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August 24th 2020
Published: August 24th 2020
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Just randomly starts narrating a story at somewhere and at some point of time that was happened in my life.

It was 2015 August and I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in Hyderabad. I was trying my luck in all the areas to get fit in any of the job of my desired field. Took an attempt in BEL (Bharath Electronics Limited) written exam for some post that I applied & I got IIT Madras as exam centre. That time one of my friend was doing his Ph.D. in the same campus. I told him about my exam details, and he arranged to accommodate me with him for that day. I packed my bags to Chennai and started my journey from Khammam in Navajeevan Express. Train reached Madras by 4 PM and that was my second visit to Chennai. I choose to travel in local train till Kasturibai Nagar and from there I walked till main gate of IIT Madras which located in Guindy. My friend is not there in Chennai on that day hence asked me to reach his friend & said that his friend would be providing the accommodation and shared his friend number. From main entrance that guy directed me to reach his hostel. He asked me to take a shuttle bus which will travel all the way in campus to serve the people to move within. On the way to hostel I saw many big and old trees in the campus. I got down the bus at Boys hostel and surprised to see most of the people were using bicycles rather than motor bikes just because they don't want to pollute the nature. I loved the way people are giving such a huge respect towards the nature. My friend’s friend (Then on he became my friend too) came to bus stop on his bicycle and took me to his hostel room. We get to know ourselves to each other and I heard from him that he also pursing his Ph.D. there in the campus by the way He is from Kadapa.

I felt a very pleasant environment in hostel with the premises clean and neat. He took me to his room and I barely could see there is only bed, study chair, dressing table and one rake shelf. The room was not so big to accommodate 3-4 persons, but it is quite big enough for 2 people. He told that campus will be providing the single room for only 1 person those who are pursing M.Tech or Ph.D. and a 2 sharing room for those who are pursing B.Tech. I really got so excited to see such a kind of atmosphere. Hostel was very well managed, and I wondered to see washing machines there for students. After my fresh-up activities completion we went to canteen and had dinner. That was really a great food with good number of North Indian and South Indian dishes. Taste wise also it is awesome. Upon dinner, we came back to room and he arranged 2 beds for both of us to sleep. Very next day is my exam in the campus.

I woke up early in the morning and finished my activities. He accompanied me and guided till my exam hall and it is approx. 1 KM from his hostel. On the way to exam hall I saw deer’s moving here and there in the campus. I loved that kind of atmosphere because deer’s were freely roaming in the campus among the busy human beings with no fear. After seeing the classrooms and buildings I felt that I could have studied here. I completed my exam and came back to the hostel by 11:30 AM. I thanked him for his great hosting and expressed my next plans on going Tirupathi from there. He advised me to take a city bus from Vellachery side(2nd entrance to campus other than main entrance) to go CMBT. I left the place at 12 PM with fond of good memories & thoughts and started back by taking a shuttle bus to reach entrance gate. I reached the CMBT by 12:45 PM there I had lunch and boarded the express bus to Tirupathi. I reached by 4 PM, from there I went to Alipiri and started climbing the steps to go Tirumala around 5 PM. By 8:30 PM I managed to reach the hill and directly went to darshan. Within half an hour I had finished my darshan and returned. I felt very blessed on seeing Lord Balaji and the temple surroundings. On seeing the kind of atmosphere in IIT Madras, Chennai, Tirupati and Tirumala I prayed lord to give me job in Chennai so that I could able to go Tirupati quickly whenever I feel.

After taking Laddu prasadams and luggage around 11:30 PM I boarded the RTC bus to reach Tirupati. I came to know the point on that day that Tirumala ghat roads will be closed between 12 AM to 3 AM. So that's why RTC drivers and other people were rushing to cross tollgate before 12 AM. Luckily we crossed it before 12 AM and reached Tirupati Railway station by 12:50 AM. Just the time when I was entering into the station Sabari Express towards Hyderabad had left the platform which I supposed to be in. So, I boarded the Kakinada port passenger which was scheduled to depart from Tirupati at 1 AM. I got a seat and travelled till Nellore. In Nellore I got down and wanted to catchout some special train so that I could reach home early. I boarded the special train and there realised that I forgot my Laddu prasad cover in my previous train. Special train has halted in Tanguturu suddenly and was waiting for signal. I got down there and took breakfast outside the station and waited for the Kakinada port passenger train to reach Tanguturu in which I left my cover. After 40 minutes train reached Tanguturu and I felt very lucky to see still my Laddu cover again at the same place. I thanked god and continued the journey in the same train till Vijayawada, catched another train in Vijayawada to reach my hometown Khammam. I reached my home by 4 PM. That was really an awesome journey with full of memories. After 5 months of this trip I got selected in TCS through Off-campus & I received a joining letter from company and on seeing that felt surprise!! My first job training and posting was in Chennai. I started believing Lord of Tirumala so much from then. After I have joined in the job, I went to Tirumala many times and every time, I could feel that freshness & gotta be relaxed in Tirumala.

Thanks for reading my story. This is my second blog. Actually this time I thought of taking more generalised topic rather than my travel experience, but after completing the story I found this also more related to travelling only. Hence I am posting it in the travel blog.


1st September 2020

Hello Mr. Ramakrishna
Read your Chennai Trip Story. You explained well about your old trip from your memories. You would have added some photos of IIT Campus, especially of deer. I know, that time you might have not thought of writing a blog. Why don't you write about another trip with some photos?
2nd September 2020

Hi kumar
I am very glad that you read my story. Actually I have not taken photos that time and moreover I really don't know about the feature of embedding the images. I will check on the thing how to upload images along with the article and from my next post definitely will try to embed pictures also. Thanks for your comment. :)
10th September 2020

thanks you
Thanks for sharing this info, keep posting… Varun Sethupathi
9th October 2020

Thank you very much
9th October 2020

Hi Varun
Thanks for reading my story. Sure. Thanks for your comments :)
6th October 2020

Nice information
Thanks for sharing this info, keep posting… Varun Sethupathi
9th October 2020

Hi Varun
Thank you very much for your comments and thanks a lot for reading my story

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