Travel Tips For 3 Ultra-Exclusive European Nations

April 13th 2020
Published: April 13th 2020
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If you were to win the lottery in 2021, what are the first things you’d do?

Pay off your mortgage and credit cards?

Gift some cash to friends and family?

Donate a substantial sum to your favourite charity?

Or take off on holiday to spend some time in seclusion to settle down while you decide how to spend the rest of your life now that money worries are a thing of the past?

If sequestering yourself in a secret bolt-hole so that you’re not bothered by the paparazzi has always been a bit of a fantasy, there are a handful of private principalities in Europe where you can disappear for the duration.

So that you’re prepped when your windfall comes, here are some travel tips for three ultra-exclusive European nations.

1. Monaco

The tiny principality of Monaco is close to the French Riviera and it’s been synonymous with international glamour since Hollywood star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in 1956. The power couple are now both deceased but their son Prince Albert II now rules the roost and heads the princely house of Grimaldi.

Only 200 hectares in size, this is a haven for high rollers and its ornate Casino de Monte Carlo and Oceanographic Museum are world-famous. The other main attraction is the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is usually held in late May – the course runs right through the city streets and contains thrillingly tight twists and turns.

Tip: if you’re arriving in the vicinity from Nice Airport, get to the principality in celebrity style by hopping in a Monacair helicopter.

2. Andorra

Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees and it’s officially classed as a Principality under the suzerainty of the French President and the Spanish Bishop of Seu d’Urgell. This basically means that it has its own government but can’t take independent foreign policy actions.

Its beautiful valleys and mountains are popular for trekking and skiing and it has apparently been independent since Charlemagne granted the Andorrans a treaty for vanquishing the Moors. The Iron Route around the ancient town of Ordino is an attraction for visitors and medieval village Pal is popular too.

Tip: Fancy sampling Andorran fresh powder? Ski specialists NUCO Travel can sort you out.

3. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is an Alpine principality bordered by Switzerland and Austria and it’s only 62 square miles in size. Europe’s fourth-smallest country, its capital is Vaduz and it boasts one of the highest GDPs per person in the world.

Another mountainous nation that’s a superb spot for winter sports, it has a customs and monetary union with Switzerland and is part of the Schengen area. Attractions include the Red House, a distinctive towered building in the Mitteldorf area of Vaduz, and the Kunstmuseum, with its distinctive black box architecture.

Tip: Hotel Weinstube is one of the best places to stay in Lichtenstein – the hospitality is renowned and the food is to die for.

Have we missed your favourite ultra-exclusive destination? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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