7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to France

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December 1st 2019
Published: December 1st 2019
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Do you love to research about the destination of your next planned trip? This is something I do every time I travel, and it has always helped me but still, there are certain things that you will get to experience only when you really visit your destination. Recently I spent a week in France and there is a list of things I wish I knew before my travel which I have enlightened below;

1. When in France, Speak French:

Obviously, you cannot learn a complete language just to visit a country, but French people like to stick to their language, even if they know good English. Of course, they do not expect you to be fluent, but they will encourage people who at least try to speak some French. If you start a conversation in English, many French people may not entertain conversation with you and your travel may become challenging hence learn some basic French, if only to initiate conversations.

2. Always Allocate More Time for Transportation than You Think You Need:

Traveling through Paris metro can be convenient as it is one of the best public transport systems but then you will have to follow the train schedules and if you miss one metro, then you will need to wait for another. Also, as you are new, it may seem a bit confusing initially hence allocate more transportation time in your schedule just to make realistic plans.

3. Take Precautions While Renting a Car:

If you want to save time during your travel, the best way to move from one location to another is by using a rented car. France is quite a safe place but take a few precautions still like do not leave valuables in the rented car as local thieves usually look for such hire cars as their easy targets.

4. Remember to Compliment the French Culture:

French people love to hear positive feedbacks hence always appreciate their country in front of them and do not hold back on your enthusiasm but avoid stating that you dislike something about France in front of them.

5. The Canal St. Martin is a Place You Cannot Skip:

If you visit Paris, do not just exhaust yourself by walking down its fashion street but also visit the Canal St. Martin where you will find all independent and fashionable boutiques along with good nightlife where you can have a good time.

6. Do Not Miss the French Alps:

France is not just about fashion but its landscapes which is evident when you visit the French Alps. And if you are into adventure, then you should never miss skiing holidays val thorens, located in the Tarentaise Valley, Savoie, French Alps which is the highest ski town in Europe is one of the best adventures you will experience. Another alternative is skiing holidays Flaine which is again a ski area in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps, located at an altitude of 2,561 meters.

7. Ask for price Before Ordering Food and Drinks:

You may love to enjoy the French cuisine but you also need to be vigilant as understanding their menu may not be easy and you may end up paying an exorbitant bill amount hence clearly ask for the price of the food you will be ordering with taxes to have the clear picture. The same thing is with ordering drinks as the prices are unnecessarily high in restaurants and bars. I would suggest you get your drinks from a cheap local grocery store to save a lot of your money.

I hope that my learnings have enlightened you enough that you avoid any cultural hang-ups and spend more time enjoying this beautiful destination.


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