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7/1 I walked to the beach, Playa Pocitos, and around the Pocitos area until I found a bar, La Pasiva, to watch the Argentina v Switzerland game. I cheered for Switzerland. I ate lunch there during the game and had a Uruguayan attempt at pizza. It was strip slices like Pokey Sticks or the dessert pizza at Ci Ci's, and just had tomato sauce on it. Clearly not the greatest thing on the planet. I went back to the hostel to chill and stopped to restock on deodorant along the way. After a while I went back to the bar, this time wearing the American Flag as a cape, to watch the USA v Belgium game. When I walked in I saw two girls at a table. One of them was wearing a UNC hoodie. It ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 30th 2013

Minas - Cerro Mistico A few weeks ago I went exploring the Uruguayan heartland with Maria Ines - a consultant for the bank from Miami. We spent the night in Cerro Mistico, an ecological lodge with fabulous 360 degrees views. Colonia del Sacramento Founded in 1680 by Portugal, the colony was later disputed by the Spanish, who settled on the opposite bank of the river at Buenos Aires. On clear days and at night the capital can actually be seen. I had a great day out with Ana and her family - thanks so much again. With fantastic weather we decided to explore the place by bike. We ended up at the Sheraton having wine and some nibbles. On the drive back to Montevideo they insisted that we stop in "Neuvo Helvetico" - a sleepy village ... read more
Colonia del Sacramento
Minas - Cerro Mistico
Minas - Cerro Mistico

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento April 2nd 2013

We arrived in Colonia on Friday 22nd March after an 8 hour bus ride from Salto. The taxi from the estancia into town to catch the bus was quite an experience, the car was very old and with thick fog the dirt road was invisible, goodness knows how the driver got us there! On the bus we passed Fray Bentos (thats right where the pies were made), we didnt stop there but the old factory is now a museum, at the height of production they were getting through 2000 cattle a day! The signature product was actually the Oxo beef cube which has sustained many travellers and soldiers over the years. During its time this factory employed over 25,000 workers from 60 different countries. I cant help thinking of my Gran though who used to use ... read more
Iglesia Matriz
Historical City Gates
Typical Street

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 25th 2013

25 - 26th March Colonia de Sacramento and onto Montevideo After a final tussle with the Ibis over the bill – tried to charge us for breakfast when it was included! So I asked about the discount for the problem with the air con that the manageress mentioned, a quick phone call and caught the words Inglesia and probably loco and result – one free nights stay! and we were off again. We took a taxi down to the port in La Boca to catch the Colonia Express ferry. You had to get there an hour early to check in, which took about 5 minutes and then we sat around for an hour before we went through the immigration stuff. Got stamped out of Argentina and into Paraguay without leaving land! Then another 45 minute wait ... read more
Colonia (4)
Colonia (5)
Colonia (7)

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 20th 2013

Eimal meh hät min Handywecker (Hot Chocolate – You sexy thing!) vo mim Papi sim alte Mobiltelifon gschället, a dem Tag hämmer müse früeh us de Fädere gumpe zum oises Tagesziil erreiche. Was für es hübsches Städtli. Colonia schiint gnau so wies tönt. Chlii, ruig, vil Wind. Find ich uf all Fäll =) Vo Buenos Aires gits täglich e Fähre und inre Stund ischmer scho in Uruguay, Colonia. Eini devo händ dLaura, de Florian, Francois, Mattheo und ich ois gschnappt. Da ich mit vier Franzose unterwägs gsi bi, hani mi zünftig müse is Füdli chlüübe, dasi die Cheibe verstah! ;) aber ich find das tiptop! De Sprachmix zwüsche änglisch, spanisch, französisch und dütsch isch no ganz amüsant..ich forme sogar Sätzli mit allne Sprache drin! De Tag in Colonia hämmer más o menos (= meh oder weniger, ... read more
Old buildings
Colourful Colonia


South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 16th 2013

On December 28th we took the Buquebus ferry to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay for a day trip. The barrio histórico in Colonia is a UNESO World Heritage Site with narrow, cobbled streets and lots of charm. The Convento de San Francisco Lighthouse dominates the skyline of this little town, and offers nice views of the Río de la Plata and the ferries crossing back and forth from Buenos Aires. We had lunch at El Rincón, a nice little spot where we ate under pine trees on a shaded cobbled street. The food was good, but pricey. 750 Uruguyan pesos for a litre of beer, small plate of pesto ravioli and a chovito plate. We spent practically all of our Uruguayan pesos we had exchanged when we got off the ferry. A ferry, which by the way, ... read more
barrio historico, from lighthouse
beach, rocks and palm trees

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 6th 2013

Šiandien po senamiesti nutariu pavaikštinėti pėsčiomis, apžiūrėti netoli namų esančias apylinkes. Taigi pavaikštau po senamiestį ir einu link uosto, pakeliui prieinu traukinių stotį. Iš išorės atrodo apleista, visos durys ir langai uždaryti, ši stotis apleista ir neveikianti, nors kaip vėliau sužinojau ji uždaryta gal tik prieš 20 metų. Labai norėtūsi įlysti į vidų ir pašniukštinėti, bet visi įmanomi įėjimai uždaryti. Apeinu aplink visą stotį ir netrukus prieinu naująjį terminalą. Naujas ir modernus terminalas, nors ir labai nedidelis, tačiau traukiniai atrodo labai seni ir pavargę, nepanašu, kad būtų labai dažnai naudojami, o ir žmonių stotyje vos vienas kitas. Už naujosios stoties, didelis stiklinis dangoraižis. Eidamas toliau, pamatau didelį ir grąžų seną pastatą, nueinu jo apžiūrėti, panašu į kažkokį parlamentą. Šiandi... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 31st 2012

Uruguay - South America's Well Kept Secret ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 24th 2012

First experience of Uruguay was a visit to the hot springs resort at Salto, for a relaxing back massage and a slow steam in the hot pools. Another long coach ride dropped us at the capital city of Montevideo, with its lively atmosphere but slightly tatty and frayed streets with graffiti-clad walls. A stormy day exploring the city with stops for tea and cake was followed by great food and giant bottles of local Pilsen beer (v good) in the pedestrianised centre. Final stop was the beautiful colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento - fought over by the Spanish and Portuguese. We ate ice cream and wandered through cobbled streets with old churches, and mountain biked to deserted beaches before watching a stunning sunset. Buenos Aires update to follow - wishing everyone back home a very ... read more
Me and big beer
Stormy Rio de la Plata
Montevideo graffiti

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 15th 2012

Colonia del Sacramento is one of the short trips recommended from Buenos Aires. I can hear you thinking "hey, is that also in Argentina then?? Coz I thought.." Yes, exactly, it´s in Uruguay! So the opportunity to see yet another country, without even needing to board a plane, was too good to pass up. A weekend in Uruguay it was! When I first checked ferry ticket prices at Buquebus, it was a bit of a shock though. Arrhg, that´s what you get for ´keeping things open and flexible´!! But after a bit more research I found there was another ferry company, Colonia Express, that offered much lower prices, at the times we wanted. The downside was that the boat was a bit smaller (so you feel the waves more, especially if the weather is bad) and ... read more
Typical street patio in Colonia
The infamous Colonia lighthouse in the late afternoon
Evenings in Colonia

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