Top 5 Greek Souvenirs To Bring Back Home

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September 19th 2020
Published: September 19th 2020
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Shopping for Greek souvenirs can be quite demanding and confusing, especially since what you like is not what someone else might like. But it is part of your travel experience and one that will take you around the cities and allow you to see more of its beauty. While there are many souvenirs that you can purchase without much thought, such as a Greek souvenir t-shirt, or miniature statues, or even food items, there are certain gifts that are a winner every time.

Visiting a country like Greece comes with a lot of expectations because it is a country that many people dream of visiting. So while they may not be able to visit, they look forward to souvenirs from a loved one who travels to Greece for holiday or business. And due to the culture, history, and heritage of Greece, it is a great idea to bring some of it back home to your loved ones. In this article, our mission is to make your Greek souvenir shopping experience easier with our top 5 picks.

Buy handmade leather sandals

You will find many handmade items in Greece including sandals, bags, jewellery and many more. But if you are looking for a perfect souvenir, you should consider buying leather handmade sandals. They boast of a high-quality which can be seen through the high level of craftsmanship and detail put into each pair by their makers. If you are visiting Athens, then you should go to areas like Paka and Monastiraki where you will find many shops that sell different styles and colours of leather sandals.

Blue Eye

This piece of jewellery is rooted in ancient Greek history. It is a popular belief in Greece that if wearing the blue eye will protect you from the evil eye. This jewellery is known throughout the world as wearable protection against evil. There are different versions of the blue sold across Greece, and they are easy to find. Just look in any market. Whether you are superstitious or not, this makes a perfect Greek souvenir.

Buy olive oil-based beauty products

Olive oil is probably popular throughout the world because of the Greeks. It is a staple that is used for everything from cooking to medicine and even beauty products. Since the world has now gone crazy about organic beauty products, this makes a great idea for a Greek souvenir. Hand cream, face cream, body lotions, are a few products to consider.

Buy Greek Art

Many people would love a gift that they can display in their homes, especially if it’s a souvenir from Greece. These come in various types, or they could be paintings, t-shirts, tote bags, sculptures, and other items with a modern twist. You will also find great Greek folk art at the Benaki Museum at Pireos. The Museum has a shop where you can all kinds of Greek art souvenirs. You should also consider checking other museums and art shops near you.

Greek Wine

Bringing back some local Greek wine is a great idea, especially if you plan to have a "get together" with your loved ones. You can tell stories about your travels while sharing a glass of classic Greek wine. One of the amazing things about shopping Greek wines is that each Greek island offers its take on the local wine. Whether you plan to give them out as souvenirs or you want to bring them home for personal use, you should consider buying some Greek wines.

Visiting Greece is an experience of a lifetime for many people, and the best way to relive those beautiful moments is by bringing home Greek souvenirs. But if by chance you forget to shop for souvenirs or you just can't take the time to visit the local markets, don't you worry, you can still purchase your souvenirs online at


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