of the city. This tour is known as Las Vegas Strip. If you’re planning to hit the most popular casinos in the world, you might as well do some warm up at your hotel with online slots UK. This will get ready for the best of what Las Vegas holds!

What hotels to see in Las Vegas

Each of the hotels in Las Vegas offer many attractions for visitors, but I will highlight the following hotels as must-sees, from south to north.

First, the hotel Luxor with its incredible shape of Egyptian pyramid, the emulation of the famous Sphinx of Giza, and with the arrangement of its rooms on the inner sides of said pyramid.

The Excalibur hotel, on the other hand, is ideal especially if you travel with children.

For its part, the New York hotel is great for its exterior design that will lead you to think that you stay in one of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

At the Paris hotel you will find on its exterior the emulation of Parisian monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Inside, for its successful decoration, you will feel like walking through the most charming streets and corners of Paris, the French capital.

For its part, the Bellagio Hotel is famous for the water, light and sound show of its outdoor fountains, and you will recognize it as the protagonist of the film Ocean's Eleven.

Shows in Las Vegas

The great spectacles share the protagonism with hotels, with performances by the most famous world artists of music, magic, etc. Worth highlighting is the permanent show that the famous Cirque du Soleil presents throughout the year in Las Vegas, a city that has become one of its fixed headquarters in the world.

Tours in Las Vegas

Instead of visiting it on your own, you may want to join an organized group to get to know it, or to go on excursions in the surroundings.

If so there are numerous and varied proposals for tours around the city. Among these proposals you have to sign up for an Elvis Wedding, tours to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, night walks, shopping tour in an outlet or tickets for the most outstanding shows.


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