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March 21st 2013
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Lützen as it was for us in 2002
Lützen is a town in Saxony-Anhalt.
We were fortunate to visit this town in August of 2002. It happened quite occasionally – we drove from the Polish-German border at Frankfurt am Oder to Karlsruhe. We decided to stay for a night not far from Leipzig. Lutzen is located only 18 km south from Leipzig we choose it for a short stay.
We knew nothing about it but the next morning at breakfast the owner of the small hotel told us that Lutzen was famous by two battles which occurred at it in 1632 and 1813. He was proud of his city that was the scene of two famous battles:
The Battle of Lützen in the Thirty Years' War, in which Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden defeated Albrecht von Wallenstein. However, Gustavus Adolphus himself died on the battlefield, resulting in the battle being a Pyrrhic victory for Sweden.
The Battle of Lützen in the Napoleonic Wars, in which Napoleon defeated combined Russian and Prussian forces.
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Lützen Castle and 1632 Battle memorial
In the Lützen Castleyou will also find a museum on the two battles with large dioramas of the battles near Lützen in 1632 and Großgörschen in 1813, exhibitions on town history and the writer Johann Gottfried Seume, as well as a natural history cabinet.
Schlossstrasse 4
Opening times: March - Nov. Tues - Sun 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.;

1632 Battle memorial
Gustav-Adolf-Strasse 42 (2km from the city center along the road towards Leipzig.
The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf died in the battle of 1632, therefore most of the tourists visiting the castle are Swedes.
Also, there is a stone, called Schwedenstein (Swedenstone), covered by a gothic-style monument on the spot on the battlefield where he died. Close to this there is a memorial church in his honour.
Opening times: Tue-Sun 10-17.
Also you may see the Town Hall at Markt 1.
The birthplace of philosopher Friedrich Nietzschze is only 2 km away in the neighboring village of Röcken.

Asslan v Haus Schiran in Lützen
In 2002 it was our fourth ride to Germany since 1999 when we took part in German Shepherds show (SV BSZS) for the first time with our Asslan v Haus Schiran. The year before we were in Dusseldorf and Asslan didn’t leave the sleeve and got the only T1 mark (unsuccessful) in his long BSZS-career.
In 2002 we went to Karlsruhe to prove that it was his occasional mistake in Dusseldorf. That’s why when we got our accommodation the hotel in Lützenand went to Leipzig for an excursion we didn’t take Asslan with us because we wanted him to have a good rest before the competition.
We left him in the room and he slept until we came back home. He was upset that he hadn’t seen Leipzig but we had a very pleasant evening walk along Lützenso that he could enjoy the Castle and the Market Square.
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Hotel Landhaus Fleischhauer
The family-run Hotel Landhaus Fleischhauer is situated in a peaceful location in the town of Lützen. We spent a night in this little private Hotel Garni Pension was built in 1991, with enclosed parking inside. They have good German beer and wine from SaaleUnstrut near Naumburg. You will enjoy having eggs at breakfast from as we have been told happy chickens raised in their own private garden.
The owner of the hotel was very friendly with us, he told us many interesting things about the town, about the battles occurred nearby and showed the way to the new autobahn, that was just finished and didn’t have it on our map.
The hotel provides soundproofed rooms, and the chance to explore the local Saxon-Anhalt countryside. All rooms at Landhaus Fleischhauer are designed in classic style and include a TV with satellite channels. They also have a seating area with a sofa, and an en suite bathroom.
Address Starsiedeler Straße 2 Lützen 06686 Germany

How to get to Leipzig from Lützen
Our hotel Landhaus Fleischhauer was located in the centre of Lützen.
It is a 30-minute drive to the centre of Leipzig (20 km).
Next day we had to reach Karlsruhe (about 500 km from Lützen).
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