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April 13th 2018
Published: April 13th 2018
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Redfin are a popular fish to catch, especially in their native habitat of Europe, these fish are by far the most commonly caught across all of Europe, and Ireland's mostly untouched natural landscape helps make the fishing even better.

Many people who love the outdoors visit Ireland every year, what many don't realise is how good this country is if you are a fisherman. The majority of rivers, lakes and streams are teeming with life, mainly due to Ireland's low pollution, controlled industrialisation and the way both private and public ownership looks after the land. This makes the rivers, lakes and streams in Ireland almost untouched, and it is a beautiful landscape which draws many people to the country each year.

In terms of their native fish, the redfin are amazing and fun to catch. These fish quickly attack most redfin fishing lures, which range from soft plastic lures, to spin lures and diving hard bodies.

Soft plastics are basically little grub shaped silicone lures with a tail on them, while spin lures are hooks with a spinning spoon shaped item at the top to attract fish, and hard body lures resemble real fish, and have a diving effect meaning the faster you retrieve the deeper the fishing lure will dive.

Fishing for them is very simple, but to make the trip the most successful, soft plastic lures hooked with a weedless jig head is the best, these hook will often have a weight attached to the bottom, and a straight top, you feed the hook through the lure so that the top spike of the fishing hook rests directly on top of the soft plastic, this allows the lure to move between weeds and rocks without becoming snagged.

Weedless fishing is by far the most productive for redfin, as they love to hide away most of the time, the other exception to this is when they are schooling, during schooling they will travel in large groups together between destinations, before finally finding a place to hide away to themselves.

The ability to get a lure to the deepest depths of a lake, or in between areas with a lot of plants or weeds, is the key to catching these fish. They are not fussy, so provided you can get a lure near them, they will almost surely attack it.

If you wish to attract them further, a trick is to add some strawberry essence into a tiny bit of flour then mix this with petroleum jelly, redfin love the smell of strawberries and it acts as an attractant to help you catch more fish.


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