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South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este December 26th 2010

Alone in nondescript plaza in Cuidad del Este, delivered across, rather than to, the border by a local bus which had no time for formalities, Miles was an illegal immigrant in Paraguay having been deported from Brazil. It was essential that he obtained a Brazilian exit visa. He would return to Brazil (illegally) and attempt to leave again. A bronchitis attack induced by a thirty degree drop in temperature between the Copacabana and this nondescript swamp left him coughing, shivering and slightly delirious as he trudged back from whence the bus had come. Presently he came to a long bridge over the Rio Paraná. The river was invisible below beneath billowing mist boiling into the freezing early morning air. There was little motorized transport across the bridge. On one side of the road ‘smugglers’ unhurriedly pushed ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este December 21st 2010

“I want to see the Delegado,” Miles stated, as a formal statement. “You just did. That was him.” The friendly Federalé continued to steer Miles towards the exit of The Federal Police Headquarters, Rio de Janiero, Brazil. “Remember. Don’t forget. Forty eight hours.” He waved cheerily and pushed Miles out into the esgoto of humanity that was the street. Bade him boa viagem. Dick had spent most of the day alone, in a windowless room, on a plastic chair, under a lightbulb, beside a water cooler. Infrequently the door would open and a variety of men, all obvious police officers, would look at him for longer or shorter intervals, but mainly he had just been sitting. Months, perhaps years before, Miles had overstayed his visa. Now he needed to become legal. In pursuance of such status, ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este November 17th 2010

Our plane landed at Ciudad del Este(CDE) airport, we exited the flight leaving most of our fellow passengers on board continuing on to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Initially I intended to stay the evening at CDE, but a combination of a lack of decent accomodation and some horror stories about the city changed our minds. The new improved plan was to catch a taxi and drive smoothly over the border to Puerto Iguasu, Argentina. Well in theory....... We found a taxi driver happy to drive us, though he told us the fee would be $60.00AUS , which I thought was a bit steep. Fortunately his taxi was not an old clapped out Mercedes, but this time we had the relative comfort of a fairly new looking Toyota sedan. The driver drove it like it was stolen, pretty ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este November 3rd 2010

Die letzten Tage mit meinem Bruderherz... fr Cuidad del este... Wenn sich irgendwo auf der Welt ein Schlupfloch in die Hölle aufgetan hat, dann wohl hier... Kommerz, Korruption und Beton prägen das Stadtbild. Sobald wir über der Grenze waren, kamen meine alten Paranoia wieder auf und meine Hände verkrampften sich tief in meiner Tasche. Weil wir noch Einiges an Zeit hatten, bevor unser Bus nach Asunción abfuhr, spazierten wir etwas durch die Stadt. Als wir -in der beginnenden Dämmerung- einen schmalen Parkstreifen durchquerten, lief uns ein ca. 8-jähriger Junge, der seine Arme im T-Shirt versteckt hielt, hinterher: "¡Dame moneda, tengo cuchillo!" (gib mir Geld, ich hab ein Messer). Nur gut, dass Moritz' Spanisch nicht ganz ausgereift ist, er weiterging und den Kleinen mitleidig ansah... Bis uns dieser einen Stein nachwarf. sa Endlich zurück in der Mütter ... read more
puente de la amistad
justicia en cde

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este October 30th 2010

The second bigest dam of the world (after the Chinese Three Gorges), but producing the most electric energy in the world more than 90 TWh) per year. There are free guided tours around the dam explaining the history and the facts. But, of course, the iformation you get is a propaganda of the Paraguayan government hiding how much was destroyed building this enormous dam which started in 1973 and the first generator started to work in 1984, adding the others later. To create the dam, many indigenous villages dessapeared as well as the original rain forest and falls more amazing than Iguazu...... read more
many termitaries on the way
finally arrived
walking around


South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este October 29th 2010

Border city between Paraguay, Brasil (Foz do Iguazu) and Argentina (Puerto Iguazu) few kilemeters South . The city is a huge market, full of street sellers. The most present article are plastic pools, massivly bought by the Brasilians (don't ask me why). It is a necessity to pass through this city going to the Iguazu falls or to see the Itaipu dam, but in the city itself, there is nothing interesting to see ...... read more
the bus to Ciudad del Este
many small towns around Asuncion
entering the Ypacarai lake region

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este June 20th 2010

My research into Paraguay and the reports of fellow travellers lead me to think that Paraguay was a country best well avoided. However, given that it was so close to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, it would feel like a missed ´opportunity´ if I were not to visit, if only briefly. Fortunately, my hostel in Puerto Iguazu were aware of a day trip which included the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls and Paraguay, so I wasted no hesitation in booking the trip. It was a long day trip. The first stop was Brazilian Iguazu Falls (covered under a separate blog), followed by the most amazing all you can eat (seriously, the quality of the food was not disimilar to a high class restaurant so I almost ate myself to death!). We then headed onto Itaipu Dam, which ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este June 12th 2010

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay’s second largest city, was a necessary stop-off point in order to cross into Argentina and Brazil for Iguazú waterfalls, though there were a few interesting sights around CDE itself as well. A modern city, built only in 1959 and originally named after South America’s longest serving dictator (and that’s no mean feat!), Ciudad Presidente Stroessner (1954-1989) as it was known, is a sprawling metropolis of ugly and dirty concrete buildings. The city is located only a few kilometres from both the Brazilian border and Argentina, and therefore a large part of the city caters for selling cheap merchandise to visitors from these two more expensive countries. The city centre is almost entirely given over to market stalls, selling mostly counterfeit and poor quality clothes and electronics. The only road in the city ... read more
Salto Monday (Monday Waterfalls(
Salto Monday
Salto Monday

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este March 10th 2010

Ciudad del Este is a dump. I swear the entire city uses the streets as their own personal garbage; garbage which gets burned at night so the air becomes very thick and painful to breathe, just like in Bangkok. The city is also very unattractive and doesn´t have a lot to offer. We were told that it is ¨the¨ place to be if you want to shop (especially for electronics) however everywhere was over-crowded with people selling useless junk. There are a lot of electronics vendors but nothing is overly cheap and that is with the assumption that the materials are of good quality and not cheap knock-offs. Needless to say, we did not shop long or buy anything. Nor did we stay long. We arrived in the afternoon of the 8th following a 6 hour ... read more
Ciudad del Este
Ciudad del Este
Ciudad del Este

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este February 13th 2010

If you think that Puerto Iguazú in Argentina is a very organized little village... If you think that Foz do Iguazú in Brazil is a bit crazy... ...then Ciudad del Este in Paraguay is definitely hardchore! For the Argentinians and the Brazilians that live in border land Ciudad del Este is a big shopping centre. Or, as the Brazilian lady (that had ancestors in Germany and spoke to me in a funny mixture of Portugese and old-style German Schwäbisch dialect) I met on the bus back from Paraguay mentioned: “Everything is a lot cheaper in Paraguay, we buy everything there and you can even buy things there that you can’t find in Brazil. My friend just bought some stuff for her kitchen. Only for gas we go to Argentina because it is a lot cheaper there.” ... read more
Hito de Tres Fronteras - Border Monument on the Argentinian side
Argentinian border post
To the left: Paraguay. To the right: Brazil. At the front: Argentina. And the rivers Paraná and Iguazú in between.

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