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Asia » Azerbaijan August 12th 2004

Upon entering Azerbaijan we visited an old temple in the foot hills of The Caucasus that had been creating some controversy after the Norwegian government paid for an extensive exploration and renovation; based on Thor Heyerdahl’s theory that the Scandinavians were originally from Azerbaijan… Norwegian mythology tells that the Scandinavian god Odin moved with his people to Norway from a land called Aser. Heyerdahl reckons the original Caucasians fled the invading Romans in around 90AD. Sailing from the Caspian, they moved through the Black Sea, out through the Dardanelles into the open sea and north. The timing of this exodus coincides with Norse tales of tribes from the south bearing detailed knowledge of the seas and advanced boat building capabilities. From Odin it took 31 generations to reach the first historic king around 800AD, which apparently ... read more
misty mountain (Caucasus)
little sheep farmer...

Asia » Azerbaijan June 28th 2003

Links to travel journals and pictures from: * 2003 Moscow, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Sochi * 2004 Georgia, Svaneti, Armenia ... read more

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