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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana January 25th 2014

After one more full day in Cusco to recover from the epic Inca Trail, we left early for a long drive to Puno on Lake Titikaka. The highlight was a pedal rickshaw ride to the harbour, which turned into a competitive race between pairs if passengers...fortunately my driver earned his tip as we got there first. Nothing like a good laugh to wake us up, first thing in the morning! We visited the Uros Islands - floating islands made of reeds and were given the opportunity to look round the small houses and watch a demonstration showing us how the islands are made. It was a little too touristy but there is a danger that these communities will cease to exist soon, so if tourism helps, then it is not necessarily a bad thing. We all ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz January 18th 2014

We arrived early morning to La Paz and checked into the Wild Rover hostel, they had a room ready for us which was a bonus as you normally have to wait until 2pm to check in. We booked to mountain bike down Death Road (the worlds most dangerous road) for the next day and then had a wander around the city. You could tell it was a poor area but the streets were lively and everything was dirt cheap! That evening we played pool at the hostel and then went to the cinema to watch The Counsellor, the film was rubbish but we got huge comfy VIP seats for £4! After the cinema we had an early night ready for the big day at Death Road. We got up at 6:30am, had a fried breakfast and ... read more
Death Road

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz January 16th 2014

Eh bien, La Paz est toute une ville dans un espace très restreint et sujet aux tremblements de terre. C'est l'été en ce moment et donc le temps est très changeable. Les Boliviens n'aiment pas la pluie comme nous au Québec n'aimons pas les grosses tempêtes de neige ou la pluie verglaçante. Ils se réfugient le long des bâtiments pour se mettre à l'abris. Quand il pleut, les trottoirs deviennent glissants et les rues des minis rivières. Ce matin donc, gros soleil. Cette après-midi de la pluie en titi! Bienvenue à La Paz. Well, La Paz is quite the city in a small space, think skinny valley, and subject to earthquakes. Summer consists of sun and rain!!!!!! Lots of both! So, sunburnt face this morning on the top deck of a bus and soaking wet (not ... read more
Touche pas!
La ville vers le haut

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz January 15th 2014

Quel beau voyage! La sainte paix de Montréal à Miami et de Miami à La Paz. En arrivant ce matin, la vue de l'avion a été spectaculaire. Au fait on contourne les Andes pour aller atterir sur une plaine et en suite descendre en auto dans la vallée où se trouve la ville. De part et d'autre, collés sur la terre en pente, se trouve des centaines et des milliers de maisons rouges construites en hauteur. Il ya des rues, des ruelles, des gens, des couleurs, des textures, du traffic et des gens (surtout les japonais) qui portent des masques. Mais c'est plutôt du mal d'altitude que j'aimerais vous parler. On a l'impression d'avoir fait la fête sans le plaisir d'avoir bu! Peut-être c'est comme reçevoir un morceau de béton de la 40 sur la tête. ... read more
C'est mieux ça!
La fille est heureuse/One happy camper

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department January 9th 2014

das met em regelmässig de blog update esch mer ned wörkli glonge. wenn ech zrögg dänke was ech det huaraz scho weder alles erläbt han. boah onglaublech. nach huaraz hani en nachtbus nach lima gno. det hani bimene schwiizer, en zörcher wo sett es paar johr zlima wohnt, chönne öbernachte. aber dstadt het mer ned bsonders gfalle ond er esch halt emmer no en zörcher gsi, het also eifach ned welle ufhöre rede ;) nei aber es esch en mega netti geste gsii! nach lima hani en usflog zo de islas ballestas gmacht, dgalapagos insle för die arme!! aber sesch trotzdem mega iidröcklech gsi, ond womer nochhär met üsem speedboot no fast e stond met eme kabutte motor im meer trebe send, beni froh gsi hani das gmacht. wörklech en lostige usflog. wiiehnachte hani in huacachina ... read more
Imagen 843
lago titicaca bootsfahrt


South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana December 28th 2013

December 28 Today was big decision day, to stay put here or go to La Paz. Since we were feeling lazy we decided to stay and spend the morning watching TV. In the afternoon then we set off to isla de Sol to checkout what all the hype is about. We had a really nice pizza at Pueblo Viejo, which took a long time to arrive, but was one of the good pizza we had in long time. After paying 30 bol each for ferry ticket, we were off to the island. The ferry ride is long as the boat goes really slow, you could probably swim faster. There are no real views on the way, just the main landmass and lot of water. It's hard to believe this is a lake. At the island we ... read more
sun temple
isla de sol
sun temple

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 17th 2013

La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is situated high up in the mountains, and at 3650 meters it easily gains the title as the world’s highest capital. On advice of our hostel in Copacabana we booked our trip there with Diana Tours who turned out to be a tour organizer, not a regular bus company. This meant we got a ride all the way to the center of the city instead of going to the bus terminal. As we didn’t know where to go from there we then had to take a cab that drove us a staggering 2 blocks to our hostel. Our first day in La Paz we decided to take a walking tour recommended to us by some fellow travelers in Copacabana. It was again a walking tour where the guide worked for ... read more
La Paz - witches market
La Paz - view of Huayna Potosi
La Paz - hiking on Chacaltaya

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 16th 2013

Finally the Patagonia part of trip is over and we had a long flight to Santiago and then onwards to LA Paz , Bolivia. We took a 5:00am taxi to make this flight to be informed at the gate that flight is delayed indefinitely. Ironically the pilot was not able to land the plane due to lack of wind. We had 2hrs to make connection to La Paz that we missed. The person at puenta arenas repeatedly assured us that someone will take care of our connection. But when we reached Santiago, no one was there to help and no one had even heard that flight was delayed. When I went to the counter the lady there took 30min to contact someone and confirm that we missed our connection due to flight delay and we were ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 14th 2013

The bus ride was an interesting experience, more uncomfortable than dangerous as I don't think the bus went faster than 50km per hour. Apparently the main road is being renovated so the entire journey was through a rocky field (not even a dirt road) which runs parallel to the main road. We arrived in la Paz exhausted and decided to treat ourselves to a night of luxury at the Stannum hotel. The hotel occupies the 12th floor of a building in the 'posh' suburbs of la Paz and boasts breathtaking views of the bowl shaped city with buildings clinging to its sides and the beautiful snow capped mt illamani. With our exquisite view of this city built in an ancient crater we didn't feel so bad spending the entire day in bed watching Cruel Intentions and ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca December 14th 2013

After Machu Picchu we spent one more night and day in Cusco just chilling (literally) out and running a few errands. The next day we started our journey towards the Titicaca lake, which lies between Peru and Bolivia. We found a cool way to make the long bus journey from Cusco to the town of Puno on the Peruvian side of the lake; instead of taking a normal one, we took a sightseeing bus, which stopped along the way at several interesting sights, that way the trip felt more like being on a tour rather than just a very long bus journey. The tour included visiting a church, an archeological site and a museum, and stopping at a viewing point for taking pictures of snowcapped mountains. Puno didn’t seem like a very nice place, just busy ... read more
small islands next to Isla del Sol
there were many pigs roaming freely
Isla del Sol has beautiful beaches

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