Photos from Somalia, Africa - page 3

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Money changers in Hargeisa
My Beach
Me and My Beach
Garbage Wasteland Continues
Old Port Buildings Destroyed
Garbage Heap
Bombed Out Buildings
Me and the City Stree
Berbera City Streets
Lots of Garbage
Polluted Port
More Old Buildings
Berbera Buildings
Berbera Old Buildings Falling Apart
Peak of a Beach
Streets of Berbera
City Hall, or so I Was Told
Berbera Round About
Sipping Tea
It Was A Good Way To Pass Time
It Occupied A Whole Day
Chewing Chat in Burao
More Views of Sheikh
View of Sheikh
New Friends
Jama Mosque
Sunset In Hargeisa
Roadside Scene
Roaming Camel
So Many!
Dense Cow Paintings
Big Cow
View From the Caves
Me and Some Cave Art
You Can Imagine Them As Modern Art
Me Again
Neat Caves
Cows Were Really Imortant
The Caves
Another Cow
In the Bottom Right Hand You Can See A Man with an Bow and Arrow
Security Guard Explaining the Art
There Was So Much
Big Healthy Cow
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