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South America » Peru December 29th 2013

Ecuador is a new place for me, never been here before, so I got on the bike with all my paper work in order and set off to Quito. My GPS doesn't like Ecuador so I went by the road signs and the fact that the road would take me to Quito what ever I made. I had a date with a mechanic to check out the bike and I had no idea where the place was . I took a chance and went into Quito south and was at at total loss about where to go, I was looking for some cops to give me some ideas. I spotted a pair at a round about were they sold a crate of mangoes for 5 $,should have bought a 100 crtaes or so and sold mangoes ... read more
2013-12-24 09.47.44
2013-12-24 10.01.57
2013-12-24 10.02.04

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu December 27th 2013

at the moment i'm under the covers in room number 3 at the hostal corihuasi, a really bare bones but inexpensive establishment here in cusco. the city of cusco is the gateway here in peru for anyone planning to visit machu picchu. cusco was once the capital of the incan empire for over 400 years, from the 13th to the 16th century, but now in the 21st century there's free wi-fi everywhere you go, tons of cute little restaurants, some swank clothing stores, lots and lots of hotels and hippies, young and old, swarming the cobblestone streets. but instead of describing cusco, or the various, excruciating experiences i had yesterday just getting to machu picchu itself, i want to say something about the way i felt being there. machu picchu is a place that is always ... read more
second shot
third shot

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 24th 2013

from an ecuadora city high in the sky surrounded by volcanic mountains---sleeping peacefully at the moment---to the capital city of peru, lima, where the pacific ocean and humid, balmy weather predominates, is a big jump...a welcome one because even though the altitude eventually becomes mostly unnoticeable the shift to men in short sleeves, women in the skimpiest denim cut offs, and ocean breezes is wonderful...i'm staying in the tourist section of lima, miraflores, and it's the day before christmas so the five story department store i just left was swarming with could have been macy's if everyone didn't have a tan...the people in ecuador were attractive, the people in peru are breakfast this morning an asain-american couple from california shared a sad, scary story with me...the woman, who by profession is a prosecuting attorney, ... read more

South America » Peru December 21st 2013

do in Huaraz fangts jede moment afo regne, drom noetz ech die glegeheit ond aktualisiere min blog. nach mancora, hani relativ lang muesse bus fahre, zerst uf chiclayo ond de wiiter uf chachapoyas. en ortschaft im landesinnere vo peru. ech han die distanze do recht onderschaetzt, so hani fast 23 stond im bus verbrocht, met chlinere pause dezwoesche. aber wenni ned grad schlofe im bus, esches emmer interessant, dlandschaft aluege wo verbiistriicht ond staendig aenderet!! in chachapoyas acho hani mi inere tour agschlosse zom doeberbliibsel vonere festig vodem volk go aluege wo die region fruener mol beherrscht het, bevor dstadt vode inkas oeberno worde esch ond spoeter vo de spanier! am noechste tag beni met andere luet de drett hoechsti wasserfall vode welt go aluege, das behauptet zomendest die luet det, ond stemmt au wemmer alli ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima December 14th 2013

The border crossing into Peru was relatively painless but whilst driving to Punta Sal it was very noticeable that the Peruvians or not hot on litter free countryside. The dry, dusty environment didn't help the first impressions of Peru either but fortunately the beach we camped on for a couple of nights was pure heaven. No hawkers or locals or even any other travellers as Dragoman had the whole site and stunning, private beach to ourselves. The sea was warm enough and it took least 5 minutes after pitching our tent on the sand, to be in the water. The bar served the local speciality - pisco sour by the bucket load and there was more live music for our entertainment in the evening. A beach fire was also lit and it was difficult to imagine ... read more


South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu December 10th 2013

One of the places we had looked forward to seeing, and one of our main reasons to returning to Peru a second time, is Machu Picchu. Although trashed by Madventures who we like a lot, we still wanted to see the most known Inca ruins of them all. As our travels are not that planned we decided to skip the Inca Trail option which you need to book several months in advance. Instead we decided to just take the train to Aguas Calientes (the closest town to Machu Picchu), stay the night there and visit the ruins the following morning. Already when we started to look at train tickets we realized that it would be an expensive trip. The tickets were starting at 60 US$ and going all the way to 350 US$. As there are ... read more
Ollantaytambo - the ruins
Ollantaytambo - the train to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu - view from the train ride 2

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco December 9th 2013

My first few months in Cusco were spent in lovely meanderings around town, exploring canyons, green hills and ruins above the city, being awed by colorful festivals and volunteering with children through my Magic Hostel. I leisurely visited the city's museums, colonial mansions and gilded churches and read the wealth of books on Cusco and the Inca in my hostel's library and in the shops of museums I visited (bookshops, my old standby, cruelly sealed their treasures in plastic). Toward the end of my stay, I bit the bullet, bought the expensive Tourist Ticket and made a mad dash to see everything else in the ticket's limited ten days--would I survive? Museum Maven in Paradise I love learning the history, art and architecture of places I visit, so I can sense them fully and through time. ... read more
gilded Virgin
Santo Domingo built on most sacred Inca temple, Qoriconcha
love that Inca jaguar's grin

South America » Peru December 9th 2013

-SP- Esta mañana he salido a las 6:30 de la Moquegua, despues de 10 km por el valle la carretera ha empezado a subir por el lado de cañon, casi hasta arriba del todo, y luego ha sido todo terreno de colinas. A eso de las 9 ha empezado un viento fuerte de la costa hacia el interior. Asi he llegado al primer valle, con viento tan fuerte en contra que habia que pedalear cuesta abajo. En el pueblo me he tomado una Inka Cola fría y he empezado con el siguiente paso, pero he empezado a perder fuelle enseguida y a sentirme mal. Para cuanto estaba arriba estaba medio deshidratado con diarrea, sin poder comer ni beber y delirando un poco, posiblemente la bebida fría y la insolacion combinadas me han tumbado. He hecho 30 ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco December 9th 2013

The former capital of the Incas is definitely the most touristic spot in Peru (after only Machu Picchu, perhaps), and that is quite obvious, as every second person roaming the historic center seems to be a foreigner with their outdoor clothing and cameras, including us, naturally. In addition, you only have to look at the prices in cafés and restaurants to come to the same conclusion. We arrived in Cusco after a sleepless night in Colombian capital Bogotá, and having left for the airport at 3.30 in the morning, we were rather tired when we were picked up from the airport by Mauricio, our host. Cusco lies in the altitude of 3500m, which probably also contributed to the fact that we spent most of the day and evening in our (relatively) comfortable bed, only leaving it ... read more
Cusco main square
walking the narrow streets
many locals still dress traditionally

South America » Peru December 7th 2013

-SP- He salido casi a las 11 de Arequipa, despues de haber cruzado el centro y de comprar algo de comida. He tenido 20 km de mucho trafico y finalmente una cuesta abajo, luego nuevamente cruzar un valle y llegar a una serie de montañas de granito. De ahi se baja a una planicie de desierto. He ido hasta la Joya, en el km 75, lamentablemente no hay hospedaje aqui, solo hay una estacion de tren. Asi que vuelta para atras, hasta San Jose, desandando mas de 15 km. Aqui solo hay dos pensiones, por suerte una de ellas todavia con sitio. -EN- I went out almost at 11 from Arequipa after having crossed the center and bought some food. I have had a lot of traffic for 20 km and finally a downhill, then back ... read more

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