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Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka February 23rd 2008

Saturday night is drawing in and the back-to-work-tomorrow feeling is setting in, but for the meantime I'm going to explain what I/my parents and friends did this weekend. Thursday was Mother Language Day, which celebrates those who died trying to save the language of Bangla (a successful fight obviously), so we have had a 3 day weekend..not that it has felt like one! On Thursday I didn't do much..went for a ludicrously expensive (in taka terms) lunch with friends at the Westin, a v posh hotel not too far from our house..and then went to a friend's house to play a horse-racing game which is slightly complicated but it was fun especially as we ordered curry and all the works during it! My parents and I decided to go to Sonargaon on Friday, which was this ... read more
street in Sonargaon
back of a resting rickshaw, Sonargaon
getting stared at as usual..

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka February 21st 2008

Although living in Dhaka can be tough at times, there are some great things about it, for me. I fully realise some points in the list below can't be enjoyed by everyone in B'desh whether as a tourist or a resident, but there you have it. I'm well aware I'm incredibly lucky to be in this country and enjoy so much of it in ways many millions of people here can't due to not being British/white/able to earn a half-decent salary (I work at a local school and earn a local salary, but I know it's still more than the majority)/other factors I'm well aware of. I'm just trying to defend myself a bit here as I've had a few comments about this particular blog entry along the lines of how I sound elitist/prejudiced/patronising etc etc, ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka December 24th 2007

Blogger Becca A few thousand bricks, a local community keen for a new house, and about 12 munchkins desperate to show off their ENTIRE wardrobe - that's our Habitat for Humanity experience here in Dhaka! Mum, Dad and Owen are here and they wanted a real "Dhaka experience". So, instead of the normal Christmas, our family decided to do a service based Christmas instead. We chose a Habitat for Humanity build in a Christian community outside of Dhaka. A group of families within the community get together and helps build each other's new homes. I didn't know this but the local families actually have to pay back the cost of the materials used in the build: I always assumed that the new house was a donation. We left Dhaka city early-ish after a quick breakfast ... read more
Bricks and water
The Grandfather

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka November 13th 2007

And the answer is to stare! Yes Bangladesh is certainly a country of starers... But it is friendly and curious stares and when you flash the gazers a smile, you will see a sea of smiles returning... Give them the Muslim greeting of Salaam Alaikum and you will have made a thousand friends! Not many tourists go to Bangladesh, which is unfortunate, because it has a lot to offer... Friendly locals, historic sights, beaches, beautiful and serene countryside’s, and an interesting culture... On top of this the country is a lot cheaper than India... Bangladesh is also a country of cycle rickshaws... Yes, here the cycle rickshaw rules the street, not the car... This makes the smaller town pleasantly quiet, with only the ringing of the rickshaws to disturb the peace... And of course Bangladesh is ... read more
Cox's Bazar

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka September 30th 2007

Blogger Dougo Last weekend, I played m third round of golf at The Army Golf Course. All the courses are owned and operated by the Bangladeshi Army. I am not sure why. Greg, Paddy and Mike, three teachers from school, and I played 15 holes before we had to get Mike's car back home. I wasn't complaining. Having played like shite for the first 5 holes, I won the next 2 holes for me and Paddy and dropped my first birdie on the 8th. It was all downhill from there though and by the 13th I was dragging my feet and could barely swing the club. 30+ degree heat takes its toll and when you have to walk twice as far coz you can't hit the ball straight down the middle, you get stuffed pretty ... read more
Caddy shack
The Lawnmowers
Play it where it lies!

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka September 15th 2007

Asalaam alaykum (greetings). Haven't written for a while as life has been extreeeeemely hectic for me ever since I started my new job, but here goes another update on life in Bangladesh... Let's start with recent (ish) news. A few weeks ago there were some demonstrations, riots, in downtown Dhaka. There has been a military presence at the university for several months ever since the interim government has stepped in. The students there (and this was echoed all over the country) were demonstrating against this presence, so there was tear gas, fights and general mayhem between civilians, students and the military. This meant that the whole city pretty much shut down for a couple of days as there was no internet, and no phone lines including mobile reception. The government also imposed a curfew all day ... read more
from place to place...
me on the boat
open water

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka August 24th 2007

Blogger Bec Good news here in Dhaka, our government imposed curfew has been lifted during daylight hours. The trade off is that during these times, the internet and telephone lines are disconnected. (yet, we are still using the net now and it's 9:10 in the morning.) Yesterday was a bit hairy. We got up at the usual 5:45am ready to catch our 6:40am bus from the front of the apartment block. We waited and waited but still no school van turned up. Anxiously looking between my watch and my not-working mobile phone, Paula's voice ringing in my head - "nothing stops the school being open, we haven't closed the school in the history of ISD". What if we were the only 2 teachers that didn't grab a rickshaw and fight tooth and nail to get ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka August 14th 2007

Blogger Dougo Right. So, here I am sitting in the living room of our apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The power has gone off as it has at about 7pm every day since our arrival. Every few minutes the lights will surge as the backup generator kicks in and sends power to our apartment. The Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS as we have quickly learned, is pretty good. We can still turn on the fans above me and our room, as well as a lights in all rooms but the kitchen. No TV and no refrigerator though. The latter could pose a problem. Anyway, as you can see from the photos Bec took a couple of days after our arrival, our apartment is massive. So massive that yesterday I went and got a quote for pool ... read more
Laundry Room 2

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka August 9th 2007

Blogger Dougo Today we got our first good look at our new school, the International School of Dhaka. We were picked up from our apartment at around 8:30am and picked up other new staff on the route to school. The rivers are still swollen and so the driver had to go an alternate route to bypass the flooded roads. The school is an oasis. It really is. The pictures below show just how great the insides are. We will add pictures of the outside later. Today was a lot of house keeping: a tour of the school, mobile phone sim cards, salary advances, a meet and greet with the new director. After school we had a dinner with all the new staff at a lovely Indian restaurant. Every one is really cool, no great egos ... read more
Bec's Classroom Door
Bec's Classroom
Bec's Classroom

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka July 31st 2007

After being so good about keeping up with writing update, I totally neglected it after the first few days in Faridpur! We've been working extremely hard! Oh well, no one really needed *that* much detail! (and if I repeat myself, I apologize!) The week between my last update and when we finished working at that field site and returned to Dhaka this past Sunday (the 29th) was pretty much just filled with lots of work! My two field officers are doing an amazing job! I've randomly selected households that we will interview. But, I can offer no help in locating the person, in fact I offer no help at all. While they are in charge, I just tag along, drawing a crowd, and looking out of place. I entertain the women and children with my ... read more

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