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South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina March 11th 2014

18 hours of twisting and turning across the Andes and once again it was another uncomfortable journey with Gem spending most of the time in the grimey bus toilet pondering over the decision whether to puke or poo first. With the light at the end of the tunnel, we eventually arrived at an Oasis...and it wasn't a mirage. Located only 15 minutes outside the city of Ica, hidden in amongst the enormous dunes is a picturesque, palm tree lined oasis surrounded by a row of hostels, hotels, restaurants and shops called Huacachina. After arriving at our hostel, we sat around the hostel pool, grabbed a bite to eat then set off to explore the area around the oasis. With the sun soon setting beyond the dunes, it was a refreshing change from the mountains views we ... read more
Desert sunset
Dune buggy
The final dune

South America » Peru » Amazonas March 11th 2014

April 23 2013 and beyond... On this morning we awaken to the sound of a marching band and what sounds like a parade. I hop out of bed and run to go see but by the time I get there all I see is students walking, the musicians have passed our hostel. Wide awake now we make fried potatoes, the gas runs out so we can't cook eggs but man were the potatoes delicious! We went to the market which is quite large and very stinky as usual. This market has lot of interesting things like crocodile, turtles =( piranhas, pretty striped fish and more herbs, barks and oils than I can count. We buy a glass of juice, it's pink and delicious, never heard of the two fruits it's made out of. Next we hire ... read more
Fresh Meat
Heading To Find A Canoe
Super Trashy Water

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail March 8th 2014

When I returned to mainland Ecuador last week, I decided (with a few friends from the tour) to head up to the equator which was only ten or so kilometres away. We took a taxi and took a few photos on the equator line at "the middle of the earth" before returning to Quito, picking up some laundry, and heading for the airport. It turned out that 6 of us had flights within five minutes of each other so it was nice to take the taxi to the airport together. I arrived in Lima at 10pm and after going through the security and getting in a taxi to my hotel, was greeted in my room by Frankie, who had flown in that morning and was looking pretty shattered. 6am the next morning saw us at breakfast ... read more
Frankie at Ollantaytambo
Me at the ruins at Ollantaytambo
Baby llama at the village where we saw the ladies weaving

South America » Peru » Trujillo March 7th 2014

Ensuite, c'est un peu la course jusqu'à Lima, lieu de rencontre avec ma petite soeur.Je passe la frontière sans savoir ou aller, je décide de partir vers Huanchaco, petite plage a 20 minutes de Trujillo, ou l'on retrouve plusieurs sites archéologiques importants dont Chan chan ainsi que le templo de la luna et le templo del sol. Ces lieux, je les ai visités lors de mon dernier voyage alors je decide de profiter de la plage, du beau temps et des gens merveilleux que je rencontre. Au terminal de bus, je rencontre un Argentin qui part vers Huanchaco et qui me propose d'y aller en pouce. Nous partons donc a l'aventure, sous les regards désapprobateurs des péruviens a qui nous demandons notre route. A ce fait. les péruviens sont INCAPABLES de donner une direction précise et ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa March 6th 2014

1 March 2014 - Saturday – Puno to Arequipa, Peru Noisy vibrant bus station; Arequipa-quipa-quipa-quipa-Arequipa! Vicuna zone; volcano; 295 kilometres. Drop in elevaton from 3830 km to 2380 km above sea level. Arequipa second largest city in Peru, population just under one million people. Like the ‘Republic’ of Cork, the people here fondly refer to themselves as citizens of the ‘Republic of Arequipa’. The scenery between the two cities is flat prairies and mountain plateaus with long-range vistas of distant volcanoes and one snow-capped mountain peak called Nevado Mismi Mountain (5597 meters, 18,363 feet above sea level). The road descends from the Altiplano highlands through the Salinas and Aguada Blanca Nature Reserve to the ‘white city’ of Arequipa. . Along the way is the natural habitat of the vicuna, one of two wild South American camelids ... read more
Arequipa 004
Arequipa 009
Arequipa 013


South America » Peru » Amazonas March 6th 2014

April 19th - 22nd 2013 We got up at 6 am and started getting ready to head out. We quickly realized that we did not know where our boat ticket was. We searched and searched and neither of us could even remember who had the ticket. Finally we gave up, went and got breakfast and then headed to the boat. Surprisingly they didn't seem to care that we didn't have it. We were the only gringos on the boat so I think it was probably impossible to forget selling us tickets. The boat was crowded, I didn't count but I would estimate about 60 people. It was a very long, narrow covered boat. The benches that lined the sides of the boats were full, They told us to head to the ... read more
Construction in Rocafuerte
The Prettiest Tree In The Village

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail March 6th 2014

After another super easy 40 minute flight over the Amazon and we were back in the Andes touching down in Cusco. With only the afternoon to prepare for the Inca trail trek, we bought a few last minute essentials, packed our bags and headed off to meet Cat, Josh and Holly (friends from Uyuni trip), for a few cheeky afternoon bevvies. A couple of litre bottles later and it was time to head off to our Inca Trail briefing at the tour company offices and to meet our tour guide (Danny), fellow trekkers and to be given a brief outline of the itinerary for the next few days. Briefing done, we met up with Cat, Josh and Holly again for a spot of dinner before heading back to try and get as much shut eye in ... read more
The Start
First pass
Hiking pro's

South America » Peru » Lima March 4th 2014

We have been planning to visit South America for quite some time. Years ago Linda's brother visited Machu Picchu and raved about it. As it is the only continent, other than Antarctica, that we have never visited it is about time that we go. As retirees, we have a pretty flexible schedule. We wanted to go when the weather was good (no rain and fog obscuring Machu Picchu) and the tourists few (no crowds and lower prices), which meant May, September or October according to our Travelblog research. We originally targeted mid-Sep to mid-Oct of this year. I mostly use frequent flyer miles for my travels, usually reserving 330 days in advance to ensure the availability of seats using the fewest miles. But last fall I didn't have enough miles for two round trips, so waited ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno March 3rd 2014

27 February 2014 Thursday - Puno, Peru We did not expect much of Puno as the guidebooks and internet sites didn’t have much good to say about it, probably because it doesn’t have a clutch of magnificent Spanish colonial Catholic Churches or a bunch of museums or fabulous squares. We were, however, pleasantly surprised on our initial walkabout. One of the criteria we use to make an initial assessment of a town or city is if there are more interesting-looking restaurants than we will have the time to visit during our stay there. Accordingly, Puno looks very promising and under-rated by the travel guides. We had finally arrived at around 2am. We had met a young Belgian couple, Heyvaert and Bernard, who were also on a long-term Latin American journey, while waiting to board the bus ... read more
Puno 007
Puno 009
Puno 012

Less than 40 minutes after leaving the Tarmac in Cusco we had touched down in the Amazonian city of Puerto Maldonado and had gone from 16 degrees, low humidity and 3,400m altitude, to 33 degrees, 95% humidity and being able to breath nice and easily again. After being greeted at the airport by our guide for the next four days, we were whisked away to the Wasai hotel located in Puerto Maldonado. Here, we prepared our bags, grabbed our wellies and jumped aboard an open back 4x4 for the journey to our remote lodge in the jungle. We were heading to the Tambopata National Reserve; one of the Amazons best kept areas where we would be staying at a riverside lodge, sleeping in wooden bungalows and taking trips out on the river and into the forest ... read more
Jungle walk

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