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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth February 7th 2014

We left Queenstown for Fox Glacier not by the main state road but by the more picturesque Crown Range road which took us along the mountain range. The road wound it's way upwards around many spine tingling hairpin bends and past ominous signs that read "chain stop here" !!!!! However the views and scenery made the journey well worth it, a must do if you come here. We carried on along the Cardrona Valley road until we came to a lovely town and lake at Wanaka. You could see the snowy tops of Mount Aspiring in the distance surrounded by a range of huge mountains. From here we went through the extremely narrow and winding Gates of Haast to get to the west coast. The vegetation changed from a mainly grassy or rocky terrain to one ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth February 4th 2014

Donderdag 30 Januari 2014: Met kleine oogjes sta ik op. Ik begin in te pakken en tref John nog even die terug is van de ochtend-yoga. Met ochtend bedoelde hij de sessie van 6u15. Ik rijd door voor ik terug met de Dyson mag dansen. John had nog een tip gegeven voor de route maar ik besluit om toch grotendeels door het centrum te rijden. Er is veel verkeer maar al bij al kom ik niet echt gevaarlijke situaties tegen. Ik ben men water vergeten bij te vullen dus ik stop nog vlug voor een fles en een baguette'tje. Lunchen doe ik aan de ingang van een park langs de drukke weg. Er is wind maar ik zit redelijk beschut dus dat valt mee. Het laatste stuk van de rit gaat iets trager maar is nog ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth January 19th 2014

Zaterdag 18 Januari 2014: Als ik alleen in een huis ben, lijk ik altijd te vervallen in oude gewoontejs. Zo bleef ik op tot 2u 's nachts. Dat was dus een korte nacht zeker omdat er om 5u een alarm afging in huis. Het ochtendritueel ging zeer langzaam en ik was niet gehaast. Ik maakte croque monsieurs, ik at er 5! Nog een beetje treuzelen en om 12u zijn we weg, eerst naar de winkel en dan verlaat ik eindelijk Westport. De eerste 7km zijn hetzelfde als in het heenkomen, alleen zijn ze nu droog :) Als ik afsla richting Greymouth staat er lifter. De baan is rustig en wijds. Het gaat door een soort heidelandschap en er zijn een aantal lichte klimmetjes. De zon is van de partij en er is een licht briesje. Ik ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth December 15th 2013

It seemed like most of us didn't have the best sleep last night for one reason or another. It ended up being quite warm and stuffy, most of us have been bitten by something, Caleb had a little dry cough, and the birds were chirping loudly quite early. Rhys called to say he was in departures and had checked in ok for his first flight to Auckland, much to Jans relief. We had a change in vans today and decided to split up into a boys and girls van. The girls got custody of the Christmas crooners CD, and complete with the bunting, Jans plug in Christmas tree, and Michelle driving most of the journey with Rudolph glasses it was the most Christmassy it had felt so far. We stopped at a quirky place, Pukekura 'home ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth November 3rd 2013

Sadly on Sunday evening we left Melbourne on a flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. Our flight left a little late because a gentleman had arrived earlier on an Asian flight and his baggage was already on our plane and he was nowhere to be found. They had to take off his luggage before they would let the plane leave. I am glad of that safety precaution! And Ken had an empty seat beside him!! So it was close to midnight before we arrived and 2 other planes arrived near the same time. Customs was not prepared for this to happen. New Zealanders and Australians went through one customs gate and all other passengers through another. There was one agent for our line. The one official came out and looked with a “What are we going to ... read more
New Container Mall
More Container Mall That is Lululemon to the left.
Tree planted in 1863 in honour of the wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth November 28th 2012

Made the most of the fact that I did not have to be packed and away by 10am today. Slept in 'til after 8, had a wander to beach in my pjs and dressing gown. Made tea and toast and read a book in my pjs until about 9.30 decided I really needed to get dressed as not sure that it would have been quite right to spend the whole day in my pjs! Got dressed, did my laundry, fed popcorn to the birds and finally managed to psych myself up for a walk at 12:30 just as I was ready to go it started to rain. So I went to Shanty Town instead a replica of a town during the gold rush. Got to ride steam train and saw a holgraphic threatre show. Finally started ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth November 27th 2012

It had to happen sooner or later!! Just checked emails and there was one from rental company saying I had been caught on camera speeding. Only surprise is that it did not happen sooner, found keeping to low speed limits guite difficult during the 1st couple of wks, much better now. Lets hope I don't get anymore, all speed cameras in New Zealand are hidden; very sneaky. Managed to get to the seal colony at Westport earlier today and then headed south along the west coast. Given up using satnav as distances are so huge she is not needed, occasionally she reminds me to carry straight on for another 20k. Got talking to a guy who has just lost his job working on a dairy farm; he thought it was funny when I said there are ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth July 26th 2012

The drive to Westport was equally spectacular in terms of scenery, but as it gets dark about 5:30pm in New Zealand in the winter, we didn't see much of it. We arrived at our campsite that evening pretty tired after all our walking at Abel Tasman that day. As soon as we checked in we headed into the town to get some burgers for dinner. After dinner, we watched a DVD in Red Dwarf and headed to bed. It was another early start the next day to get to Greymouth. The next morning at breakfast, a guy staying at the park told us that there had been lots of accidents around the country due to black ice ont he roads. He warned us to be careful, especially since we were driving south. We cautiously set off ... read more
Matt Drinking the King's Cup
Jake teaching Dave the new card game
Masimoto checking out the turtle

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth March 10th 2012

Hello from New Zealand, We continue to be fascinated by the variety of landscapes we experience as we head from the South Island's (SI) northern tip south along to the west coast of the South Island - from the expansive sand dunes that constitute Farewell Spit (the SI's most northerly section), to the high altitude pasture land where we saw sheep grazing, to the forests up to the treeline, and the changes as you move down to the coastal regions. In this country if you want to see the various corners, it involves some backtracking due to the limited number of highways that cross the moutainous terrain. We are now just beginning our trip along the South Island's west coast. Here are a few highlights of our trip since we last blogged: - Farewell Spit: 35 ... read more
From Abel Tasman looking west to Kahurangi National Park
Overlooking St Arnaud Range & Lake Rotoiti from Mount Robert
Paific Ocean

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth February 22nd 2012

2/20/12 Woke up to rain, we didn’t let the rain slow us down. We set out for Shanty Town, south of Greymouth. Shanty Town Museum is a re-creation of the growth of the logging industry in New Zealand dating back to the 1860’s. It’s a model town from the period and includes all the typical town buildings (bank, school, hospital, store, etc.) in addition to the re-creation of the logging process from felling trees to finishing the boards. At that time, it was largely thought that New Zealand had an unending supply of timber. Many native trees were logged to verge of extinction. After Shanty Town, we made our way to the train station in Greymouth. where we boarded the Trans Alpine Train for the Coast to Coast ride from Greymouth on the west coast ... read more
The Trans Alpine
The Trans Alpine run

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