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South America » Peru » Amazonas May 21st 2014

Still no laundry sitting outside our door! We turned two bags of laundry in when we arrived and two days later they were not back. Since they do not have dryers, and it has been raining a lot, the clothes are obviously not dry. We are totally out of clean clothes so it looks like we will be recycling dirty ones! We were at the dock at 6:30 and had time for a cup of coffee before heading out for our fishing trip. Again, same as yesterday, it was Weny, Lauren (the woman who arrived with us) and Nataly, her guide. Lauren seemed to have no interest in the flora and fauna so we could not figure out why she was there or why they were matching her up with us?! Going down the Tahuayo, we ... read more

South America » Peru » Trujillo May 21st 2014

Our past week has involved lots of travelling and lots of whistle-stop sightseeing. We have been to Lima, Trujillo and are now in our last Peruvian destination, Mancora. Having covered about 500 miles on bus journeys that have lasted between 10 and 12 hours each we can safely say this has been one of the less exciting parts of our trip. Had the stops in between been more interesting the travelling may not have seemed so bad but sadly Lima, Trujillo and Mancora aren’t really ‘must-see’ destinations. Lima Our experience in Lima was marred somewhat by having nearly half of all our clothes ruined when the local launderette spilt bleach on them. At the time this was very frustrating but looking back I guess it’s not that bad; we’ve been on the road for nearly 6 ... read more
Epic walls, Chan Chan
'under excavation'
Fishing boats, Trujillo

South America » Peru » Amazonas May 20th 2014

Following our traditional tourist hotel breakfast, we left a full duffel bag and carry-on bag in the office. Out guide, Weny, met us at 9:00 and we piled into a three-wheeled motorcar and headed into the city center to find an ATM. Since the ATM dispersed only 50's and 100's and we needed smaller currency for purchases in the small villages upriver, we went inside the bank where the armed guard made Weny and Dave remove their hats. With our cash in hand, we flagged down a motorcar and headed back to the B&B. This was at least a 15-minute ride with three lanes of motorcycles and motorcars all in one lane -- pretty exciting! We didn't see a single moving car! The motorcar ride was 3 soles (just over a dollar). Within minutes we, along ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Santa Maria May 20th 2014

What can I say? I am currently sitting in my homestay bedroom in Quito, Ecuador and can't believe that I have already been 5 weeks away from home. This blog is going to be a reflection on the work I was doing in Cusco, so for those of you who only want the touristy stuff you can stop reading now but, have a look at some of the pictures that I have posted as 'moments in time' in Peru. The 2 projects I was privileged to work on lay in the outer region of Cusco city - farming area I guess. The people need help in the school and day care in order for the mothers(most often single) to be able to work and provide for their families. There is not much money to provide resources ... read more
Introducing the kids to playdough
Hand stencils are always a winner
" said this wasn't sticky?"

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 20th 2014

How the heart must sink at the sight of that first photo - he may be waving a different glass at us but he still hasn´t bothered to shave - and here he comes to put us off our dinners with some more thoughts about food. Well far be it from to here it is...a distillation of my food experiences in Peru, although I should stress that this comes with one serious qualification - if I discount my time trekking I´ve had just about 2 weeks here. By way of comparison my food blog from Argentina represented nearly 2 months of exhaustive (and at times exhausting) research - hence, the scope and depth of my conclusions - "big portions, lots of meat". So if my comments about Argentina were half-baked these have barely seen the ... read more
#5 - Ceviche as served at Punto Azul
#6 - Lunch! Home-cut Chips, Chicherrones sandwich and Chicha.
#7 - Inkazuela - Chicken and Lamb Stew


South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 20th 2014

Many of you who have been shaking your head, and have really no interest in bush banos and cold showers would love Tambo Blanquillo. The facilities are really quite nice, hot showers, and an amazing number of great things to do. Although the global economy seems to have taken its toll on other lodges, this one is expanding. All of the accommodations to date have been single beds and share toilets, they are building a few cottages with full sized beds and toilets en-suite. They even had a bar, but I was too tired and not up for any late nights. At first light we head to the macaw lick to watch the dazzling spectacle of hundreds of parakeets, parrots and big macaws eating clay. Interesting, that this clay lick seems to be much more ... read more
Macaws at clay lick

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 18th 2014

After a breakfast of hot donuts drenched in hot chocolate sauce, we loaded our bags onto the boat. We had an hour and a half boat ride to Puerto Maldonado. The water is a thick brown and looks like hot chocolate. The river side is green upon green with so many types of trees and plants everything begins to blur together. These boats are probably 40-50 feet long, very shallow, canopied in the middle and can carry 20 of us with ease. So they don't go very fast with a medium sized motor on the back. We have to step across the bows of 4 other boats with our bags, when we dock. We've gotten good at balancing over the past two weeks. We take a tuk tuk to the airport and arrive 3 hours early ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno May 18th 2014

Packing and repacking our bags each day has been a challenge. Today we are leaving the Andes behind us so we are able to get all of our stuff in one duffel and leave the other behind -- much easier! We had a leisurely morning enjoying breakfast and taking pictures on the lawn of the hotel of the llamas and Lake Titicaca. We met a Canadian family with four girls who had just been to the Amazon and loved it! Let the adventure begin! Maria and driver picked us up from our hotel at 10:15 to catch a flight out of Juliaca at 1:15. Although it was only an hour ride, this guide with Kontiki Tours was excellent. We learned a lot about the conflict of the pre-Incas and the black market activity in Juliaca which ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 18th 2014

Safe water - ✔ Bananas - ✔ Extra outboard motor - ✔ Today we take a 6-hr boat ride deeper into Manu Reserve Zone. First we stop for a swim in a hot springs. There we'll meet, Michel, our guide for the remainder of our trip, and pick up four people who will join us. Their English accent sounds familiar...yep, all four from UK. I've been giving Phil a hard time, as he has cranked up the British accent since we landed in Peru. I can only imagine how it will go now! The expression of people separated by a common language came to mind. No sooner than taking off, we pulled over to the river edge to trade bread for Chicha de jora; the Peruvian version of corn beer. They passed it around the boat ... read more
Hot Springs
Typical home - swap bread for "beer"

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 18th 2014

We've settled into our jungle lodging, candle light at night, sharing the toilets and cold showers with the resident black tarantula. Up early for a hike, often before breakfast. Mid-morning hike, lunch and siesta. Late afternoon hike, dinner and then a night hike. The Rainforest is a Fascinating Place! A highlight of our stay here was the time spent on Lake Salvador. Michel had taken the opportunity to sign up two slots on the lake. The previous evening was amazing, but we were wanting to spot the rare giant river otter. We were more than rewarded as the family not only showed up, but performed for us right in front of the boat. We also identified a lot of birds...I've added approx. 125 birds to my list. The afternoon hike was centered around tracking down monkeys ... read more
Otters feeding on fish

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